What technologies do blockchain developers use

What technologies do blockchain developers use?

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In this article, we will discuss the major technologies that blockchain developers use for building market-competitive blockchain solutions.

This list is a guide of top tools for an aspiring blockchain developer and essential blockchain developer skills. So, let’s start.

Top Technologies that Blockchain Developers Use


It is a blockchain development framework that helps in building decentralized applications smoothly. It provides all the required tools to help blockchain developers build, deploy, and manage decentralized apps efficiently.

Another important feature of Embark is the option to write and launch new smart contracts. The tool helps to monitor smart contracts in the decentralized network. Developers can use any standard programming language like React, Angular, etc. to work on Embark.


This tool is created by the developers of the Java WebSocket API. It is an important library used by blockchain developers as it helps them to interact with different decentralized apps without having to set up different frameworks and programming languages.

Developers can carry out transactions between different blockchain nodes based on ethereum. They are not required to have a deep understanding of consensus mechanisms, etc. while developing DApps as it just requires the developer to know how to code.

Developers using web3j are also able to execute ether transactions, write smart contracts, etc. As it is based on JavaScript programming language, any web browser connected with the ethereum network using HTTP can use a web3j tool for blockchain app technology.

Blockchain Testnet

Blockchain Testnest is a very important tool for blockchain developers. It allows them to test their DApps before deployment. This saves developers a lot of costs.


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Instead of paying every time you run your smart contract on the actual blockchain network while writing smart contracts, why not first try them on the blockchain testnet.

Each decentralized app has its own testnet and it is advised to follow the required testnet for the best results.

The three blockchain testnets are private, public, and GanacheCLI.


It is a solidity compiler written in C++ and converts solidity programming language scripts into a more readable format for ethereum virtual machines. There are two types of solidity compilers, Solc C++ and Solc-js.

Although Solidity is based on JavaScript syntax, the solidity smart contracts need to be converted to a more understandable format for decoding by EVM.


Prysm is another tool for blockchain developers to develop decentralized apps. It is a version of the Ethereum 2.0 protocol written in the Go programming language. It also offers a complete guide to help blockchain software developers start with the DApp development tool.

Prysm provides multiple tools to enable swift development. These include the gRPC library by Google, BoltDB, etc. to provide efficient key-value storage, libp2p to enable peer-to-peer networking, etc.

Prysm has two source code branches. Master, which is a stable version and used by most users, and Develop, which is focused on development.

Remix Project

The Remix Project umbrellas several projects like Remix libraries, Remix IDE, Remix plugin engine, etc. It is a platform for development tools focused on a plugin architecture.

Remix IDE is an open-source project that comes as a desktop and web application. It provides a number of plugins to help developers build decentralized applications efficiently. Moreover, it has an intuitive user interface.

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Blockchain developers can use Remix IDE to develop complete smart contracts using the Solidity programming language. Moreover, developers can also use numerous Remix libraries for efficient development.

Remix IDE project is based on Javascript which makes it compatible with every modern web browser. This gives blockchain developers the option to write, test, and deploy smart contracts on a local computer or on a browser.

Remix project provides a comprehensive guide for developers to start seamlessly.

Truffle Suite

Truffle is a development framework for ethereum-based decentralized applications. It assists developers in building a range of ethereum apps from simple to complex and customized through an extensive collection of ethereum development libraries.

Truffle also enables smart contract development and compilation. It offers the feature of testing smart contracts through Chai or Mocha.

The lifestyle management feature of the Truffle suite can help in building custom development pipelines for custom ethereum-based blockchain solutions. Some other features include:

  • Migration and deployment Scripts
  • management of network
  • Interactive console and user-friendly interface
  • External script runner to bootstrap all smart contracts and run them without an issue.

Ganache is another tool from Truffle Suite. Blockchain developers work with it to build their own private ethereum networks, run and test their decentralized apps on them, monitor the state of their smart contracts, etc.

It has features like built-in block explorer and mining controls that help blockchain developers to test their apps and contracts as if they are running on the main blockchain without any cost.


It is a web browser extension that interacts with decentralized applications. Blockchain developers can use it as an open-source wallet to send and receive digital assets. Moreover, it helps with identity management.

MetaMask uses a private key to secure users’ information. The encrypted connection to access the decentralized wallet makes it secure for users to use it in public and private networks.

Some other features of MetaMask include:

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  • built-in exchange services,
  • DApps compatibility,
  • Seamless interaction with smart contracts.

Planning to Develop a Blockchain Solution?

Blockchain Industry is still evolving and blockchain technology requires familiarity with specific programming languages and tools for the successful implementation of a market-competitive blockchain application.

If you, as a business CTO, are planning to undertake a blockchain development project, make sure to have a good blockchain developer with niche blockchain developer skills.

A successful blockchain developer will have an understanding of blockchain structure like private and public blockchain architecture, blockchain principles, and how to keep blockchain space safe by building secure solutions through techniques like cryptographic hashing, etc.

If you do not find such skilled core blockchain developers on your project team, we would advise you to partner with a reputed software development company.

DevTeam.Space can also help you here with its field-expert software developers community experienced in all the latest technologies including blockchain protocols.

Write to us your initial blockchain development specifications via this form and one of our technical managers will get back to you to link you with the right blockchain developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What technologies are used in blockchain development?

Solidity, programming language; Truffle Suite, an Ethereum development framework; MetaMask, an ethereum wallet; Ganache, a testing blockchain, web development technologies like React, Angular for DApp development, etc. are a few technologies extensively used by blockchain developers.

2. What technical blockchain skills are required to become a blockchain developer?

A competent blockchain software developer would have extensive knowledge of blockchain basics like consensus algorithms, public and private keys, understanding of distributed ledger technology, blockchain architecture, and associated data structures for blockchain data, proficiency in one high-level blockchain programming language, familiarity with cryptography and encryption techniques like hash function, cryptographic hash functions, public-key cryptography, and understanding of smart contracts, etc.

3. What is the most used blockchain technology?

The most used blockchain platforms by a core blockchain developer are Ethereum and IBM blockchain for decentralized blockchain applications. Hyper ledger fabric is also used for private blockchain technologies.


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