How to Build a Recruitment App like Recruitee

How to Build a Recruitment App like Recruitee?

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Are you interested in developing a recruitment app for your startup or HR professionals in general?

If yes, then you are making a good investment decision since 68% of hiring professionals believe that their recruiting process has or would become more efficient through the adoption of a specialized digital tool.

The recruitment software market value is expected to reach USD 3.88 billion by 2028. In this article, we will discuss how you can build a recruitment app like Recruitee or LinkedIn Recruiter.

How to Build a Recruitment App?

The recruitment app development process consists of the following stages:

Perform Market Research and Decide on Recruitment App Features

Conduct a detailed recruitment app market research. Analyze current apps in the market and the features users prefer.

There are various types of recruitment software that you can build to facilitate the hiring process for both hiring managers and job seekers. These include the following:

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM): CRM software focuses on building links with potential job candidates. In this way, it cultivates a rich talent pool eligible for future job openings.

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS): Applicant tracking features help a hiring manager handle several candidates’ applications for a particular job opening. 75% of recruiters use a recruiting or applicant tracking system to track multiple interviews.

Human Capital Management Software: These are particularly useful today as a large number of companies have adopted the remote working model. 

Job Boards and Aggregators: A job board is helpful to optimize job listings in one place and have direct applications from candidates for a job position.

Video Interviewing Tools: These are becoming very popular to schedule interviews as they help the hiring team conduct effective screening of candidates.

Once you have decided on what type of mobile recruitment app you want to develop, the next step is to decide on the must-have features for your recruitment app.


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A recruitment app usually has three categories of users and several features specific to each user category, such as the following:

Candidate Panel

  • Signup/login: For registering as an app user through a mobile number, email address, or social media account.
  • Edit Profile: To add necessary information like top skills, work experience, past workplaces, referrals, etc.
  • Upload Resume: To upload and update the latest resume.
  • Job Filters: To view open positions matching their skillset and experience.
  • Job Notifications: To get alerts when recruiters post jobs matching their preferences or when a recruiter wants to connect with them.
  • Saved Jobs: To save jobs they are interested in applying to later.

Recruiter Panel

  • Registration: Same app registration feature as provided in the candidate panel.
  • Job Post: To upload available job vacancies with the required expertise and experience included.
  • Job Invitation: To invite the best talent to apply for a job post and to schedule candidate interviews.
  • Resume Filter: To quickly filter the top talent with the most relevant skill sets.
  • Resume Download: To download shortlisted resumes.

Admin Panel

  • User Management Dashboard: For managing employers, candidates, and all app users’ related data.
  • User Profile: For verification of candidate profiles and recruiting company’s authenticity. This excludes fake job listings and users.
  • Real-time Analytics: To collect insights on job searching practices, the number of candidates offered jobs through the app, linked recruiters, etc.
  • Job Ad Management: To manage all job ads running on the app and third-party platforms.

Project Planning and Requirement Gathering

You should start your app development project by outlining the required software specifications. Your software specifications would contain details on app design, feature development, and maintenance.

Include these requirements in a product requirements document which would help your development team throughout the development process.

Build Software Development Team

To build a market-competitive product, form a software development team consisting of

  • A UI/UX designer;
  • Mobile app developers;
  • Web app developers;
  • Mobile app testers;
  • A project manager.

Set up Application Development Infrastructure

A mobile application has two components: A front-end application and back-end services supporting the front end. You need a scalable infrastructure for your mobile app with no downtime, fast loading speed, top-notch security, etc.

A good solution is a cloud-based backend as a service. Mobile backend as a service providers manage the backend processes such as API integrations, data storage, server configuration, etc. 

Mobile app developers can then focus solely on the application features without worrying about scalability and security.

Around 80% of businesses have experienced an improvement in operational efficiency within months of adopting cloud technology.

A widely used MBaaS today is Amazon’s AWS Amplify. It provides a number of features including, authentication, data storage, push notifications, content management, etc.

Select App Development Methodology

Your software development methodology helps in planning out the design, development, and test phases of application development. For mobile applications, project managers mostly adopt the Agile methodology.

The agile methodology supports the iterative development of mobile applications. It is a suitable approach since it helps developers to deliver a working product to the customers at the end of each development iteration, which then can be approved by the client.

