About Us

DevTeam.Space is the #1 AI-enhanced community of top development teams. We’ve helped Airbus, Xiaomi, BBC, McKesson, Toyota, and over 5,000 other businesses migrate to the Cloud, build mobile/web products, and implement data engineering solutions.

Why Work with DevTeamSpace?

That is the #1 reason why you’re scrolling through our website. The #1 fear when you’re up to partner with any software development provider is the fear that developers could screw up your project. And the #1 reason why some developers couldn’t successfully complete and support your project is they couldn’t prevent and quickly resolve the problems (they always come up in almost any projects, small and large ones) during the software dev process.

To address that and successfully complete every project we work on, we focus on:

  • Risk management
    Proactive automatic daily and weekly project progress updates with roadblock tracking, and a support of project and account managers, allow us to uncover issues and resolve them way before they grow into real problems.
  • The best dev teams
    Only the top level development teams experienced in your industry can properly plan the architecture and software dev process, execute on it, and tackle the issues when they come up.
Why Work with DevTeamSpace

We can build a new product by being your complete dev team, or by being an extension of your existing team. Because we support every client with automated solutions, an account manager, and a tech project manager - it feels like we are the extension of your team.

We’re great at code refactoring, agile and scrum methodologies, cleaning backlogs, planning new features, building complex back-end systems, and simply making you happy with daily automated progress updates.

You work with true market experts. Each of our top dev teams is focused on a specific tech stack and a set of industries.
You receive daily automated updates, and can communicate directly with devs, while being supported by a project manager.
We got your back by handling legal, IP, ownership, security, and delivery risks, so you can focus on business.
Our dev teams' experience and automated process allow us to deliver even the most complex projects on time.

Our Mission

Back in 2015, our founders were looking to hire developers to build a new startup. To their surprise, they couldn’t find a place to hire top-level developers who were reliable and safe to work with, great communicators, and had the relevant expertise. Prior to that, our founders were managing a remote development team for over 3 years and knew exactly how the process work.

This set us on a mission to build the world’smost reliable software development platform. One that improves and speeds up the software development outsourcing process by structuring it and enhancing it with data engineering technologies.

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