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We help businesses build and support corporate, recruting, finance, and e-commerce web solutions using Wordpress
Some of Our Projects
Project | Suzanne Paul


A personal website for New Zealand TV star, Suzanne Paul, with a WooCommerce store selling branded products. The website features video streaming and a photo gallery.

Project | Happy Balance


A promotional website for Suzanne Paul's featured product, a dietary supplement for women. It covers the composition, benefits and usage instructions.

Project | Hair Art


A website revamp for an Auckland–based hair and beauty salon. The whole set of images and sliders, photo gallery and homepage were renovated.

Project | 10emedia


A new website for a full–cycle marketing agency from Auckland, New Zealand. The website development led to a long-term partnership with CPC, bringing several new customers to both businesses.

Project | Queen Mark


A major website update for 10e Media, a marketing agency based in Las Vegas, NV. Video production, team and portfolio were added to the website, making it more informative and user-friendly.

Project | Rajul Mehta


A new personal website and art gallery for world-famous Singapore artist,Rajul Mehta.


and hundreds more projects...

Some of our dev teams and DEVELOPERS
Anton – WordPress Developer
Anton – WordPress Developer
Dev team: Wordpress, 10 developers
  • PHP
  • Yii2
  • Wordpress
  • Opencart
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Anton is a team lead with more than 7 years of software development experience in PHP and Wordpress. He hasa strong background in e-commerce and API integration.

Denis – Project Manager
Denis – Project Manager
Dev team: Wordpress, 10 developers
  • PHP
  • Wordpress
  • Mind Mapping
  • Project Specification
  • Prototyping

Denis has five years’ experience in software development as a project manager. He helps to set up the project, oversee the communication and the development process so your project can completed on time and within the budget.

Kate – PHP / WordPress Developer
Kate – PHP / WordPress Developer
Dev team: Mobile, 10 developers
  • PHP Laravel
  • Wordpress
  • OctoberCMS
  • T-SQL
  • Solr
  • Selenium
  • PhantomJS

Kate has 7 years of software development experience.She has buildover 100 websites on Wordpress including landing pages, ecommerce sites and multilingual corporate solutions. Kate’s strongest side is integrating with various services such as payment gateways, SMS services, and CRMs.

Interviewing Guide

The Essential Guide To Interviewing WordPress Developers

WordPress is more than just a tool for making websites. It’s a platform that can form the foundation of your entire business. The developers you choose will have a direct impact on your growth and success. That’s why hiring WordPress developers is unlike hiring any other kind of team member. They need to offer a unique combination of technical, communication, and strategic skills.

Independent Reviews

CEO, Electrical Product Startup

"For a developer to pick up a legacy system code, understand it, and run with it that quickly was pretty impressive."

Owner, Clever Pepper Creative

"I'm a small business, so I appreciate the time that they prepare and dedicate to me."

Chief Technical Officer, MyTime

"As far as finishing stuff in time, DevTeamSpace was amazing."

As Seen On
CNBC logo Lifehaker logo Huffpost logo Quartz logo TECH.CO logo
DevTeam.Space has been a great support to us. We needed help with frontend specific projects for a big release. They came on board, with almost no time taken in ramping up with our code base, and were able to deliver on time! For fast, effective service, contact DevTeam.Space.
Consumer Services / Frontend
Rahul Thathoo – MyTime
Working with DevTeam.Space was a positive and professional experience from the start. They had all the tools in place to support Agile Scrum project management, communicated status daily via the dashboard, delivered their Sprints on time, and stayed on top of project blockers. I look forward to working with them again!
Fintech / Backend / Frontend
TONY AMOS – Principis Capital

What can be done with WordPress?

Create world-class websites

WordPress has become the standard for building websites. That’s because WordPress sites look and feel world-class. The WordPress core is constantly updated with the latest web trends and technologies. There’s also a vibrant community of designers and user experience professionals that are constantly releasing themes and templates that make your brand stand out. Massive names like The New Yorker and Sony Music trust WordPress with their global websites.

Attract visitors from Google and other search engines

Google loves WordPress websites. That’s because WordPress makes it easy for search engines to navigate content. Posts, pages, and images have tags and metadata that can be optimized for your important keywords. Some of the best search engine optimization tools in the word are only available as WordPress plugins.

Our developers can use all of these features to your advantage. We can use WordPress as a platform to get your project up and running in no time, and then customize, design, and build-in anything you like to make your vision a reality.

What can be done with WordPress | DevTeam.Space

Get things done quickly and easily

WordPress makes web development a piece of cake. Out of the box, WordPress comes with everything you need to get started, so you can get off the ground quickly. Thousands of themes and plugins eliminate routine tasks and slash development time, so you and your developers can focus on making your website awesome and unique.

Get creative and customize

WordPress is open source, so everything can be changed and customized. Don’t like how a theme looks? Change it. Missing a key feature? Build a plugin for it. Customizing is built into WordPress to be simple and powerful. Any functionality you need can be added.

Benefits of WordPress

Benefits Of WordPress | It's easy

It's easy

WordPress isn’t built for just for web developers, it’s built for everyone. You’ll be in control with your own dashboard, and will be able to safely edit and publish new content in seconds with just a few clicks. You can even change themes and add functionality with an easy interface – no web development knowledge required.

Benefits Of WordPress | It's popular

It's popular

WordPress has a global community of active users and contributors. Pretty much any problem you’re likely to encounter, will have been solved by someone before. There’s probably a free tool or plugin available that fixes it for you. This means you and your team can waste less time fixing problems and spend more time being productive and creative.

