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Where to Hire Web Designers in 2024?

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Are you wondering where to hire web designers?

50% of consumers believe that companies should prioritize web design as it is crucial to a business’s brand. Also, 50% of smartphone users prefer using a business’s mobile website instead of downloading a mobile app.

A web design that works perfectly on every device is essential to leave an impact on your audience and retaining leads on your web page.

You need web designers with the right skills to build an interactive and responsive web design. The number of web developers and designers is expected to reach over 229 thousand by 2032.

So how could you find the best suitable web designer for your business among the growing workforce? There are several options for hiring web designers. Let’s go through each one in detail.

Where to Hire Web Designers?

The three options to hire web designers in 2024 are as follows:

In-House Web Designers

In-house web designers are full-time employees responsible for the design of digital products such as mobile apps, websites, etc. If web designing is an ongoing task in your business workflow, then in-house designers would suit you. 


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You can look for in-house or full-time designers on online job boards and professional networking websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. You can post about your requirements for a web designer, and interested professionals would apply to your job post.

You can also connect with professionals with your required skill set and ask if they are interested in new work opportunities.

The advantages of in-house web designers include the following:

  • They are fully committed to your design projects as they are full-time employees;
  • There is almost no communication gap between team members as they are available physically to have one-on-one meetings;
  • There is an efficient workflow as a team can readily meet, discuss hurdles, collaborate on solutions, etc., without delays.

You might face the following drawbacks while hiring and managing in-house web designers:

  • You are bound to hire designers from a limited number of candidates available in your region. You might have to compromise on skills that could lead to the formation of a subpar design team without enough skills or experience;
  • You would have to maintain an office that comes with additional expenses such as utilities, furniture, hardware equipment, software licenses, etc.;
  • You need to spend on staff training, additional employment benefits, etc.

Freelance Website Designers

The freelance market is continuously growing, with the prospect of freelancers making up 50.9% of the US workforce by 2027.

You might think of working with web design freelancers if you have a one-time website design project, as hiring full-time web designers would not be a feasible choice then.

You can find and hire freelance web designers on freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr, etc. These freelance websites offer you the following benefits:

  • You get access to a wide range of design professionals with skills in various graphic design technologies and tools;
  • You could find web designers at lower rates too across the globe and are not bound by local website designers;
  • There are no additional expenses for office space maintenance, employee training, fringe benefits, etc.
  • Established freelance platforms offer streamlined communication and reliable payment methods that make working with new professionals for the first time easier;
  • Freelance spaces such as Upwork also offer mediation services to some extent in case of disputes between clients and freelancers.

Working with freelancers is not all a breeze. You could face the following challenges:

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  • Freelance platforms are very saturated. Nearly everyone can join and start freelancing. It is quite a challenge to find a website design professional with the right skills and experience.
    • Freelance companies do not offer much assistance here. You have to filter a huge number of proposals and screen candidates for their technical expertise on your own;
  • Project management could be tough if you have an elaborate web page design and web development project with multiple team members.
    • Freelance websites do not offer many tools to maintain effective communication between the whole team, especially if they are dispersed geographically;
  • Freelancers also usually work on multiple projects simultaneously, and there is a huge chance your freelance web designer is not fully committed to your design project.

Web Design and Development Agencies

You should definitely consider the third option of web design agencies if you want to tap into the global web design talent and onboard a remote workforce for your web design projects.

Expert web design and development companies like DevTeam.Space bridge the gap between in-house and freelance UI designers and offer you the good from both worlds. 

You can visit websites such as Clutch and GoodFirms to find software design and development companies with experience in your domain. You can then visit the websites of the shortlisted companies and contact them directly. 

The company’s website would give you enough insight into the software projects they have previously worked on and also their design and development teams. You could ask for further details on a call with their account managers.

A company with web design services offers you the following advantages:

  • You can hire from a global web design talent pool. You do not have to compromise on skills and expertise enabling you to form a competent and exceptional project team;
  • Expert design and development companies, such as DevTeam.Space, offer you high-quality designers and developers with specialized skills in cutting-edge technologies;
  • All designers and developers undergo a thorough screening process comprising technical interviews and tests. You can rest assured that vetted designers with credible expertise work on your software design projects;
  • These software companies offer assistance with project management. For example, DevTeam.Space offers an AI-powered process that all the developers follow.
    • Product owners can manage developers working on their projects via task assignments, daily/weekly progress tracking, streamlining communication, etc.;
  • Credible design and development companies ensure the quality of work.
    • For example, DevTeam.Space signs a work-for-hire agreement that ensures payments to designers and developers are made once you are satisfied with their work.
  • Similarly, signing an NDA as the first onboarding step ensures the integrity and security of your intellectual property.
    • This is a huge benefit of working with web design companies, as it protects you from developers leaving your project midway, submitting low-quality work, or stealing your ideas.

Web design and development companies could also offer a few challenges, such as:

  • Remote team collaboration could get challenging, especially if your team is in different time zones. A senior team lead and a set of software tools can help you immensely with team collaboration.
    • The team lead would maintain one-on-one communication with each designer or developer.
    • Tools such as Slack and Zoom are great for keeping every team member on one page, having daily updates regarding work assignments, etc.
  • Project management could be hard with remote team members. There are task assignments, weekly/monthly milestones, work reviews, etc.
    • You can use project management tools such as Asana and Git to plan your design or development tasks, assign them to team members, share files/documents within a team, etc.

Expert web design and development companies such as DevTeam.Space have proper communication and management channels in place using software tools to help their clients with team and project management. 

Ready to Find and Hire a Web Designer?

We discussed the various options to hire web designers in 2024. Whether you have a one-time web application design project or ongoing design assignments, partnering with a credible web design agency to hire the best web designers is the best option. 

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FAQs on Where to Hire Web Designers 

What is the average cost of hiring a web designer?

The hourly cost of a website designer can vary between a few tens dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on the skills and experience. Experienced web or graphic designers come at a higher price, but they help you build interactive and innovative applications using the latest technologies so that you can gauge and retain users. You can hire an experienced web developer or designer from DevTeam.Space.

2. Does DevTeamSpace offer web designers?

Yes, DevTeam.Space offers experienced website designers and developers that can help you with various website-building stages like specification planning, designing, development, etc.

3. How many hours does it take to design a website?

Website design can take anywhere from 15 hrs to 700 hrs. The time duration would depend on the complexity and size of a website, such as the number of web pages, type of features, etc. You can get an exact estimate by discussing your website design project with a web design and development company such as DevTeam.Space.


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