How to Integrate ChatGPT into an App 

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Planning to integrate ChatGPT into your web and/or mobile apps? You need to take the following steps: 

1. Form an experienced team to plan the ChatGPT integration project 

Adequate planning plays an important part when you integrate ChatGPT into an app. You need to form a small team of experienced people for this purpose. A project manager (PM) should lead this team. You need a business analyst (BA) and software architect on this team.

This team needs to finalize the functional requirements of this project. The BA should lead this activity. You need a viable software development approach and technical solutions too. The architect should work on these, furthermore, the architect needs to define the non-functional requirements (NFRs). 

The PM should plan the project. You need a PM with a sound knowledge of project management methodologies and project management frameworks. The PM should know project management best practices and important project management tools

2. Review examples of integrating ChatGPT in apps 

Remember that ChatGPT is a relatively new product. You should assess how other ChatGPT integrations worked. Did companies that integrated ChatGPT get value out of it? Analyze this before planning your project.

Fortunately, you can check out several examples. Here are just a few of them:

  • Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT for its Bing Chat service. The company has also integrated it into Word and Excel. 
  • Salesforce Launched Einstein GPT. It enhances customer service, and it’s based on ChatGPT.
  • Salesforce has also integrated ChatGPT with Slack.
  • Snapchat, one of the prominent messaging apps has launched My AI. This chatbot is based on ChatGPT.

Note: While you review these examples, check out the other solutions utilizing natural language models, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech. Whisper API and OpenAI API are good examples. 

3. Determine whether you should integrate ChatGPT 

Can integrating ChatGPT into your apps add real-world value to end-users? What potential benefits can this integration bring to your business? Analyze this aspect. Study the interesting use cases of ChatGPT:


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  • Organizations use it to create content.
  • You can provide translation services to users using ChatGPT.
  • Businesses can provide customer service and engage customers by using ChatGPT in a chatbot. 
  • Automated responses to customer queries by ChatGPT can help experienced customer support representatives save time. They can then answer more complex questions. 
  • A company can increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks with the help of ChatGPT.
  • Software development teams in various industries are using ChatGPT to generate code and error messages.
  • Developers use ChatGPT to generate text for documenting their code.
  • Companies can enhance their virtual assistants with the help of ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT can help companies ensure compliance by improving their risk mitigation processes.
  • Businesses can better maintain their customer service knowledge base with the help of ChatGPT.
  • Students can use the ChatGPT capabilities for answering questions for academic purposes.
  • Chat models of this AI tool can help students with research-related tasks. 
  • Organizations can utilize the language models of ChatGPT to help users learn new languages.
  • Businesses can provide personalized recommendations to customers.
  • ChatGPT models can help companies analyze vast amounts of data.
  • Organizations can use ChatGPT to analyze feedback from customers.
  • Companies can use ChatGPT with customer survey tools for creating surveys.
  • Marketing teams can use ChatGPT models for SEO (search engine optimization) and keyword research. 
  • Marketers can use the ChatGPT content-creation ability to create email campaigns to meet specific needs.
  • AI models of this tool can help with workflow optimization.
  • Cybersecurity solutions can use it to detect suspicious activity.

Note: Plan to mitigate risks arising from incorrect responses and high consumption of computing resources.  

4. Document business requirements for the ChatGPT integration project 

The BA in your team should interview business stakeholders and gather business requirements. The following are a few examples:

  • Chat with customers to understand their support requests.
  • Conduct large-scale data analysis.
  • Analyze potential compliance-related risks in access management processes.
  • Prompt students to research for answers to academic questions. 
  • Generate personalized recommendations for customers.

You need the BA to analyze and document the requirements. The PM should lead the team to define the scope of the work, e.g., integrating ChatGPT into web and mobile apps. The architect should finalize the NFRs. 

You need a sound requirements management process. The PM should implement it.

5. Choose an appropriate ChatGPT integration approach 

While 3 approaches exist for ChatGPT integration, we recommend the one that enables maximum customization. This approach consists of the following:

  • Plan for a new AI chatbot.
  • Decide the features of this chatbot.
  • Design the user interface (UI) of the chatbot.
  • Plan to integrate the ChatGPT API using the API key.
  • Plan to integrate the new chatbot into your web and mobile apps.

You need skilled developers for this approach since it’s complex. Developers should know about web, mobile, and AI development.

Simpler approaches for ChatGPT integration, e.g., using the ChatGPT API key

Although the other two approaches are simpler, they don’t allow for much customization. Do the following if you want to use them:

  • For the 1st approach, simply integrate the ChatGPT API into your mobile and web apps. You don’t need developers for this approach, however, you can’t customize anything.
  • For the 2nd approach, use a Chatbot development platform like Chatfuel, Landbot, or Tars. Create a chatbot using any of them. These platforms allow ChatGPT integration. You need developers for this approach, however, it’s an easy approach. Different chatbot builder platforms allow different levels of customization, and customization options might be limited.

6. Plan your project for integrating ChatGPT into your app

Now is the time for the project planning exercise. The PM should prepare a detailed project plan. A comprehensive project planning exercise should cover various aspects, e.g.:

  • The technical environment of the project;
  • Software development methodologies like agile;
  • Project schedule, milestones, and iterations;
  • Key tasks and dependencies;
  • Human resource management;
  • Issues management;
  • Risk management;
  • Cost estimation, budgets, and cost management;
  • Communications management;
  • Quality management.

7. Hire designers and developers for integrating ChatGPT

Hire capable people for the following roles:

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Do the following:

A. Select an appropriate hiring platform

You might think of hiring freelancers, however, we don’t recommend this approach for complex projects. Freelancers might work only part-time on your project. 

You might find it hard to manage the work of remote freelancers. Freelance platforms don’t offer any project management support. You need to find replacement developers if freelancers leave your project mid-way.

Integrating ChatGPT into your apps with customization can be complex. We recommend you hire full-time developers from a trustworthy company like DevTeam.Space.

Our developers are skilled, experienced, and motivated. We train them in our world-class development processes. We offer project management support, furthermore, we focus keenly on quality. 

B. Interview candidates

After you select and platform and post your job ad, you need to interview applicants. Use our interview questions, e.g.:

Ask questions that help you evaluate the relevant expertise of developers. Avoid asking only theoretical questions. Explain your project requirements and check how candidates plan to approach such projects.

C. Onboard the new team members

The PM should create and implement an effective onboarding process. The architect should explain the project requirements and technical solutions to the new team members. They should share the required documents with the new developers.

The PM should grant the required access to developers. An introduction session with the existing team should follow, where roles and responsibilities are discussed.

The PM should explain the project schedule, iterations, milestones, and work approval process. Your project team needs a communication process and accountability. 

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8. Execute the ChatGPT integration project and control it 

The remaining ChatGPT integration steps are as follows:

  • Designing the user interface (UI) of the new AI chatbot;
  • Enhancing the user interfaces of the mobile and web apps to integrate the chatbot;
  • Coding the necessary natural language models;
  • Creating any new API as needed;
  • Integrating the ChatGPT API into the new chatbot;
  • Reviewing the code;
  • Testing the chatbot;
  • Integrating the chatbot into the mobile and web apps;
  • Testing the web and mobile apps;
  • Deploying the new versions of the apps.

Your software development team should focus on these tasks. The architect should guide the team. The PM should monitor and control the project.

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