What are SaaS Product Examples You Need to Know?

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SaaS Product Examples
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Do you want to know some common SaaS product examples available in the market?

According to a Better Cloud report, there is a 35% increase in SaaS (software as a service) adoption by businesses since 2020.

In this blog, we will cover some of the mainstream SaaS product examples and their features. Let’s start.

SaaS product examples

Some of the SaaS products offered by SaaS companies include the following:


Hubspot is a leading SaaS product example offering marketing and CRM services to its customers. The features help users engage closely with their customer base, convert visitors to customers, improve their retention, etc.

The marketing software helps businesses in lead generation and can be used as a standalone SaaS product or as a part of a large enterprise application.

Different SaaS tools include a marketing hub, sales hub, services hub, CMS hub, and operations hub. You can get pricing plans for Hubspot here.


Dropbox had annual revenue of $2.157 billion in 2021. What makes it a leading SaaS product example is its ease of use. It allows businesses to efficiently store and share documents on the cloud. It greatly enhances collaboration among remote teams.

The real-time synchronization of documents helps users to access updated data from anywhere with internet connectivity.

The SaaS company also offers an intuitive mobile app that allows a user to upload, download, and save documents just from a personal dropbox account. Moreover, the file storage and sharing are encrypted making the SaaS application secure for users.

View the pricing plans for DropBox here.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a great example of how Microsoft, a notable name in the operating systems market, has fulfilled the users’ requirement of accessing Microsoft Office tools anywhere and from any internet-enabled device. Users can now create, edit, and share Office documents on the go using an internet connection.

Cloud-based SaaS product offers multiple features to businesses opting for an enterprise plan including, conferencing, file storage, teams app, etc., and with improved security.

View different plans and their pricing on their website under the products section.

Salesforce – a CRM SaaS product example

Salesforce is a popular customer relationship management software available as a cloud-based SaaS solution. Businesses can use it to attract, engage, and manage their clients without any specialized IT support. Different SaaS features provided by Salesforce assist in marketing, sales, analytics, etc.

The SaaS product provides a real-time dashboard showing all the required data to business teams in one place. Users can get valuable insights from this data and improve their business operations.

The leading cloud platform is supporting a range of industries from financial services, and healthcare, to manufacturing and communications.

You can request a free trial here.

Google Workspace

Previously known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a SaaS solution by Google for individual and business users. It offers a number of cloud-based Google apps including, Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Documents, etc. that users can access from anywhere using their Google account.

These Google cloud services enable data editing and sharing in real-time with synchronization across all devices which results in better collaboration between dispersed team members.

The SaaS product by Google is secure, free, and reliable.

Slack – a rapidly getting popular SaaS product example

Slack is a rapidly getting popular communication SaaS app among businesses. In 2019, Slack had around 12 million daily active users according to Statista. Such an efficient communication app is a great alternative to emails for project management, coordination, and collaboration among team members.

Slack allows to create communication channels where participants can send messages and everyone can view them, moreover, different channels can be created for different teams and projects for effective communication.

The signup and channel creation processes are quite simple. Moreover, the cloud app is secure and offers integrations with other apps, supports sharing of media files, supports audio and video calls, etc.

See different pricing plans here by this SaaS provider here.

Canva – a SaaS example for design

Canva is a SaaS design tool with a drag-and-drop interface to create and edit visuals ranging from infographics for a website, and image and video content for social media posts, to business cards, logos, invitations, etc.

The SaaS product offers a range of free templates that users can use to instantly design the required content. There are options for adding music in the background, and different elements like shapes, stickers, etc. They can also unlock premium features by paying for a premium version.

View different product pricing plans here.

DocuSign – a SaaS product example

DocuSign is a fast and secure SaaS solution to manage electronic signatures for your business or individual use. It locks all the documents so that they cannot be edited by anyone.

This SaaS solution helps in sending and saving legal documents like contracts securely. It also comes with two-factor authentication. Different use cases include human resources, sales, legal, etc.

You can view their different pricing plans here.

Planning to use a SaaS product for your business?

Are you interested in adopting SaaS applications to streamline your business processes and improve your team’s efficiency? You are making a viable decision given the improved business results including, profitability and faster operations, experienced by businesses adopting SaaS solutions.

Our blog here discusses some of the top business productivity SaaS cloud computing software available in the market by SaaS providers.

If you, as a business CEO or CTO, are planning to invest in the SaaS market by building a SaaS product for the user market, you can expect great returns on your investment, if done right. Most important is to develop a robust yet appealing SaaS application and market it smartly.

You will need professionals for this SaaS application development with the relevant experience and the required SaaS development skill set. If you do not find such talent on your team, DevTeam.Space can help you.

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FAQs on SaaS product examples

1. What are SaaS products?

The SaaS (software as a service) model is a software distribution cloud computing model where SaaS products are hosted by cloud-based service providers. Users can access and use these SaaS products over the internet.

2. What is an example of a SaaS company?

Email services like Gmail are good examples of SaaS companies. Similarly, Netflix is also running on a SaaS model, offering its services over the internet on a subscription-based model.

3. What are three SaaS examples?

Google workspace like Google Docs, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Cisco WebEx are a few leading SaaS apps by a third-party cloud provider.

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