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The mobile industry is growing at such a speed that it reels in businesses from any and every niche. Companies throughout the globe are attracted by the massive profitability that the industry promises as well as the innovative nature that is associated with it. With more businesses joining in to take advantage of this fresh niche, software developers are also doing their part by mastering mobile application development. A wise move, as mobile developer recruitment is higher than it’s ever been.

Over the last few years, the boom in mobile development has been unprecedented. According to data shared by Statistica, between 2016 and 2019 alone, mobile app downloads rose by 99.3B. What’s more, a recent report from Sensor Tower has indicated that consumer spending in mobile apps has also been on the rise, with Apple’s App Store seeing as much as a 31% increase in revenue by the third quarter of 2020 in comparison to the previous quarter.

Consequently, it comes as no surprise that in an effort to take advantage of this growing and profitable market, businesses all over the world are hiring mobile developers and preparing the necessary onboarding documentation. However, it can be challenging to define a job description that covers all your expectations let alone attracts the type of candidate you’re looking for.

Below, you’ll have access to a Mobile developer job description template that will guide you in readying your next mobile developer job advertisement to pull in the candidates that you need.

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Mobile Developer Job Description Template

Company Briefing

Start off with a quick introduction about your company. Make it as exciting an opening paragraph as possible while respecting your brand and business image.

Be sure to include information that sheds light on your company benefits, culture, developer salary being offered, or the willingness to negotiate a competitive salary. Add in any information that speaks to the company’s office hours as well your working environment.

Job Description

We are searching for a rockstar mobile app developer who can take on both an existing engineering project as well as maintenance work/quality assurance work. To be more specific, the responsibilities will center around implementing new user interfaces as well as some new features along with routine integration tests. In doing so, you will contribute to the company ensuring solid mobile application performance as well as an exemplary user experience.

In your capacity as a mobile app developer, you will be integrated into an interconnected development team in which your expertise and skills related to mobile application development and software engineering will be on full display.

As the mobile application developer, you will report directly to the Chief Technology Officer. Your immediate team members include one (1) front-end developer and two (2) backend software engineers.


  • Implement new user interfaces
  • Create and run new mobile features
  • Partake in application testing and software repairs derived from maintenance
  • Contribute to building superb user experience
  • Aid in maintaining mobile app functionality
  • Leverage analytical skills to quickly pinpoint faulty coding issues and find solutions

Skills Required

  • In-depth knowledge of mobile development
  • Complete understanding of the phases involved in mobile development (from planning to launch)
  • Proven iOs developer experience required (Apple iOS apps)
  • Additional experience preparing apps for major mobile operating systems (Android apps)
  • Proof of previously written automated tests using XCTest
  • Working knowledge of mobile libraries and RESTful APIs (ideally Axious and Retrofit)
  • Coding knowledge for HTML and Javascript
  • High proficiency in select programming languages (Java, Objective-C, and Swift)
  • Experience integrating mobile software with Firebase and Facebook
  • Bachelor’s degree in Software Development, New Technologies, Computer Science, or a related field
  • Strong problem-solving and communication skills

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Mobile Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

Having shown the template, we’ll now offer a breakdown of some of the most important elements that you can take with you when creating your own

A Mobile Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Clearly communicate the needs and requirements of the position being offered:

    While this may seem like a no-brainer, too often, software developer managers are realizing that the duties expected for an advertised position aren’t being explicitly stated in their respective job offerings. As has been evidenced in stats collected by CSM Wire, 97% of issues in the workplace are a direct result of poor communication. Consequently, it is not uncommon for managers to poorly express a responsibility or exclude it altogether only to realize so after onboarding.
  2. Include references to the developer’s role within the organization:

    Some job descriptions do not show the relationship between the developer and other teams in the company. Not only does this take the form of not referencing whether the developer has to work with any other teams within an organization, it also includes not stating the person to whom the developer reports. This can cause interdepartmental problems in the long-run where other team managers may make the mistake of giving orders to a developer when they don’t have the authority to do so.
  3. Reflect the brand and tone of the company which is issuing it:

    The best way for a mobile professional to get a feel of your work culture before actually starting is through your job description. If it is written in a formal, academic style reserving a conservative tone, then that projects a typical corporate image to the candidate which will let him know that your organization is much more conventional. However, adopting a more relaxed tone while retaining certain formalities would send a subliminal message to the reader suggesting that you have a more relaxed work culture.

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