Conduct ChatGPT Integration

How to Conduct ChatGPT Integration [Guide]

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Are you looking for a guide on ChatGPT integration? You’ve come to the right place. 

There are lots of potential ways that you can integrate ChatGPT functionality into your app. 

Integrating an advanced generative AI-powered ChatGPT service into a software application requires a deep understanding of natural language processing techniques, large language models, machine learning model development, etc.

That is why, for such complex projects, it is essential to have a professional team with relevant expertise from a software development company like DevTeam.Space with a vetted developers’ community instead of freelancers. More on this later.

Here is how you can integrate state-of-the-art ChatGPT capabilities into your application.

Conduct ChatGPT Integration

Take the following steps:

1. Form an expert team and plan your integration project.

We assume you already have a software app and want to integrate a powerful AI-based chatbot into your application. 

You require a viable project approach, a robust technical solution, and an expert team to undertake this integration project. You will also need:

  • A capable project manager expert in various project management frameworks and the appropriate tools to lead this project. Your project manager (PM) should be able to implement the best project management practices.
  • An experienced business analyst will help you finalize the project requirements, including non-functional requirements (NFRs). NFRs include app scalability, maintainability, testability, etc.
  • An expert software architect on your team with experience in designing and developing AI-powered software solutions will help you build a technical solution that meets all your functional and non-functional requirements.

2. Analyze and document the requirements of the ChatGPT integration project.

You need to decide the scope of your project and define the requirements. Your business analyst will help you with requirement collection. Analyze how you want to integrate ChatGPT into your app. 


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Many business CEOs integrate AI-based chatbots like ChatGPT in their applications for the following reasons:

  • Streamline customer communication;
  • Personalize customer experience;
  • Lead generation and sales support for potential customers;
  • Improve customer service making it quicker and more accessible on every channel, like messaging apps, web apps, etc.;
  • Language translation;
  • Generate text in multiple languages;
  • Collect and analyze data on customer behavior and improve marketing campaigns, detect suspicious activity, etc.;
  • Offer personalized recommendations for improved customer engagement;
  • Automate repetitive tasks as virtual assistants while humans focus on more complex tasks;
  • Enhance operational efficiency and workflow optimization via fast data access, document generation, etc.

You should also decide on the project scope; do you plan to integrate ChatGPT into your mobile app, web app, or both? 

Software projects based on artificial intelligence and big data often face strict user data security and industry regulatory standards. Analyze your application security and compliance requirements and include them in your project plan.

Your team will write a project requirements document. The PM should review requirements and conduct the requirements management process, including requirements analysis, prioritization, verification, etc.

3. Choose a ChatGPT integration approach.

There are three main approaches to conducting ChatGPT integration. The integration method you choose will depend on your project specifications. The three ChatGPT integration approaches include the following:

1. Using a third-party chatbot builder platform

Chatbot builder platforms offer an interactive interface and pre-built templates to design and develop chatbot applications. They provide a range of features you can integrate into your chatbot without building them from scratch. Some chatbot-building tools provide ChatGPT integration too. 

Botsonic, Chatbase, and ActiveChat are a few chatbot builder platforms powered by ChatGPT. They can utilize your business knowledge base and help with knowledge management. 

You do not require expertise in artificial intelligence development to use such third-party chatbot builder platforms. These platforms offer a drag-and-drop no-code visual interface to design and develop chatbots for apps.

However, on the other side, you have limited customization options. You cannot modify the chatbot for your specific business requirements. Your developers will be bound by the design of the chatbot builder platform as they do not have access to the complete underlying codebase of the chatbot application.

2. Using OpenAI API or SDK for ChatGPT integration

Another integration approach is of using the API. OpenAI has made available the API to the gpt-3.5-turbo model that ChatGPT uses. You can use the API for chat completion and text completion tasks. 

Your developers can either use the API endpoints or an SDK. OpenAI offers the OpenAI Python library as a high-level interface to make requests to the language models, including ChatGPT. 

With APIs, your developers will create requests with messages and handle API responses. SDKs offer several functions that ease the integration process for developers, such as handling authentication, response parsing, etc.

Read our articles on using ChatGPT API and SDK integration for more details.

In order to use OpenAI API or library, you require ChatGPT API keys. Sign up on the OpenAI platform, go to the API keys tab under the personal tab, and generate a new secret API key.

While the API integration process is simple, it is not the best-suited approach if you have highly-specific business requirements. ChatGPT API allows you to access the ChatGPT language model as is on your application. You cannot customize it for your business needs. 

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For example, you might have very domain-specific conversations, then training a custom model on domain data would provide more relevant and accurate responses. Or you might want to provide multilingual support, then ChatGPT model training on data in a specific language would enhance its performance.

3. Custom Chat GPT integration

So, as previously stated, custom ChatGPT integration offers the flexibility to enhance ChatGPT language model capabilities per your business-specific needs. However, it is a complex approach. You must prepare a huge database, develop a language mode, train it on your data, validate outputs, etc. 

Although your developers will use the ChatGPT language model as the base mode, tasks like data preprocessing, model fine-tuning, etc., are complicated and require specialized expertise. You need expert developers to design the application interface, conversation flow, data transfer process, etc.

The custom integration approach allows extensive customization and should be considered for more complex uses and applications.

Note: We assume you need customization in your ChatGPT integration project. For example, you might have to work with confidential data and develop an extra security layer in your language model, ensure compliance, or want to reflect your brand tone and identity in your chatbot conversations. Therefore, we assume you will go with the approach of custom ChatGPT integration.

