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10 Best Software Development Companies to Hire App Developers in 2024

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Already, you can hardly imagine not having a mobile app for your business, and the mobile app market is growing further! You need a mobile app for a variety of reasons, e.g., creating new markets, engaging customers, expediting customer support, etc. Mobile app developers are in great demand, and organizations look for the best software development to hire app developers in 2024.

You can see quite a few options online, but you wonder which ones are the best. We offer a guide to you describing the best 10 websites for hiring mobile app developers and app development teams. Read on, as we also explain why they are the best. 

10 Best Sites To Hire Mobile App Developers in 2024 

If you are short on time then here are the top 3 websites to hire Android and iOS developers: 

  • DevTeam.Space: The right software development company to hire the best mobile app developers;
  • Upwork: A large freelance platform where you can hire mobile developers;
  • Toptal: A freelance platform with a focus on software development.

Here’s our detailed assessment of these companies: 

1. DevTeam.Space: The First Choice For Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Disney, Airbus, Samsung, and NEC are just a few of the hundreds of clients who benefitted from working with DevTeam.Space

The Best Site To Hire Good Mobile App Developers After Considering All Aspects

DevTeam.Space must be your choice if you need skilled, experienced, and motivated developers who create apps for mobile platforms. See the independent reviews online to verify this claim. 

You can experience a transparent and efficient process to hire developers. Our support team helps you consistently on all aspects like non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and non-compete agreements.  

We offer exceptional quality mobile developers. Our comprehensive vetting processes ensure that our developers have the relevant expertise. 

They are highly experienced in all types of mobile development, e.g., native development, and hybrid development. Whether you need to optimize app performance or enhance the app, our developers can help. They know all aspects of mobile development, e.g., implementing push notifications, API integrations, etc. 

Apart from mobile and web development, we are proficient in niche skills like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), etc. 

Our developers are full-time. You can hire individual developers or a complete software development team. Our developers have excellent soft skills like communication skills, problem-solving skills, etc.

We train our developers on our world-class development processes. You always get supportable and maintainable code from us.

Our proactive human resource management policies and practices ensure that our developers deliver success to you. For example, we routinely support developers to upskill. 

Our AI-powered agile processes help you monitor your project. You get complementary support from a dedicated tech account manager when you hire developers from us. 

Our developers can immediately start working with you. We can deliver your project from start to end. For the value we deliver, you will pay just and fair fees.



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Please do tell us about your requirements, and we will offer a quotation. 

2. Upwork: A freelance platform where you can hire mobile app developers 

Upwork is a general freelance platform, and it’s famous. If you want to hire freelance mobile app developers, then Upwork is an option. Companies like Microsoft and Airbnb hire from Upwork. 

One of the largest freelance platforms  

One of the largest freelance platforms, Upwork has a large network of freelancers including mobile developers. Many freelancers can see your job posting on Upwork.

Upwork is a mature freelance platform with a transparent hiring and contracting process. It handles payment transactions securely including international payments. 

Upwork provides you with good communication tools. The platform proactively mitigates the risks of fraud, etc. It allows only verified freelancers in its community.

A digression here, which isn’t about Upwork. You face some inherent risks in hiring a freelance mobile app developer. These are as follows:

  • You might find it hard to gauge the real level of skills of freelancers.  
  • Finding the right freelancer might be hard. 
  • Your project managers (PMs) need to manage the work of the freelance on their own, which might stretch them.
  • Freelancers might leave a project mid-way, resulting in disruptions and delays. 

Hiring freelancers might work for basic apps only.  


Negotiate the fees with individual freelancers. Contact Upwork to learn about the fees they charge you. 

3. Toptal: A freelance platform with a focus on software development 

Toptal is a freelance platform that focuses considerably on software development, and the company claims to have only the best developers. If you want freelancers then Toptal is a good place for hiring mobile app developers. Organizations like Samsung, Shopify, and HP hire from Toptal. 

A freelance platform that claims to offer only top talent

Toptal claims that it lets only the top 3% of software developers join its community. The company has implemented a stringent vetting process. You will get quality cross-platform, iOS, and Android app developers. 

