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Estimate ChatGPT Integration Cost

How to Estimate ChatGPT Integration Cost

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Want to know how to estimate ChatGPT integration cost? Let’s find out.

Developing a ChatGPT-powered chatbot application requires a deep understanding of advanced AI, large language models, natural language processing, etc.

That is why, for such complex projects, it is essential to have a professional team with relevant expertise from a software development company like DevTeam.Space with a vetted developers’ community instead of freelancers. More on this later.

ChatGPT Integration Cost

The introduction of ChatGPT API by OpenAI has made available AI-powered advanced language models at a significantly lower cost, which has led to overwhelming adoption of the ChatGPT technology by everyone, from individuals and small businesses to large enterprises. 

However, the cost estimation of ChatGPT integration varies for every application. It depends on several factors. To estimate ChatGPT integration cost, you need to consider the following:


If you use a chatbot builder platform to create ChatGPT-based features, then this platform you want to integrate ChatGPT into would considerably define your project complexity and cost. Different platforms have different integration options and associated costs. 

For example, Chatbase offers a standard plan of $99/month with multiple features like 20 chatbot projects, API access, an option to GPT-4, etc. 

Another platform,, offers ten chatbot projects, 1000 queries/ month, and some other features at $99 a month.

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It is essential to consider there are several limitations to using chatbot builder platforms. Not only your application cost can increase exponentially with a surge in user load, but there is also not much flexibility in personalizing your user experience. 

You are bound to the platform’s ecosystem and the extent of customization it offers. A no-code chatbot building option might provide an advantage to non-technical users, but developers cannot apply advanced customization as platforms allow limited access to the underlying code.

We recommend using OpenAI APIs to integrate ChatGPT and other AI models into software applications. In case of specific business requirements that include extensive customization to the language model, we recommend opting for a custom ChatGPT integration approach.

API Usage

You need to consider the usage scale of your application to estimate ChatGPT integration correctly. Also, different gpt models have different pricing plans. 

The most advanced gpt-3.5-turbo language model used by ChatGPT API costs $0.002 for 1000 tokens (chunks of text) or around 750 words. The gpt-3.5-turbo is considered ten times cheaper than other OpenAI models, including Davinci, cabbage, etc.

To calculate your API usage, you need to determine your API requests, estimate tokens per API call, monitor the token consumption, and review rate limits and pricing. 

Keep in mind both input and output tokens contribute to the usage. OpenAI platform offers a tokenizer tool to help determine how a piece of text tokenizes by the API and the total count of tokens a text contains. 

You can visit the OpenAI language model pricing page for more information.

Application Complexity

The complexity of an integration project also affects the project cost. If you plan to integrate ChatGPT into an existing application with a complex architecture, it requires more development time and effort and hence more overall cost. 

Complex software customization requires an expert software architect with experience designing robust technical solutions for AI-based applications.

Scope of Customization

The scope and specifications of your integration contribute to the cost estimate. If you want to integrate ChatGPT as is in your application, it is a simple project that can be accomplished simply using an API. 

However, if you have specific business requirements, e.g., you might want to collect and analyze ChatGPT data to get valuable insights into user preferences, market trends, etc. Such particular business requirements require comprehensive language model customization according to your domain. 

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Such customization could include vast data collection, preprocessing, model training, etc. These all are memory and compute-extensive tasks.

You would need to invest in heavy processing hardware, likely GPUs. Alternatively, you can also opt for another option of on-cloud computing resources like Amazon EC2 P3 Instances to save startup time and effort. 

Factor in infrastructure costs, including development tools, hosting servers, data transfer, storage, etc. 

To give an estimate, AWS offers Amazon Elastic Block Store service, General Purpose SSD (gp3), to store large volumes of data at $0.08/GB-month. Amazon Web Services work on a pay-as-you-go model, where you pay for the resource and services you use. 

You can get more explanation on the AWS pricing page.

Apart from model development and integration, you have to decide on the scope of your integration project. Do you want ChatGPT integration in your web, mobile app, or both? 

Also, decide on your non-functional requirements (NFRs), app security requirements, compliance standards, etc., to better plan your software solution, associated project infrastructure, and costs to cover them.

Ongoing Support

Complex integrations with extensive language model customization require ongoing support and maintenance. Consider the costs associated with regular updates, fixing bugs, providing ongoing customer support, etc. 

You require an experienced developer or two to manage support and upgrade tasks. Software maintenance generally costs 15% to 20% of the initial software development budget yearly.

Development Resources

Your ChatGPT integration project cost will also depend on your development resources. If you plan to hire an in-house time, there will be many additional expenses apart from the cost of developers for their time and efforts. 

You will also need to bear office setup and maintenance costs, etc. Not to forget, ChatGPT integration projects are complex and require expert skills in cutting-edge technologies of AI, NLP, etc. It is tedious finding the skillset in a limited regional pool of developers.

You might think freelance developers are an excellent alternative to in-house developers. Many freelance platforms offer developers to clients at a low hourly rate. However, the drawbacks are too critical to ignore. You are all on your own to screen developers for their credentials. 

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Moreover, freelance developers often work on multiple projects simultaneously. You cannot expect a hundred percent bandwidth from them for your project.

Freelance marketplaces also do not provide enough project management support that a complex ChatGPT project requires.

We suggest you partner with a credible software development company to hire dedicated developers. The cost of development resources will depend on the pricing models they offer and the project timeline.

DevTeam.Space, for example, offers vetted, motivated, and skilled developers trained in an AI-powered agile development process. We offer flexible hiring models, such as the times-and-materials model, to help you scale your team cost-effectively.

The hourly rate of a software developer depends significantly on factors such as expertise, experience level, location, and demand. Rates can range from $50 to $250 and more per hour.

The average timeline of ChatGPT integration depends highly on the project’s complexity. While a simple app integration might require a week or two, extensive customization could require several weeks or more.

Planning a ChatGPT Integration Project?

ChatGPT integration cost estimation depends on several factors. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to consult a software development company with expertise in designing and developing similar projects using ChatGPT technology, such as DevTeam.Space. 

If you are developing a chatbot app using ChatGPT and need to scale your team with additional skills and expertise then take a moment to tell us about your project requirements here. One of our dedicated tech account managers will be in touch to show you similar projects we have done before and share how we can help you


1. What are the potential benefits of ChatGPT integrations into business apps?

Integrating ChatGPT via OpenAI API can enhance your business app to increase customer engagement via app personalization. ChatGPT model can analyze data for valuable insights, quickly generate text for customer communication, provide fast user support to increase customer satisfaction, answer complex questions, implement routine tasks like virtual assistants allowing users to focus on more complex tasks, etc.

2. What factors influence the cost of custom ChatGPT integration?

Custom ChatGPT integration is a complex process compared to simple app integration consisting of API key generation and sending requests to API endpoints. For custom ChatGPT, you should consider tasks like data collection, preprocessing, training and validating language models with data, designing communication channels, etc. You should also factor in extensive testing and code review processes. All these tasks require expert skills, more time, and money.

3. How can I estimate development hours for the ChatGPT API integration project?

You need to consider the scope of the Chat GPT integration project, and the tasks involved, like API development, data transfer, model development/training, project testing, etc., to get an estimate of the project timeline. We recommend you consult a credible company with experience building similar projects, like DevTeam.Space to get an accurate estimate of time and cost.


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