4. Plan the integration project.

Your PM needs to plan the integration project carefully. An elaborate plan for such a complex integration project will cover the following:

  • Technical environment of the integration project;
  • Project methodologies;
  • Project tasks;
  • Tasks dependencies;
  • Project schedule;
  • Human resource planning;
  • Communication management;
  • Risk management;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Cost control.

5. Hire developers for ChatGPT integration.

A general list of the types of professionals you will need to hire:

  • UI/UX designers;
  • Mobile app developers;
  • Web app developers;
  • AI developers with skills in AI development, natural language processing, Python programming, etc.
  • Data scientist to handle large datasets and for data analytical techniques;
  • DevOps developers.

You should take the following steps to hire competent developers:

1. Choose a hiring platform

You might think of hiring freelance developers. Freelance marketplaces offer a number of developers with various skill levels. We, however, would not suggest you partner with freelancers for a complex project like yours. 

You need developers who can offer complete bandwidth to your custom development project, while freelancers usually work on several projects simultaneously. 

Freelance platforms do not offer much assistance for hiring and project management. You are on your own to screen developers for their skills. If any freelancer leaves your project mid-way, there is nothing you can do except hire new developers.

Therefore, we suggest you partner with a credible software company with experience developing similar AI-based software projects, like DevTeam.Space. 

DevTeam.Space offers dedicated, full-time, expert software developers. All our developers are vetted, so you can rest assured top-quality developers work on your projects. 

Moreover, we offer substantial project management support with flexible hiring models to allow you to quickly scale your teams with the best and brightest developers in the industry. 

2. Interview candidates

You have selected your hiring platform and posted job ads. You have received several resumes. You now need to shortlist potential candidates and conduct interviews. 

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We suggest you ask technical questions to assess the practical skills of developers. Go beyond theoretical questions. Present them with different development scenarios and ask how they approach complex problems. 

3. Onboard developers

You have hired developers per your requirements, and now, you should onboard them effectively. Set up communication channels and introduce new developers to existing team members.

Provide new developers with required project documentation and code repositories so they can understand project requirements. Design a project plan, set milestones, and assign tasks. Design a work review process and establish accountability.

6. Execute ChatGPT integration

Your team will now execute the following tasks:

  • Choose a Mobile App Framework: Select a mobile app framework that suits your requirements. Popular options include React Native, Flutter, and native development using languages like Java or Swift.
  • Set up Backend Infrastructure: GPT-3.5 models require significant computational resources and are typically deployed on servers. You’ll need to set up a backend infrastructure to host the GPT-3.5 model and handle requests from the mobile app. This can be done using cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.
  • Design API endpoints: Create API endpoints on the server to receive requests from the mobile app and handle interactions with the GPT-3.5 model. These endpoints should provide the necessary functionality, such as sending input text and receiving generated responses.
  • Integrate API into Mobile App: In your mobile app project, incorporate the necessary code to communicate with the API endpoints you created. This involves making HTTP requests to send user input and receive responses from the GPT-3.5 model. Utilize libraries or built-in functionality for making API calls in your chosen mobile app framework.
  • Handle API Requests: Implement the logic in your backend to handle incoming API requests. Parse the input from the mobile app, send it to the GPT-3.5 model, and retrieve the generated response. You may need to preprocess the text or format it according to the model’s requirements.
  • Ensure Security: Implement appropriate security measures, such as user authentication and authorization, to protect access to the API endpoints and ensure the privacy of user data.
  • Test and Iterate: Test your integrated mobile app thoroughly to identify and fix any issues. Iterate on the design and functionality as needed to improve the user experience.

It’s worth noting that GPT-3.5 models require substantial computational resources and are not directly deployable on mobile devices due to their high memory and processing requirements. Therefore, you’ll need to host the model on a server and communicate with it via API calls from your mobile app.

Additionally, depending on the specific usage and requirements of your app, you may need to consider factors like rate limiting, cost management, and scaling the infrastructure to handle concurrent requests.

Lastly, reviewing and complying with OpenAI’s usage policies and guidelines is essential when integrating their models into your mobile app.

7. Monitor your ChatGPT application. 

Continuously monitor your application for performance and potential issues. You need to keep track of API usage to manage it cost-effectively. Also, keep up with new OpenAI policies and upgrades to keep your ChatGPT application up to date without any issues.

Planning Your ChatGPT Integration Project?

ChatGPT integration is a complex project. However, the potential benefits are too many to avoid using it in your application for competitive advantage in the market. To give you an idea, AI chatbots increase customer satisfaction by 28%.

All you need to reap the benefits of an advanced AI chatbot is an expert team to undertake the project successfully. All developers on your team should have experience in cutting-edge development tools and technologies, including artificial intelligence, data analytics, language model development, etc.

If you are planning on integrating ChatGPT into your software application and need to scale your team with additional skills and expertise then take a moment to tell us about your project requirements here. One of our dedicated tech account managers will be in touch to show you similar projects we have done before and share how we can help you.


1. How do you integrate ChatGPT?

You can use OpenAI API or available libraries like Python library for ChatGPT integrations in your application for various interesting use cases. You will require API keys and need to format prompts, send requests, handle responses, perform error handling, etc., to integrate ChatGPT successfully.

2. How to integrate ChatGPT in node.js?

You will start by creating API keys. Set up a node.js environment, initialize a node.js project, install the required dependencies, such as the Axios package to handle requests and responses, write integration code, and run the integration.

3. Can we use the API for ChatGPT for free?

No, APIs to interface with AI models are paid services by OpenAI. The gpt-3.5-turbo model API is available for integrating ChatGPT into other platforms at $0.002 for 1000 tokens (chunks of words).


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