What programming language do blockchain developers use?

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What programming language do blockchain developers use?
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Are you interested in knowing what programming language do blockchain developers use? In this article, we will look at the most used programming languages in blockchain development. Let’s start.

Programming Languages for Blockchain Development


The top programming language that blockchain developers use is C++. The first application of blockchain technology, Bitcoin, was first written in C++.

It is a general-purpose programming language and its object-oriented features like polymorphism, data hiding, abstraction, etc. make it a popular choice for coding resource-intensive applications.

Blockchain developers use C++ for its features like advanced multi-threading and primitive control over memory. They are able to bind data and methods to deal with them together just like blockchain makes blocks by combining cryptograhic chains of data.

Some pros of using C++ in blockchain include, high speed, independence and compatibility with multiple operating systems and platforms, etc. Some cons are that there is no feature of garbage collection, code redundancy, complex code that is difficult to debug, etc.


Solidity is among the popular programming languages for blockchain development. It was developed specifically for blockchain development and is considered as the fastest programming language. Ethereum developers mostly use Solidity for developing ethereum smart contracts.

The syntax of Solidity programming language is similar to JavaScript. Although it was initially created to write smart contracts for ethereum virtual machine, now blockchain developers are using it to develop creative blockchain applications.

It has unique features like static typing, variadic return variations, etc. for blockchain development specifically and uses features like invariants, postconditions, preconditions, etc. for smooth development process.

The pros of using Solidity programming language are it is easy to lean and highly popular for ethereum development. The cons include it belonging to a specific ethereum eco-system, relatively a new blockchain programming language, etc.


Java is among the top blockchain programming languages. It is class-based, object-oriented, concurrent, and a multi-paradigm language. APIs, java-centric interfaces, packages, etc. help Java developers to build sohophisticated decentralized apps efficiently.

The favorable feature of Java programming language is its porability. The blockchain-based Java app can be used on any system running a java runtime environment (JRE). Java doesnot depend on the system’s architecture but follows a write once and run anywhere functionality by using Java Virtual Machines.

Blockchain developers use Java to build interactive web pages also to create simple blockchain that are immutable.

Some pros of Java for blockchain app development include easier development, memeory allocation and object oriented features, strong community support, etc. Cons are it needs Java virtual machine to run, is slower than C++ programming langauage, etc.


Another popular programming langue that blockchain developers use is Python. Beginners especially use it as it does not require coding complex blockchain apps from scratch.

There is large community support including, open-source support, plugins, libraries, etc. that help a blockchain developer to create prototypes efficiently.

Python programming language is particularly famous for applications in math, science, and engineering. Blockchain developers can use it for data computations, smart contracts development, data visualization, etc.

The pros of using Python for blockchain software development are the availability of a large software developer community support, ease to learn and code, extensive libraries and frameworks collections, etc.

Cons may include it being used mostly as a server-side programming language, unavailability of thorough documentation on libraries, etc.


Vyper programming language is basically derived from Python and therefore its syntax is similar to that of Python 3. It does not have all the Python’s features, however, it is used as an alternative to Solidity programming language for creating smart contracts on ethereum virtual machine (EVM).

Vyper has unique programming features for blockchain coding like recursive calling, infinite loops, modifiers, etc.


It is a popular coding language for blockchain development as its syntax is similar to C programming. This makes it favorable to professional software developers. Hyperledger fabric, a popular enterprise blockchain development framework, uses Golang to develop chain codes that are smart contracts in private blockchain parlance.

JavaScript and Python programmers may find it hard to understand a relatively complicated Golang code for blockchain development.

Interested in Blockchain Development?

Now that you have got the answer to what programming language do blockchain developers use, the next thing is to look at other technologies used in the development of blockchain solutions. Our article here covers these top tools used for implementing blockchain technology.

No doubt, the market for blockchain solutions is on the rise and you being a business CEO or CTO are rightly interested to invest in the latest technology. However, keep in mind that blockchain technology is an emerging one that is continuously being improved.

As you can see there are some niche programming languages and tools involved in blockchain application development. To finalize your blockchain project sucessfully, you must partner with expert blockchain developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What top programming languages do blockchain developers use?

The most popular programming languages used by blockchain developers are C++, Solidity, Vyper, Python, etc.

2. Which is the best blockchain programming language?

Solidity and Java are considered the best programming languages for writing smart contracts, Python object-oriented programming language is extensively used for crypto-exchange and cryptocurrency development, GoLang is also a popular programming language for DApp development, etc.

3. What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that offers the development of decentralized, transparent, immutable, and secure applications. Blockchain ledger stores data in blocks, stored in all the nodes that are part of the blockchain network in the form of a chain, and hence there is no need for a central authority on blockchain projects.

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