About Us

DevTeam.Space is an innovative software development platform powered by field-expert development teams and a data-driven agile process.

The DevTeam.Space is most suited for businesses that don't want to handle product development by themselves and are looking for a reliable long-term product development partner. We're expert at building and scaling innovative software applications that require world-class expertise, powered by the latest technologies. Read more about our process here.

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How it All Started

Back in 2015, we were trying to hire experienced developers to test multiple business ideas. To our surprise, we had a hard time finding reliable partners with strong development processes and good communication skills.

As it turned out, we discovered we were not alone. Businesses lose billions of dollars every year because of inefficient software development processes and incompetent developers.

As a result, in September 2015, we set out on a mission to make the software development process drastically more efficient and transparent for businesses around the world. No matter whether it was for funded startups or mature businesses that are looking for reliable software developers, we wanted to drastically improve the development process.

Over the course of the last three years, we have engineered a unique data-driven agile development process. This has made our software development process client-facing, transparent, risk tolerant, fast, and cost-efficient. Driven by our mission, we continue to innovate to this day, something which has consistently provided our clients with the best software development experience and world-class applications.


Alexey Semeney
Alex Skryabikov
VP of Account Management
Grace Huntley
VP of Engineering
Aran Davies
John Lubelski
Marketing Manager
Rajat Gupta

Headquartered in California, DevTeam.Space is a passionate team of tech innovators, product managers, and engineers, who are dedicated to building the world's best software products for businesses around the world.

Being true to our mission, we follow our unique data-driven agile process and work with our community of dev teams to further improve the DevTeam.Space platform. This is the secret recipe behind our fast growth and is why we are so confident in the truly unique benefits that our solution can bring to our clients.

Excited to join the team and innovate with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]