You can implement a framework like Scrum for agile mobile app development. According to a study, scrum teams experience 250 percent improved work quality compared to teams not using scrum techniques.

The Scrum framework divides the whole development project into weekly sprints. The scrum master assigns tasks to each scrum member. 

Read more on building an agile development team here.

Design App User Interface and Front-end

Design an interactive user interface. During the design process, keep in mind users’ needs, preferences, and how to best maintain their engagement. 

Make sure to include the following in your recruitment app design:

  • Intuitive navigation;
  • Interactive visual elements;
  • Clear call-to-action (CTAs);
  • Consistent visuals;
  • Typography;
  • Accessibility;
  • Personalization, etc.

A top-notch UX/UI not only builds your brand identity but also brings instant ROI via customer satisfaction.

Develop a Minimum Viable Product

You should start by building your recruitment app’s core features. This would be your minimum viable product or MVP. Consider the following technical expertise before building a first-rate mobile app.

Web Application Development

The following skills are required for web app development:


To develop an optimized recruitment app that works on browsers with the best possible performance, your developers should be experts in frameworks like Angular and platforms like Node.js. 

Programming Languages

Your developers should be proficient in programming languages like JavaScript and Typescript. JavaScript provides developers with extensive built-in library components like,

  • jQuery for DOM manipulation;
  • D3.js for data handling;
  • Anime.js for animations, etc.

These JS libraries speed up the app development process. 

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Typescript is built on top of JavaScript and is known to assist developers with code refactoring and reducing bugs.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development requires expertise in the following:

Native Android

Your developers should be familiar with the following:

  • Native Android development IDEs like Android Studio;
  • Library suites like Android Jetpack, and Android SDKs to develop and debug optimized apps for efficient performance on mobile device hardware;
  • Built-in libraries, emulators, debuggers, and tools like code IntelliSense help developers produce quality apps in less time;
  • Kotlin or Java programming language to build native apps for Android OS. 
    • Kotlin is the preferred Android app development language as it is less verbose, lightweight, and improves multiple Java drawbacks like API design deficiencies. 
  • Moreover, your development teams should have the skills to design an interactive user interface and an overall user experience according to Android’s Material Design Guidelines.

Read more on how to design an interactive app.

Native iOS

Your app developers should have expertise in all the tools and platforms for native iOS development like the following:

  • Xcode and AppCode IDEs;
  • Transporter tool to upload apps quickly to various Apple platforms;
  • Simulator for testing apps without deploying on actual devices;
  • CocoaPods for third-party library integration;
  • Swift, C#, Objective-C, and Flutter are the top programming languages popular for building iOS apps. Swift is preferred by Apple for iOS app development.
    • Swift is a general-purpose programming language that has many positives, including easy syntax and lightweight features. 


If you wish to build a single recruitment app that works seamlessly on multiple operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS, then go for a hybrid app. A hybrid or cross-platform app helps businesses reach maximum audiences faster.

Your hybrid app developers should be experts in frameworks like Ionic, React Native, and Xamarin. These hybrid app development platforms would enable your developers to create a single code base and deploy it in OS-specific containers that allow it to run on different OS devices as a native app. 

This approach also makes hybrid apps faster to develop and maintain. Moreover, the frameworks use common programming languages like JavaScript, C#, HTML5, etc., for their backend. 

Since a lot of developers are skilled in these tools, this approach is cheaper than native app development.

Data Management

Data handling and database management are important aspects of app development. Your developers should have experience in common database technologies like PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc. 

PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database that is highly customizable according to specific data requirements. SQLite is used to provide local data storage capability in mobile apps. 

Your developers should also be familiar with APIs and tools for efficient app state and cache data management like,

Cloud Services

Your developers should also have knowledge and experience in utilizing cloud computing tools for efficient and scalable app development. 

They should be skilled in using cloud platforms like,

  • Amazon S3 scalable storage over a web service;
  • Amazon EC2 virtual computing environment in AWS cloud to launch servers, configure networks, maintain storage, etc.

Read more on the benefits of cloud computing technologies for businesses here.

Latest Technologies

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain can help with many features of your recruiting software.

