Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

The average time we spend on mobile devices on a daily basis is 3 hours and 40 minutes

Flurry Analytics reports that 90 percent of the time that a person spends on the smartphone is on apps. 2019 is going to be a great year for apps and here‘s what we think will be the top 5 latest trends in mobile app development for this year.

Increased emphasis on mobile page load times


Better page loads will change the way web apps are delivered to mobiles. Google‘s open-source initiative ’The AMP project‘ * will help publishers create mobile-optimized content in a quick and easy way.  Google also proposes having a different search index for the mobile web. We predict this will bring significant changes in the mobile app development methodology, especially in stages involving SEO and web app perspective!

Does not include the time we are on phone calls!

App Streaming will start taking over

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Downloading an app from a store can be a pain sometimes, like say when you do not have any storage space on your phone or have forgotten your app store credentials. Enter mobile app streaming, where apps are streamed to your device from the cloud! This does away with download times and cumbersome searches on app stores. Companies like Google and Apple are already spending time and money on this. Google‘s ’Android Instant Apps‘* initiative will help deliver native apps to mobile without any installation required.

Composing an app Vs building an app

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Enterprise will from now look forward to composing mobile apps by mixing and matching of reusable APIs rather than hand-coding of mobile apps. Forrester‘s Analysts report “Application infrastructure powers this change. Instead of building objects that interact with each other, developers will use Lambda architectures to code reactions to environmental changes.”

This trend will see companies come up with feature updates and new apps in no time.

Serverless mobile apps will make it easy for developers to launch faster


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Source: AWS

Cloud service providers like AWS are already in onto this. AWS, late last year announced serverless enhancements to its mobile hub.

This does away with traditional server management and provisioning. It also helps developers create and test mobile app backend such as user authentication, data storage, business logic, push notifications, content delivery and analytics without any overheads of configuration.

Beacon and location based services to continue its rise

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WiFi usage is increasingly moving to public places away from more traditional hotels and retail stores. Integrated location-based services like Apple‘s iBeacons and Google beacons will see more users. Apps that use location beacons can help businesses push personalized offers to shoppers/customers. The usage of applications with wi-fi, location and beacon support will increase this year


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