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5 ERP System Examples

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Are you interested in knowing the top ERP system examples to choose the one best suited for your business?

ERP applications market size is expected to reach $112.3 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 1.5%. The reason for the ERP landscape expansion is growing opportunities for businesses today.

Business owners have various options today to reach a wider audience for their goods and services. Online marketplaces, e-commerce mobile apps, drop shipping, and so on. 

However, as business users grow, there is more data and processes to manage and organize. Business owners need a way to effectively streamline business processes, including human resource management, customer service, inventory management, order processing, etc.

This is where ERP systems come into play. Let’s discuss some of the ERP system examples playing a huge role in managing business processes and contributing to their success in the market.

ERP System Examples

Next, discuss some enterprise resource planning ERP system examples that businesses are using today.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive suite of business intelligence applications. It offers agility to business processes ranging from sales and marketing to commerce and finance while connecting data, processes, and human resources across the organization.

Microsft Dynamics 365 offers multiple products, some of which are:

  • Customer Insights: It helps capture a detailed customer overview and provides a personalized customer experience. It helps to understand the real-time customer journey, optimize it, and increase customer retention and loyalty.
  • Sales: It provides sales teams with real-time data to accelerate sales processes and make insightful decisions. It helps in connecting with customers via their preferred channels.
  • Customer Service: This ERP product helps customer service procedures by providing customer service agents with productivity tools based on AI. They provide the right information at the right time for efficient customer support. It also helps implement knowledge portals and virtual agents for customers’ intelligent self-service.
  • Supply Chain Insights: The AI-powered solution helps proactively mitigate risks while making supply chain decisions. It helps businesses increase their visibility into the supply chains and make operations more efficient.
  • Finance: It helps in effective financial planning by making use of AI-driven insights, embedded analytics, and reporting. You can integrate financial data into your business’s core processes and enhance productivity.

Users can sign up for the products they want for their business use cases. The flexibility enables users to invest in ERP systems according to their needs and budgets while integrating with other Microsoft services like Sharepoint, Outlook, etc.


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Big enterprises, including Coca-Cola, BMW, and Adobe, are utilizing ERP systems and services provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft also offers resources like detailed documentation, training, customer stories, etc., to get started with Dynamics 365 easily.

You can get pricing information on their website.


SAP provides comprehensive enterprise resource planning software on the cloud with public and private editions. 

SAP S/4HANA is a cloud-based ERP software powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

It helps implement operations anywhere in real-time. You can implement different business models regionally and also expand globally through their ERP systems.

The cloud-based ERP system provides solutions to small and medium-sized businesses for multiple use cases like sourcing and procurements, sales, manufacturing, supply chain, research & development, etc.

They provide the following two ERP products:

  • Ready to run Cloud-based ERP Solution: 

The product is based on industry standards and offers continuous innovation for business processes. It has a swift technical setup and a guided getting-started process. 

The solution is based on AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation (RPA) to provide better insights into the processes and help businesses cooperate better through embedded analytics.

  • Customized Cloud ERP Solution:

The solutions help enterprises implement their own business standards and move to the cloud at their own pace. It offers more control to businesses over their innovation timeline and infrastructure.

You can hand over the technical aspects of infrastructure scalability and maintenance to SAP and focus on streamlining your operations.

Moreover, you can avail support packages, service level agreements, and a subscription-based usage model while enhancing your business capabilities. 

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You can request a demo with SAP here.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud suite offers a range of industry-related applications to help them run and manage their day-to-day business operations effectively. 

The ERP solutions use artificial intelligence to automate routine business tasks, provide analytics to get timely insights into market shifts and trends and automate real-time updates to help businesses stay updated and gain a competitive advantage.

