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Apple enjoys a high level of popularity thanks to its reputation for excellence. The company has consistently produced both hardware and software that has set new fashions when it comes to design, high-quality user experience, and outstanding performance. A quick look at an iPhone amply demonstrates why Apple products are so popular and why iOS is such a popular mobile operating system. Businesses recognize the value of creating mobile applications on the iOS platform, particularly given that iOS has such a loyal user base. In order to stand out, a company needs to launch a competitive iOS app. Developing such iOS applications can be hard. Businesses need the right professionals to make it happen. The high demand for iOS development skills has made it hard to hire iOS developers. As a result, you need to use the right job description template to improve your chances of success.

Mobile applications have become extremely important in our day-to-day lives, and businesses are leveraging this fact. As the central Apple platform, iOS has succeeded thanks to its great user experience. A recent Statista report charts the popularity of iOS from January 2012 to July 2020, showing how iOS has consistently maintained a high market share. Businesses can’t rely on the exclusivity of iOS to ensure app success however. To succeed, they need to launch iOS applications that deliver tangible value to their clients. That’s easier said than done. In order to do this. businesses need the right software development team to develop such competitive mobile applications.

The popularity of iOS makes finding the right iOS developer quite challenging. Use our iOS developer job description template to start your hiring process today.

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iOS Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Introducing your company is the first step to finding the ideal candidate for mobile app development. Make the introduction factual, yet exciting. Explain how your company focuses on delivering client value and achieving growth. Provide sufficient information about the organizational climate and work culture in your company. iOS developers have plenty of choices today, therefore, you need to demonstrate growth opportunities in your company.

Explain your compensation, benefits policies and any additional packages. Demonstrate a willingness to negotiate a reasonable salary for the ideal candidate. You need to demonstrate that you offer the best-in-class career development opportunities. The right introduction for your company will convince expert iOS developers that an exciting career beckons them under your roof.

iOS Developer Job Description

We are an exciting, fast-growing company looking for a full-time expert iOS developer. You will develop high-quality new iOS applications. Your job will also involve software maintenance and enhancement. Your role is key to the success of our company. You will be expected to bring iOS development skills, software engineering knowledge, a thorough understanding of new technologies, and other key competencies to the table.

You will work closely with our existing development team, project managers, software architects, business analysts, testing team, and DevOps team. Your work will not only help us to develop high-quality mobile applications on the iOS platform, but will also be expected to add value to our existing iOS applications.

We regularly undertake process improvement initiatives. These initiatives intend to improve our technical environment, technology stack, and software development methodologies, and processes. You will be expected to take an active part in these initiatives. What’s more, you will come up with innovative ideas and implement them to strengthen our company further.

Responsibilities of an iOS Developer

You need an iOS developer to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Working with business analysts to understand business requirements;
  • Understanding technical solutions and architectural decisions from software architects;
  • Studying the test strategy and “Continuous Integration” (CI)/ “Continuous Delivery” (CD) environment from the testing and DevOps teams;
  • Creating technical specifications for new iOS applications by following applicable documentation standards;
  • Developing new iOS apps;
  • Working with the testing and DevOps teams for the testing and deployment of iOS applications;
  • Maintaining existing iOS apps and enhancing them with new features;
  • Communicating with the larger project team and relevant project stakeholders for smooth project execution;
  • Reporting the progress of iOS development projects;
  • Participating in continuous improvement initiatives.

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iOS Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

Look for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology when hiring an iOS developer. Furthermore, look for the following skills and competencies:

A iOS Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Primary Skills of an iOS Developer

    You need the following primary skills when hiring an iOS developer:
    • Deep knowledge of Swift and Swift SDK;
    • Robust knowledge of Objective-C;
    • Years of experience in working with Cocoa Touch and platform-specific APIs;
    • Sound knowledge of important iOS frameworks like Core Data and Core Animation;
    • Sufficient familiarity with the Apple Push Notifications hiring (APNS);
    • Thorough knowledge and experience of using Xcode;
    • Good conceptual knowledge of popular programming languages like C and Java;
    • In-depth knowledge of “Human Interface Guidelines” since iOS apps must use these design principles;
    • Excellent familiarity with code versioning tools like Git and SVN;
    • Robust knowledge on how threading works in Swift and Objective-C;
    • Years of experience in performance tuning and optimization of iOS applications;
    • Thorough knowledge of publishing mobile applications in the Apple App Store.
  2. Back-end Development Skills That an iOS Developer Needs

    Whether you hire a software engineer to create an Android or iOS app, you need to look for the following back-end development skills:
    • In-depth knowledge of cloud computing platforms like “Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service” (MBaaS) platforms;
    • Back-end hirings development experience;
    • Robust knowledge of relational database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
    • Experience in working with document databases like MongoDB;
    • Robust knowledge of developing RESTful APIs;
    • Years of experience in mitigating application security risks;
    • Ability to code scalable and high-performance iOS apps.
  3. Software Engineering Skills That You Need in an iOS Developer

    Look for the following software engineering skills when you hire an iOS developer:
    • Sound concepts in software development lifecycle phases;
    • Robust familiarity with popular application development methodologies like the Agile methodology;
    • Years of experience in delivering functionality as well as non-functional requirements like availability, reliability, scalability, etc.;
    • Code review skills;
    • In-depth knowledge of software defect prevention processes and practices.
  4. Competencies That a Senior iOS Developer needs

    You need the following competencies in a senior iOS developer:
    • Passion for excellence: Delivering the perfect user experience on mobile devices can be hard, therefore, a senior software engineer with iOS development skills needs the passion for excellence;
    • Commitment: Look for an iOS developer with a firm commitment to your project schedule, quality, scope, and cost objectives.
    • Problem-solving: iOS development projects can be complex, therefore, problem-solving skills are important;
    • Teamwork: You need an iOS developer that works closely with your larger team and collaborates.
    • Communication skills: Communication is important for the success of your iOS development project, therefore, look for an iOS developer that communicates proactively.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Should I Ask for Swift or Objective-C Skills When I Use an iOS Developer Job Description Template?

Both Swift and Objective-C can help you with mobile app development for iPhone or iPad hardware. However, Swift is a modern language with powerful features. It helps a software developer to gain productivity, avoid common coding errors, and achieve more with less coding. Go with Swift.

If you prioritize user experience, performance, and security, then you need to take the native iOS development route. Hire an iOS engineer with native development skills in that case. You can go with cross-platform development if you prioritize cost savings and a faster launch of your product.

iOS developers must know the iOS platform well. For native iOS development, developers use the platform features extensively. Near-native development can’t match the user-experience of native development. Developers need the iOS platform knowledge to bridge as many gaps as possible.

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