About Us

Why Work With DevTeamSpace?

DevTeam.Space is the #1 AI-enhanced community of top development teams. We guarantee your project success by matching you with relevant developers and managing your project with our AI-powered system. We specialize in building and supporting high-availability web, mobile, and IoT solutions.

  • Work with Experts

    We match you with one of our vetted development teams who have built similar projects before. Only top-level experts in your industry/technology can properly plan the architecture and software development process, execute on it, and tackle the issues when they arise.
    We're so confident in our dev teams that you only pay if you like the result.
    *Learn more from our project manager after requesting a quote.

  • Project Success Guaranteed

    Put your fears aside and watch your project come to life without worry. 80% of success depends on project management. Our project management process follows best practices and is powered by AI. We support you with daily progress updates, weekly performance quality reports, and dedicated project and account managers. With this system, we can correct the course of your project daily, making sure we hit the target. As a result, 99.3% of our projects have been successful over the last 12 months.

  • A Cut Above Other Providers
Marketplaces – risky and careless
  • Thousands of not vetted individual freelancers
  • Clients vet candidates and set up projects by themselves
  • Too many options to choose from
  • Low-quality project management support
  • Poor communication system
  • Inability to scale
  • Risky for long-term support
DevTeamSpace – project success guaranteed
  • Vetted community of top-rated dev teams
  • AI-enhanced dev team allocation process
  • Agile pricing model
  • High-quality project management support
  • AI-enhanced project updates and project success predictability system
  • Easy to scale resources
  • Long-term support of your projects
Agencies – expensive
  • Limited resources
  • No choice at all
  • High price
  • Decent quality project management support
  • Poor communication system
  • Limited expertise and scale abilities
  • Limited resources for long-term support

We can be your complete dev team, or be an extension of your existing team. Our process is integrated with major business tools you already use, so you will feel like we're a part of your organization.

Our Mission

Back in 2015, we were looking to hire developers. To our surprise, we had a hard time finding top-level developers who were reliable, great communicators, and had relevant expertise.

This set us on a mission to build the world's most reliable software development platform. Prior to that, we managed remote development teams for 3+ years. We envisioned the future of software development being client facing, risk tolerant, time saving and robust. This knowledge helped us design the DevTeamSpace.

Learn more about our process.