Some of the ERP products available on the Oracle ERP Cloud include

  • Project Management: This ERP solution helps manage business functions and resources from start to finish. You are able to engage the right people with the right projects and monitor the overall progress and productivity with changing customer requirements.
  • Procurement: This Oracle solution helps strategize sourcing, automate business processes, improve relationships with suppliers, etc., resulting in reduced buying risks and increased profitability.
  • Financials: This ERP system helps integrate and automate financial management processes. The finance teams are given better forecasting opportunities through a powerful accounting software engine, decision-making is simplified and reporting cycles are shortened.
  • Risk Management and Compliance: The security and audit solution helps monitor user activity, control user access to your sensitive enterprise information and processes, and help implement compliance regulations throughout your system via automation.

A range of industries from banking, gaming, communications, etc., to healthcare, federal governments, oil, and gas, and the manufacturing industry are using Oracle ERP systems.

You can get detailed pricing information for every ERP system by Oracle on their website.


This ERP System, also by Oracle, is serving more than 30,000 customers by streamlining their business processes and gaining more visibility into them while encouraging innovation and giving them a competitive advantage in the market.

The Oracle NetSuite ERP system is an all-in-one cloud-based business management solution that provides businesses with a single integrated platform to perform a range of business management tasks, like order processing, finance management, warehouse operations, etc.

Businesses get more valuable insights into their business and customer data while having more control over their processes.

You can opt for a

  • Financial Management Solution to accelerate your financial operations, like daily transactions, shorten your financial budgeting and forecasting procedures, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Inventory Management Solution to view real-time inventory analytics, optimize inventory operations, reduce operational costs, and optimize cash flow.
  • Warehouse Management System to streamline daily operations like RF barcode scanning, inventory pickup/putaway practices, authorization receipts management, etc. WMS helps eliminate the manual process of tracking thousands of SKUs, often in multiple locations, through an automated and organized software platform.
  • Order Management System to manage and automate the order processing lifecycle. It ensures order recordkeeping, release, shipment, confirmation, etc. It also supports complex order fulfillment processes like split shipment and dropship.
  • Supply Chain Management to manage the complete cycle of obtaining goods from suppliers and manufacturers to production management. It helps ensure the availability of all the required manufacturing materials at the right locations, including the required machinery and labor resources. 

Integration of these ERP solutions helps in extracting valuable data insights, devising better operations strategies, and delivering better products and services while meeting customer expectations.

You can get pricing plans for all these NetSuite ERP systems on their website.


This is a suite of business apps to help users with various business processes, including customer relationship management, e-commerce, project management, inventory management, etc.

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Odoo app suite is based on an open-source model leveraging top-quality software developers and business experts to create an integrated ecosystem of business apps and help users automate their business processes through a single, integrated, and centralized system.

Odoo offers a range of apps with excellent user experience, usability, and easy integration in the categories of finance, sales, websites, inventory, human resources, marketing, services, and productivity.

You can try this ERP ecosystem for free and get the pricing details here.

Ready to Use an ERP System for your Business?

An enterprise resource planning system can help you organize and manage your enterprise resources effectively. You can automate and track your business process efficiently. 

You can continuously innovate your systems. The result is the sustainable growth of your business.

Most ERP software available in the market can help you reach your business goals. However, you might have business goals that require a customized ERP solution.  If such is your case, then you should undertake custom ERP software development via an experienced software development company.

Read our blog for more information on enterprise software development.

DevTeam.Space can help you here via its field-expert software developers, and project managers community. You can either trust them with your complete custom software development project or outsource required software designers and developers to augment your current product development team.

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FAQs on ERP System Examples

1. What is an example of an ERP system?

NetSuite by Oracle is among the prominent ERP software examples that allow businesses to automate time-consuming tasks for business efficiency, manage and track critical operations, get real-time visibility into their business data and processes, and formulate better strategies through business intelligence.

2. What is the most common ERP system?

Some of the most commonly-used ERP tools are Oracle ERP Cloud, SAP S4/HANA, Microsoft Dynamics365 ERP platform, etc.

3. What are the three main ERP systems?

A cloud ERP system, an on-premise ERP system, and a hybrid ERP system are the three main ERP software models.


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