Blockchain is mainly being used in the software development domain for code security, at the current time.

Your developers would need expertise in the Solidity programming language, Ethereum network, cryptographic algorithms, etc., to develop blockchain-based app security features.

Read more in our guide on how to secure code with blockchain technology.

You can automate candidate sourcing and talent matching through artificial intelligence algorithms. AI-powered tools can also be used to assess candidates remotely for skills and organizational fit.

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About 89% of recruiters think that AI could help with the application process for job candidates.

Moreover, like in many other niches, AI can help deliver a personalized app experience to users, like recommendation engines help show users jobs most relevant to their skills.

Augmented reality is used to enhance user-app interaction. It helps developers provide a near-to-reality user experience.

Employers can present their companies in a personalized manner. They can also give a virtual tour of the office environment.

For developing an AI capability in your recruitment app, your developers should be experts in the relevant AI technology stacks. This includes programming languages like Python, Lisp, and Java.

  • Python has an extensive collection of AI-centric libraries like Scikit-learn, PyTorch, etc., and frameworks like Keras, Tensorflow, Theano, etc.
  • Lisp comes in as the second most used programming language for AI. It has several characteristics that are necessary for successful AI implementations like rapid prototyping, mandatory garbage collection, dynamic object creation, etc.
  • Java is also rich in AI libraries and frameworks like OpenNLP, Neuroph, and Deep Java Library.

Test Your Recruitment App

Your developers should be able to build bug-free mobile recruiting apps. They should be able to critically perform code reviews to ensure that an app meets both its functional and non-functional requirements. 

Your developers should be skilled in unit testing of code modules. They should be proficient in using automated quality assurance tools like,

Release your App on the App Store

After a thorough QA of your recruitment app, you can deploy it in the user market. Now, you should focus on how well your app is performing on the app store and what feedback it is getting. 

Collect user ratings, reviews, and suggestions. You can use tools like Qualaroo and UserReport for this purpose. These tools help in creating instant popup surveys and represent data as intuitive graphs

Improve your MVP

Now, it’s time to improve your MVP according to customer feedback. You have collected all the data for this purpose in the previous stage. Perform data analysis through tools like Tableau to gain useful insights into customer satisfaction.

Improve and enhance your app features, run test cases, and again release app updates for users to install and use.

Connect with an Expert Software Development Company

You require developers who are experts in mobile application development using the latest technologies. 

If you have the technical knowledge to manage a complex app development project, you can outsource developers with the required skills you need from a hybrid software development company to work under your supervision. 

This reliable and instant access to a rich pool of talented developers, each expert in a specific software development domain, saves you from the difficulties you face when hiring individual freelance app developers.

Some limitations of the freelance market’s working model include:

  • No guarantee of developers’ skill set as the freelance websites just connects you with the talent. They are not responsible for vetting them thoroughly.
  • No guarantee that freelance developers are giving their maximum time to your app development project. Freelancers often work on multiple gigs simultaneously.
  • More time and effort are required to maintain timely communication between different freelancers working on your project and keep team members on one page to manage them effectively.

Given these drawbacks of working with individual freelance developers, it is best to outsource technical resources from a software development company with experience in building an app in your preferred niche i.e. recruitment and hiring talent.

Planning to Build a Recruitment App?

Recruitment app development requires a deep understanding of the user market and expert-level software development skills.

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Top FAQs on How to Build a Recruitment App Like Recruitee

1. How much does it cost to build a recruitment app?

A feature-rich app could cost you anywhere from a few tens of thousands of dollars to a few hundreds of thousands of dollars. Consult an experienced app development company like DevTeam.Space to get an accurate estimate according to your feature requirements.

2. How can I earn from my recruitment app?

You can monetize your recruitment app through
Running paid advertisements;
Providing paid premium features like resume proofreading, etc.;
Providing in-app purchases like a career counseling session, etc.;
Providing subscription-based features, etc.

3. What are some top recruitment apps?

The top popular recruitment apps in the market for hiring managers to streamline the recruitment process workflow, including functions like posting job ads, talent screening, interviewing potential candidates, etc., with just a few taps are:
LinkedIn Recruiter;
Monster Job Search;


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