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What are the Latest Healthcare Tech Trends?

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Are you wondering what are the latest healthcare tech trends?

In this article, we will discuss the latest developments in healthcare technology that you can incorporate into your healthcare applications to increase their utility, and hence, the market share.

The following technologies will transform the healthcare sector:

Internet of Medical Things

It is an infrastructure of interconnected healthcare systems and services. The integration of medical devices through IoT technology has started providing benefits to both medical professionals and patients in the form of remote medical assistance, improved medical care, etc.

The Internet of medical things allows patients to receive health treatment from the comforts of their homes. Hospitals provide their medical equipment to patients which helps them gather and monitor patient-centered care data effectively.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has a revolutionary impact on the healthcare industry. AI in the healthcare market is expected to reach a value of $194.4 billion by 2030.

The AI applications are numerous. Machine learning, natural language processing, and big data analytics help to maximize the hospital and administrative productivity.

AI algorithms systemize clinical documentation like electronic health records, reduce diagnostic errors in health systems, improve patient data security, perform automatic report generation, etc.


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Project Hanover is one such AI project by Microsoft that catalogs medical research papers by PubMed.

Artificial Intelligence improves remote patient monitoring. The AI-enabled devices track critical medical readings such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc., and notify healthcare organizations in the case of emergency medical treatment.

Moreover, they remind patients to take important medication on time, track their physical activity, etc. All this data helps to provide efficient medical treatment to the patients without the need of coming to the hospital every time.

Artificial Intelligence also helps to improve diagnosis and treatment. For example, AI-powered CT scans help diagnose pneumonia efficiently. Similarly, AI radiotherapy speeds up the process of 3D contouring of the patient which swiftly reduces the treatment time.

Faster drug discovery is also possible with AI software where a large number of drug verifications can be conducted with more rapid information processing and decision-making.

AI also helps in providing timely mental health assistance. NLP software analyzes the voice and actions of a person and records any chance of emotional instability. Moreover, caregivers are informed of any critical situation a patient might be in.

Virtual Reality

VR is popular in many industries from entertainment, and esports, to retail. Healthcare is also not behind. Virtual reality and VR headsets help to improve medical training procedures and also to provide effective treatment to patients.

Healthcare professionals do not have to rely on cadavers now to study human anatomy anymore. VR technology helps to conduct medical training, especially for sophisticated surgical procedures in a virtual environment.

Virtual reality helps to access the human body internally which is not possible manually. Such training can be attended from anywhere using a VR headset. Moreover, surgeons can practice critical surgical treatments for accurate results in the actual surgical procedure.

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We have discussed the role of VR in healthcare in detail in another article here.

Telemedicine – an emerging healthcare tech trend

Telehealth is expected to reach a market value of 636.38 billion USD in 2028. Telehealth infrastructure is constantly improving.

Moreover, telehealth services are HIPPA compliant to provide secure and confidential healthcare treatment to patients.

Telemedicine connects healthcare providers and patients virtually for medical care.

Consumer health apps on mobile devices and wearable technology help to provide preventive care to patients. Healthcare providers can connect and communicate with their patients on-call remotely at any time.

Telemedicine also connects various healthcare institutions in the hospital like general physicians, interventional physicians, ultrasound experts, etc.

This helps in better collaboration between them. Everyone receives the required health data including reports and medical imaging information for analysis without leaving their premises.

Learn more about telemedicine in action in healthcare in this article.

The global healthcare information technology (IT) market is expected to reach 880.69 billion USD by 2030 according to Allied Market Research. The latest healthcare tech trends are rapidly changing the healthcare landscape making it more efficient and effective.

If you as a business CEO or CTO, are planning to engage in the development of the latest healthcare technologies, you are making a viable business decision given the highly profitable share for tech companies in the healthcare market.

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However, all these trends are based on the latest cutting-edge and emerging technologies. You will need a competent and expert software development team to undertake this project successfully.

Read our guide on the development of VR simulators for healthcare here to get an insight into the highly specialized development process.

If you do not find developers with the relevant skills in the latest technologies, we would advise you to partner with a reputed software development company with experience in developing similar market-competitive healthcare solutions in compliance with the required industry standards.

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1. What are the most important trends in health technology?

Telehealth, remote patient monitoring and therapy, AI for personalized medicine and rapid drug development, the internet of medical things, and virtual reality are among the most important healthcare technology trends that benefit both a patient and a healthcare provider.

2. what is the newest technology in healthcare settings?

Robotic surgeries and health procedures based on virtual and augmented reality are the newest healthcare technology trend.

3. What is the future of healthcare technology?

Telemedicine and mobile health are greatly shaping the future of providing healthcare treatments through a digital transformation of healthcare companies and healthcare systems. This can also lead to the availability of quality patient care at minimal healthcare costs in the future.


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