Best Cybersecurity Tools

Best Cybersecurity Tools

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Are you finding the best cybersecurity tools for your business?

Increased digital transformation of business processes over the years has also led to an increased cyber vulnerability. Cyberattacks are predicted to cause businesses USD 10.5 trillion a year globally by 2025. The loss is significantly larger than that inflicted by natural disasters in a year, reports cybersecurity venture.

Apart from monetary loss, the disruptions caused by a cyber attack are many for a business, including exposure of sensitive data, service downtime, loss of customer trust, damage to business image, etc.

Therefore, it is imperative for businesses, from small companies to large corporations, to invest in a comprehensive yet robust cybersecurity strategy. Reliable cybersecurity tools form a central part of such a security framework.

A good cybersecurity tool helps to actively process data, detect intrusions and malicious network traffic, alert the concerned authorities, and help in initiating the right threat prevention and mitigation routines.

Cybersecurity tools can help with numerous types of security monitoring and control, like perimeter security, information security, network security, etc. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best cybersecurity tools that can help you ensure such an extensive security system for your company.

Best Cybersecurity Tools

The following cybersecurity tools are the top players in the cybersecurity market.

1. Acunetix

Acunetix is an intrusion detection software that analyzes software applications and websites for security threats and vulnerabilities, including SQL injections, misconfigurations, cross-site scripting, etc. It creates a list of vulnerable sites, applications, and APIs.

This tool can scan multiple environments simultaneously and even crawl tougher areas like single-page web applications, password-protected pages, etc. Users can either use the security tool either on the cloud or on-premises. It supports Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android operating systems.


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2. AxCrypt

AxCrypt is encryption software that enables businesses to ensure their information security. The software uses 128-bit or 256-bit encryption techniques to secure files and data.

Moreover, it also offers mobile encryption that allows one to encrypt and decrypt files using a mobile device, including iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

AxCrypt also helps with secure file sharing over the network through password protection. Password-protected file sharing protects from unwanted breaches and also allows for efficient collaboration between users. There are also features for password management and access.

3. Teramind Cybersecurity tool

Teramind is an activity monitoring tool. It can help you track the activity and behavior of users on your network, such as company employees. 

Any anomalous activity from users will send you a notification. You can also set it to send customizable reports for each user. You can also receive reports on individual users’ social media use, time spent on productive work, etc.

Using this tool, security teams are able to detect potential threats and malicious activity on a network which saves the company from bigger losses, and managers can keep up with the productivity levels of their team members.

Teramind offers various activity monitoring features like optical character recognition, user privacy management, field parsing, business intelligence reporting, etc.

4. SiteLock

SiteLock is another cybersecurity monitoring tool that helps to conduct a detailed scan of web applications to detect web vulnerabilities.

It can detect vulnerabilities, viruses, etc., through automatic malware detection while offering other security features like website backup, vulnerability patching, malicious bot blocking, DDoS protection, application firewalls, etc.

The security software offers a weekly report on vulnerability management, website scanning, and backup. It also offers a content delivery network for high-speed traffic. 

SiteLock supports a variety of content management systems, including WordPress, WooCommerce, etc. 

5. Wireshark

Wireshark is a packet sniffer tool to perform a low-level inspection of your network. This console-based tool captures offline and online traffic and supports a wide range of formats for reading and writing network data.

Some of these file formats include Cisco Secure IDS iplog, Microsoft Network Monitor, libpcap, etc.

Users can perform real-time network monitoring for malicious data packets, etc., and store output results in the form of XML, CSV, plain text, etc. They can further perform detailed offline analysis of the network packets. 

Wireshark is supported on macOS, Windows operating system, Solaris, etc. It also provides a graphical user interface.

6. Nagios Cybersecurity tool

Nagios is a network monitoring software that helps look for any network vulnerabilities present in the applications, operating systems, network protocols, etc. Some of the network protocols it monitors are ICMP, POP3, HTTP, etc. 

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The security tool offers three versions, including Nagios XI for infrastructure security monitoring, Nagios Log Server for enterprise-level monitoring, and Nagios Network Analyzer for network data analysis.

