benefits of real estate app development

What are the benefits of Real Estate App Development?

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Are you interested in real estate app development and wondering how a real estate mobile app will benefit your real estate business?

There will be 7,690 million smartphone users globally by 2027, according to a Statista report. This shows that the human population has largely accustomed to mobile apps for even regular tasks like ordering food, browsing clothes, making payments, etc.

Mobile application development has helped every industry to flourish through better market research, improved marketing avenues, efficient operations, etc. Real estate app development also offers numerous benefits to real estate business owners.

Benefits of Real Estate App Development

Developing fast, secure, and feature-rich mobile apps will help real estate professionals in the following ways:

Easy property Browsing

An interactive real estate mobile app with an easy-to-use user interface will help customers in browsing property easily.

They will get access to all the properties available under categories like for sale, for rent, etc. through a comprehensive real estate listings app. Moreover, users are able to filter search results based on their preferences.

Usually, real estate apps help customers browse a real estate listing within a particular price range and according to multiple parameters like the number of rooms, house area, age of a property, etc.


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Such mobile apps have greatly improved the process of house hunting for people and also for sellers. Now, buyers and sellers can go through the whole process of viewing different properties and listing land for rent or sale from the comfort of their homes.

Better Understanding of Customers

Mobile apps help businesses to better understand their customers through user activity. This gives an insight into what the audience wants. Moreover, apps can help collect user data (of course, with consent) on demographics, age groups, etc.

If you add an option to leave user feedback or app review, it will provide useful information about the features that users are interested to see, things they don’t like about your app, etc. You can use this user feedback to continuously improve your real estate app and meet users’ demands.

Effective Marketing Opportunities

Mobile apps offer many effective marketing avenues. Keeping in view the data on a user’s demographics and preferences, you can send personalized notifications to users when properties of their interest are listed on their platform.

Push notifications services like Apple Push Notifications Service are very popular among business apps given the personalization they add to the user experience.

Increase in Sales and Customer Retention

Mobile apps make the process of buying or renting real estate quite efficient. There is no need to physically visit a property to just see if it fulfills your basic requirements or meets the seller in person just to collect the preliminary information about the property.

All this can be done from anywhere. Real estate apps add images of the property along with other details. Moreover, there is contact information available for sellers or property owners. If buyers are satisfied with the home images and related information, they can meet in person with the seller and lock down the deal.

This ease in getting the required information from the right person with no intermediate parties makes the process easier for people and more sales are made in less time.

If a customer has a good experience with your mobile app, he or she will likely use it again. Offering a unique yet smooth user experience is necessary for customer retention.

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Commission-based Earnings

Real estate apps can also implement a commission-based model. You can list properties from multiple listing services, platforms, and real estate agencies.

In this way, you can offer a wide list of properties to users so that they can browse according to their preferences, budget, etc.

You can set a commission percentage with these real estate dealers, and in case they sell or rent a property through your platform, you earn a commission.

Effective Business Representation

If you are a real estate professional who runs a real estate company, then real estate mobile app development gives you an opportunity to build and showcase your brand through a mobile app.

You can design a real estate app that reflects your brand identity. You can increase and retain your customer base in the real estate market through unique app features.

Planning to Engage in Real Estate App Development?

According to real estate industry reports, the real estate software market will reach 13.46 billion USD in 2026, whereas according to PR NewsWire, the mobile app market size will grow to 653.91 billion USD by 2025.

These statistics clearly show the significance of incorporating IT into real estate business procedures for better real estate market share and profitability.

Read our blog here for more on real estate technology trends.

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However, make sure you have the required software development talent in your project team to do so. You will need mobile app developers experienced in developing mobile apps for multiple mobile OS such as Android, iOS, etc.

Tools and technologies for native and hybrid apps are different. You will need mobile app developers with the relevant skills according to your own real estate app specifications. Read more on excellent mobile app development in our blog here.

DevTeam.Space can help you partner with software developers via its field-expert software developers community. They are vetted for their expertise and are experienced in developing mobile apps for multiple industries.

You can easily partner with them by sending your initial development requirements via this quick form. One of our account managers will get back to you for discussing further project details including business analysis, team building, etc.

FAQs on Real estate app development

1. What are the benefits of a business application?

A business application helps a business build its brand and market it to the extensive mobile users market. Mobile app features such as using user location, push notifications, personalized SMS, etc. help to reach a larger audience efficiently and also target the interested customers.

2. Why should I build a real estate app?

Real estate application development will help your real estate app users to browse all the required property data on one platform. Your target audience will be able to easily contact other parties like property owners, real estate agents, etc. which makes the process faster for buyers making them use your app frequently.

3. How do real estate apps make money?

There are numerous ways to make money from real estate mobile apps. Showing paid ads on your app is one way. You can offer premium features in a paid app upgrade. Moreover, you can implement a commission-based model where you post property listings from multiple real estate companies and get a certain fee if the property sells through any real estate agent.


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