How to Write NFT Documentation

How to Write NFT Documentation?

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Are you done creating your NFT and want to write compelling NFT documentation to attract and assist potential buyers?

NFT(non-fungible tokens) are specialized digital tokens that assist with the verifiable authenticity of digital assets in various digital marketplaces. Businesses are inclined toward using NFTs in their digital platforms in the form of digital art, in-game digital assets, and other digital collectibles. 

The value of the global non-fungible token marketplace is expected to increase to USD 13.6 billion in 2027 from USD 3.0 billion in 2022. The stats show that the existing NFT market is huge and the competition is tough. You have to market your NFT convincingly to attract customers.

NFT documentation is a way to market your NFT among potential users. A well-written NFT documentation will help them understand your NFT, including its features and use cases, etc. Let’s see how you can write NFT documentation successfully, next.

Steps to Writing a Good NFT Documentation

You will go through the following steps to write an appealing NFT documentation for your NFT project:

Share your NFT story

Start your NFT documentation by telling your story. The motivation of NFT creators behind creating a particular NFT media. If these are digital images, share your inspiration; in the case of in-game collectibles, share how they will make the game more attractive for gamers; etc.

You will write your NFT introduction to spark users’ interest in it. is among the top-selling NFTs and their webpage here is a good example of introducing your mission and goals to your target audience attractively. 


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Introduce your NFTs

Next, you will introduce your NFTs. You can introduce details for each NFT like total owners, average sales, token id, etc. Also, you can list the characteristics of each NFT and how they benefit the buyers. 

Visit Veefriends, top-selling NFTs, to see how they explain their NFTs to the audience. They have categorized 10,255 VeeFriends tokens into three categories. Then they explained each category, including its attributes and each token in that category.

Explain how people can use your NFTs

You will also explain to users how they can buy your NFTs, for example, by connecting a MetaMask or any other digital wallet. You will also provide relevant information on how users can use your NFT, redeem it, rent it, etc.

Provide NFT learning resources

Good NFT documentation also includes learning resources for beginners such as tutorials on what is NFT, how to use NFT, how to find NFT metadata, how to create NFT data, how blockchain technology works, what smart contracts are, what is ethereum, how ether works, what are semi-fungible tokens, etc.

Such information will help new users to get started with the NFT technology and purchase their NFTs efficiently.

Invite into your community

You can also integrate your social media channels and discussion forums to build your community. This will also give the potential buyers trust in your NFT contract by seeing people buying and selling your digital objects.

Add frequently asked questions

FAQs are an important part of any user documentation for software services. Non-fungible tokens are no different. You can list relevant FAQs so users can easily find answers to their questions without contacting customer service, etc. 

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You can include questions like what is your NFT, why buy your NFT, how to purchase your NFT, etc.

Useful Tips For Writing NFT Documentation

Some of the points to keep in mind while writing your NFT documentation include:

Appeal to your users’ imagination

Your NFT description should include why people should invest in your NFT. Moreover, excite their imagination. You cannot predict their future, however, you can sell your service by showing what they can gain from it over time.

Persuade your audience by telling stories

Your story will help in creating a connection between your audience and your brand. Your story explaining a particular NFT creation, including the token owner, barriers you overcome in the process, etc. will persuade your audience to invest in your brand.

Don’t be too specific

Avoid being specific in your documentation if your NFT targets a wide audience. Moreover, use a technique appropriate to your target buyers. For example, research the major use cases of your NFT and address those for your audience.

Planning To Write Your NFT Documentation?

NFT development is in full swing as more and more businesses are investing in NFTs for their platforms. Blockchain technology is maturing with time, and its opportunities are continuously growing. 

The key to marking your share in the lucrative industry is to undertake a successful blockchain development process. After a secure and robust software development, the next step is to market it effectively in the target market. This is where good NFT documentation will play its role.

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FAQs On How To Write NFT Documentation

1. What programming language is used for NFT?

JavaScript and Solidity are commonly used in blockchain development projects like NFT smart contract development.

2. How do I price my first NFT?

A newly created NFT like an NFT image is priced more if it is unique. If there are more copies, the price gets lower since

3. How do I know if the NFT is rare?

An NFT is considered as rare if it has fewer copies. The lower the number of NFT duplicates, the rarer it is considered.


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