Toptal offers an effective and efficient hiring and contracting process. You reach out to Toptal with your project requirements. The hiring support team of Toptal understands your objectives and needs. 

You will soon interview top developers. The transparent and user-friendly processes of Toptal help you hire developers quickly. Toptal offers a hassle-free payment process with a trial period. 

Reminder: Do keep in mind the general risks of hiring freelance app developers. 


Toptal charges an upfront fee of $500 from you. Subsequently, factors like the project complexity, skill requirements, and duration of the project influence the pricing.

4. Appinventiv: A renowned software development company 

Major companies like IKEA, KFC, Adidas, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut rely on Appinventiv for software development.

A robust choice for hiring mobile app developers

Appinventiv has a good reputation in the mobile app development landscape, and you can hire smart developers from them.

Not only has Appinventiv delivered many projects successfully but the company has earned very positive reviews too. You can verify their track record easily. 

Appinventiv has in-depth expertise in developing apps for mobile devices, however, that’s not all. The company has expertise in areas like web development, AI, blockchain, data science, ERP, DevOps, AR/VR, and cloud computing.

Appinventiv justifiably boasts of a comprehensive screening process. The company indeed has very skilled and experienced developers. 

Appinventiv also has a forward-looking organizational culture. The company values qualities like open communication, a healthy work environment, and diversity. Naturally, Appinventiv developers demonstrate a high degree of motivation.

Appinventiv can deliver your project entirely. Alternatively, you can hire mobile developers or a complete mobile development team from them. The company provides transparency, flexibility, and efficiency in the contracting process. 

Whether software development or project management, Appinventiv follows practical and result-oriented processes. Appinventiv balances quality and rapid execution well. You get project management support from a dedicated account manager when you hire developers from them.


Reach out to Appinventiv and provide your project requirements. The company will provide a customized quotation.

5. Naked Development: A reliable software development company 

Giants like Henkel, UPS, and Bank of America are among the clients of Naked Development.

A success-oriented software development partner with a good mobile app development track record

Naked Development is a prominent and reliable software development company. The company has an impressive track record of mobile development across all key operating systems. You can hire high-performance mobile developers from them. They have earned good reviews from clients.

Naked Development follows a comprehensive interview process. They evaluate the technical skills, relevant experience, and soft skills thoroughly before hiring developers. 

Not just mobile and web development, Naked Development has impressive depth and breadth of skills. For example, the company has deep knowledge of UI/UX design, DevOps, etc. 

Naked Development has an effective set of human resource management practices. The company prioritizes the professional development of programmers. They focus considerably on skill development, therefore, their developers are motivated.

Naked Development follows efficient contracting processes. Hiring developers from them is easy. 


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Let Naked Development know your project requirements. The company will provide a customized quote. 

6. Goji Labs: A dependable partner for mobile app development 

Goji Labs is well-known for its in-depth knowledge and vast experience in mobile development. Organizations like Mitsubishi, Root, WHO, and WWF are just some of the clients of Goji Labs.

A mobile app development company with extensive subject matter expertise 

You can count on Goji Labs to provide quality mobile developers. The company has consistently earned rave reviews.

Goji Labs has a rigorous screening process and hires competent developers. That’s only one part of the story though since the company proactively enhances its overall software development expertise. No wonder Goji Labs mobile developers are so knowledgeable. The company has extensive knowledge of web development, UI/UX design, AI, and testing.

Goji Labs uses a systematic approach. Their software development processes include deep conversations with clients to understand their requirements. The company invests effort in technical design, which makes software development easier.  

Goji Labs demonstrates considerable flexibility, thanks to their sound knowledge of the agile development methodology. They collaborate proactively with their clients. Timely communication and gathering feedback are aspects that Goji Labs takes seriously. 


Goji Labs provides customized quotations when you describe your project requirements to them.

7. Mercury Development: A capable mobile development company 

Leading companies like Fitbit, HSBC, Dow, Google, Thomson Reuters, HP, Burger King, etc. rely on Mercury development for end-to-end software development. The company can provide you with highly skilled, experienced, and motivated developers.