The enterprise edition of the Nagios tool offers a web-based server console, SLA reporting, alert notifications, etc. The alert notifications are sent to the concerned users, like IT staff.

7. Kali Linux

Kali Linux is the most commonly used cyber security tool that is readily available for use by users having different levels of cybersecurity expertise. It is an operating system with more than 300 cybersecurity monitoring tools to secure the complete security infrastructure, including systems and networks.

It offers executable features for website and server monitoring with one click. It can also be used to secure databases from cyberattacks.

Some of the features offered by Kali Linux include ARMHF and ARMEL support, multi-language support, Kali NetHunter, Live USB boot, wireless device support for wireless network security support, more than 600 pre-installed penetration testing tools, etc.

 Kali Linux was initially developed as a Linux distribution for penetration testing. Today, it is available as an open-source and free cybersecurity software tool.

8. Nessus Cybersecurity Tool

Nessus is a renowned vulnerability testing software tool with over 2 million downloads every year worldwide. It boasts the lowest false positive rate while covering a broad range of security vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure. 

Nessus can help detect software bugs, misconfigurations, missing software patches, etc.

The tool offers more than 400 preconfigured templates for security auditing of configuration compliance against industry standards. Moreover, it offers an interactive user interface and navigation layout. 

The vulnerability assessment feature allows an unlimited number of security assessments while supporting a range of platforms, including Raspberry Pi. 

Users can modify the reporting feature for customizable reporting. The tool supports various file formats for reporting, including HTML, CSV, and XML.

The tool comes in both free and paid versions.

9. TCPdump

TCPdump is a packet sniffer tool. The cybersecurity team uses it to monitor and log TCP/IP traffic to ensure the security of the network. 

The tool helps to analyze the contents of data packets entering and leaving communication interfaces over a network.

It is a command line tool and is distributed as a free data-network analyzer software. It is often used by IT teams to troubleshoot network problems. Available as a command-line interface tool, it works best with remote servers or systems with no GUI (graphical user interface).

This blog discusses in detail the installation of TCPdump and its use for data packet capturing, filtering, etc. 

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10. Splunk Cybersecurity Tools

Splunk is another network security monitoring tool that offers offline and real-time monitoring capabilities. It comes with a user interface to capture, index, and collect data. 

The indexing feature helps to correlate information and generate useful graphs and visualizations for efficient network data analysis. Moreover, it generates real-time alerts and dashboard reports for data-driven insights.

Splunk offers multiple cybersecurity features like advanced threat detection, incident investigation and response, automation, and orchestration of the security operations center (SOC). 

The features are available through a range of Splunk products like Splink Intelligence Management, Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk Soar, etc.

Planning to Use Cybersecurity Tools for Your Business?

This was a list of a few of the top cyber security tools available in the market that are being used by a number of businesses for ensuring the security of their IT infrastructure. 

Cyber threats are also evolving with the advancement of technology infrastructure. The cybersecurity monitoring and analysis tools should keep up with the underlying technology trends for successful and timely detection and mitigation of security risks.

If you plan to use such cybersecurity software for your business, take assistance from experienced cyber security professionals in choosing the right tool. 

Field-expert software engineers at DevTeam.Space can help you figure out the right software security solutions and related tools. They can also help you build a customized software security solution given their expertise in cutting-edge technologies.

Read our blog on how to build a cybersecurity tool for more details.

If you wish to learn more about partnering with a competent software development agency like DevTeam.Space, leave us your initial project specifications via this form.

One of our account managers will get in touch with you to discuss more details on how we can help you.

Top FAQs on Cybersecurity Tools

1. Which tool is best for cybersecurity?

There are a variety of security tools available to help with different kinds of security like network monitoring, security vulnerabilities assessment, security tests, encryption tools, antivirus, etc. Some of the best tools among these are Wireshark, Solarwinds Security Event Manager, Norton Antivirus, AxCrypt, SQLMap, Cain and Abel, etc.

2. What are the five types of cybersecurity?

The five categories of cybersecurity include information security, application security, network security, cloud or internet security, and endpoint security.

3. What are the three common cybersecurity tools?

Firewalls, antivirus, and password management software are the commonly used cybersecurity tools.


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