A mobile app development company thoroughly trusted by its clients  

Mercury Development has built impressive expertise in mobile development covering multiple platforms. It has extensive expertise in web development, wearable development, desktop development, UI/UX design, IoT development, and testing.  

Mercury Development can take your entire project and deliver it. They also provide staff augmentation services. You can hire individual developers as well as teams. 

Mercury Development follows robust software development processes. The company prioritizes quality, and its clients appreciate that.

Mercury Development makes hiring easy, thanks to transparent and straightforward processes. You can evaluate their track record easily since many clients rated them highly.


You need to contact Mercury Development and explain your project requirements. They will then provide a quotation.

8. Jafton: A capable software development company with good mobile app development capabilities  

Jafton has good end-to-end software development capabilities including mobile development. You can hire top-notch mobile app developers from Jafton. 

Companies like Alaska Airlines, Kia, Kroger, are Chevron are just a few of the clients of Jafton. Industry observers rate Jafton highly.

A reputed and reliable company to hire mobile app developers from

Jafton has received very positive reviews from its clients. Many clients of Jafton cited examples of how a large number of users downloaded apps developed by Jafton from the Apple App Store and Google Play. They mentioned the high ratings for those apps.

Clients of Jafton rate their mobile developers highly. You would expect that since Jafton follows an involved vetting process. The company focuses on technical skills as well as soft skills when interviewing developers. 

Developers in Jafton get all-round professional development opportunities, thanks to their robust human resource management practices. Jafton developers are motivated.

Apart from mobile development, Jafton has considerable expertise in web development, blockchain, AR/VR, and AI infusion. Their clients have highly praised their project management capabilities. Jafton follows transparent and user-friendly contracting processes, which are easy on their clients.


Describe your project requirements to Jafton, and the company will provide a tailored quotation.

9. Zco Corporation: A recognized mobile app development partner 

Zco Corporation is a well-established software development company. Leading organizations like Verizon, Microsoft, and Volkswagen have worked with Zco Corporation. You can find an impressive array of positive reviews online for them.

A robust combination of end-to-end project delivery capabilities and staff augmentation capabilities 

Zco Corporation has considerable experience in mobile app development. It also has very good expertise in web development, enterprise software development, and AR/VR development. You can get quality mobile developers from them.

Zco Corporation has US-based developers. They also tap into the global talent pool. They follow a vetting process with the required checks and balances, therefore, they have skilled and experienced developers. 

Being a well-known company, Zco Corporation can provide exciting career opportunities to developers. Their programmers get access to all-round professional development opportunities, therefore, they are motivated.

Clients of Zco Corporation have consistently rated their project delivery processes and project management capabilities highly. Many of them especially highlighted the proactive communication of Zco Corporation teams. 

Their developers get high praise from clients as well. Several reviews talk about how the Zco Corporation developers are knowledgeable, professional, and client-focused.   

Zco Corporation has simple, secure, and transparent contracting and payment processes. Their clients found them very responsive.


While Zco Corporation states on its FAQ page that “an average app project might cost about $30,000”, this is a rough indication. You should contact them with your project requirements. They can then provide a customized quote.

10. AppMakersLA: A mobile app development company that prioritizes clients 

AppMakersLA counts CVS Pharmacy and NFL among its clients. The company has built a reputation of innovating toward what matters the most – the success of clients.

Hire expert software development developers for your next project

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A notable focus on delivering value to clients 

You can hire very capable mobile developers from AppMakersLA. They can also deliver your mobile development project from the beginning to the end. Apart from mobile development, AppMakersLA has considerable web development and AI expertise. 

You can find many independent reviews of AppMakerLA online, and they are consistently positive ones. 3 aspects stand out in these reviews, which are as follows:

  1. AppMakersLA demonstrates a genuine interest in delivering high-quality apps to clients. 
  2. The company has a great team with both technical and soft skills. 
  3. AppMakersLA follows a proactive style of project management including regular communications with clients.

AppMakersLA makes it easy for clients to work with them, thanks to their transparent and simple contracting process. Their clients found them highly responsive.


You can contact AppMakersLA and describe your project. The company will provide a quote tailored to meet your requirements.

What To Consider For Choosing The Best Website To Hire Mobile App Developers?

The following are the key factors you should consider when choosing software development companies and platforms to hire mobile app developers:

A. The complexity of your mobile app development project

Your hiring effort depends on the complexity of your mobile development project. Do you need to develop an Android app with only run-of-the-mill requirements? You will use standard software development technologies and tools for developing a simple app. Hiring junior or mid-level Android app developers will do for simple Android development. 

Do you plan to launch complex mobile apps, e.g., native apps with highly customized requirements? Do you have stringent non-functional requirements (NFRs) like performance, scalability, etc.? Would your project need niche skills like AI? You need a highly skilled and experienced mobile app development team from a mature software development company like DevTeam.Space. 

B. How trustworthy is the mobile application development company or hiring platform?

Can you trust that the software development company will deliver successful mobile applications to you? Do you feel confident that you will get experienced app developers from it? A mobile app development services provider must be trustworthy like DevTeam.Space.   

C. Does the app developer provided by the company have the desired skills and experience? 

Conduct a detailed interview to evaluate mobile developers. Depending on your project requirements, evaluate relevant skill areas, e.g.:

  • Native iOS app development;
  • Native Android app development;
  • Developing progressive web apps that work both on web and mobile phones;
  • Cross-platform development using Flutter or React Native;
  • Programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Swift, etc. 

Assess hands-on skills in creating apps and not just theoretical knowledge. Check how the mobile developer approached problems in earlier app projects.  

D. Do the mobile app developers have the relevant soft skills?

“Soft skills” play a key part in developing apps that succeed. Evaluate mobile app programmers for the following soft skills:

  • Communication skills;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Empathy;
  • Teamwork. 

E. Verification and validation expertise of mobile app developers 

Talented mobile developers, especially senior iOS developers and senior Android developers should know well about code review. The platform you evaluate must provide iOS and Android developers with excellent knowledge of testing. 

DevTeam.Space developers know the important code review strategies. They also know how important testing and software quality management are in a successful mobile app development project.

F. Do the mobile developers understand the app development process well?

A great app idea alone won’t translate to great Android and iOS apps unless developers apply sound software development processes. Programmers need to know the relevant processes, methods, tools, and practices for that. 

You might find freelance developers often lacking knowledge of software engineering and software development processes. However, DevTeam.Space developers know these processes well. After all, we train them in our world-class development processes.  

G. Project management support 

Your PM could already be stretched. The workload increases when you engage a mobile application development team from a service provider. DevTeam.Space offers complementary support from a dedicated tech account manager.

H. Contract terms and conditions 

Evaluate the contract terms and conditions of the website carefully before you hire mobile app developers. You should expect just and fair T&Cs. You should be able to scale up or hire an ongoing support team.  

I. App development cost

Assess the business value and not just software development costs. Ensure that you meet business objectives first when you create mobile apps. Avoid paying unreasonably high fees. 

Hiring an App Developer

The above-mentioned websites will help you with hiring app developers for your mobile app development project. They have proved their mettle.  

However, for assured and quick hiring of top mobile app developers, look no further than DevTeam.Space. Let us know all about your hiring needs. A dedicated tech account manager will soon help you.

How much does it cost to hire a software engineer to build my app?

You can build a simple app for $10,000 – $50,000 USD using a lot of off-the-shelf tools and 1 to 2 developers. A more complex, custom MVP will cost between $30,000 and $350,000 USD, while a complex, enterprise level solution will cost anywhere from $350,000 and up.

What are the best software development companies to hire engineers from?

The best software platform is DevTeam.Space, which outsources its full-time developers directly to clients like you. Other good examples include Toptal, Upwork, etc.

What is the best US based software development company?

Given its 5 star feedback on Clutch, DevTeam.Space can be said to be the best software development company in the United States. Based in California, it has a reputation for excellence and never having failed on a project.


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