Benefits Of WordPress | It's Powerful

It's Powerful

Don’t let its ease of use fool you, WordPress is a powerhouse. Websites can be scaled to handle any number of visitors without degrading performance. You can even build on cloud infrastructure to scale up and down instantly as your demand fluctuates. Developer tools and built in extensibility mean that possibilities of what you can create really are unlimited.

Why Choose DevTeam.Space
for WordPress?


The Essential Guide to Interviewing WordPress Developers

The Vital Guide to App Developer Interviewing | DevTeam.Space

WordPress is more than just a tool for making websites. It’s a platform that can form the foundation of your entire business. The developers you choose will have a direct impact on your growth and success. That’s why hiring WordPress developers is unlike hiring any other kind of team member. They need to offer a unique combination of technical, communication, and strategic skills.


  • Who Needs to Hire Top WordPress Developers?
  • The Difficulties with Finding WordPress Developers for Hire
  • How this Interviewing Guide Will Help
  • What Separates the WordPress Experts from the Rest
  • What Separates Expert Dev Teams from the Rest
  • Interview Questions and Answers to Identify Top-Level Developers
  • Interviewing Teams
  • Working with a Team vs an Individual Freelancer
  • Summing it All Up

Who Needs to Hire Top WordPress Developers?

If you’re thinking of using WordPress to build an online presence, you’re going to need great WordPress developers. You might be able to whip an acceptable looking website by yourself looking at a few online tutorials, but building a beautiful, secure, and scalable WordPress application demands talent and experience. This guide is for:

  • Startup founders and entrepreneurs building an awesome online business
  • Enterprise executives looking to streamline online operations
  • Anyone wanting to improve their current WordPress setup

WordPress: A Super-Tool that Demands Super-Developers

WordPress is unique in the software development world. No other platform is used by such a wide variety of organizations. The New Yorker, Sony Music, and even the country of Sweden use it to power their global websites, while startups are using WordPress to quickly whip up prototype web applications. The real strengths of the WordPress platform are it’s:

  • Thousands of themes, plugins, tools, and templates
  • Vibrant community
  • Ease-of-use
  • Easy extensibility
  • Scalability

Top WordPress developers will be able to build you a minimum viable product (MVP) in no time, integrate any custom features you want, and scale up to a global user base fast. This will save you money in the short term, and increase your earnings in the future. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

The Difficulties with Finding WordPress Developers For Hire

So, you know WordPress is the right tool, and you know the perfect freelancer or dev team is out there. Your first reaction might be to post your project to a freelance platform.

Whatever you post, the response will be a tidal wave of applications promising top-quality work for pennies. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is! Verifying qualifications is difficult, and some candidates that sound great on paper may steer your project towards disaster.

Another problem is that WordPress makes creating reasonable looking websites a piece of cake, meaning everyone has a great portfolio. It can be hard to tell who is capable of making your vision a reality, and who has just bought a nice template.

But there are many developers capable of getting your project completed and exceeding your expectations - all for a great price. You just need the right system for finding them.

How this Interviewing Guide Will Help

First, we will consider what separates junior programmers from the experts, and what makes a great dev team. Then we’ll go through a step-by-step process you can use to find the best developers. We want to identify the top developers without spending too much time and money. The objectives are to:

  1. Weed out the unskilled as quickly as possible
  2. Uncover real breadth and depth of understanding – not just knowledge
  3. Avoid boring good developers with a tedious interview process. Rather, we want to attract talent by presenting your project as something great to work on.

What Separates WordPress Experts from the Rest…

Hiring that cheap $20 per hour programmer with a good-looking portfolio might seem like a good idea now, but it can turn out to be an expensive mistake. There are junior developers who charge rock-bottom rates, but hiring them presents risks. Junior developers may:

  • Have a limited skill set
  • Take far too long to do the required tasks
  • Fail to understand what you really mean
  • Struggle to communicate effectively
  • Try to cover up mistakes
  • Make expensive mistakes that only reveal themselves later
  • Struggle to solve problems unique to your business
  • Not have the experience or insight to make helpful suggestions

Expert WordPress developers won’t have these problems. However, “expertise” or “seniority” can’t just be measured in qualifications and years of experience. There are many qualified developers with 15 years of solid experience who would still be classed as a junior. There are also developers out there with only a couple of years’ experience and no qualifications building world-class applications.

Here are the real indicators of top-level WordPress devs.

1. Breadth and depth of technical skills
The minimum requirement for any developer or software engineer is technical skill set. WordPress developers need a broad knowledge of web development and a deep understanding of how everything works together.

The essential technical skills are:

Basic Skills:

  • Web development skills including PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and JavaScript
  • An understanding how the WordPress core works
  • Knowledge of WordPress hosting
  • Familiarity with post types and WordPress taxonomies
  • Knowledge of popular themes and plugins
  • The ability to integrate with social media platforms

More Advanced Skills:

  • Modifying and designing custom themes
  • Extending WordPress with custom plugins
  • Using the WordPress API
  • Using scalable cloud hosting
  • User interface design
  • Optimizing for better load times and performance
  • Search engine optimization
  • Setting up analytics and customer behavior tracking
  • Web security
  • Mastery of the underlying concepts and how all of these things come together

The basics can be mastered by an individual, but there are just too many advanced skills for one person. For the whole package, it’s best to go with a development team or Wordpress development company with multiple specialists. It might sound like a big step, but a small team can do the same work in a fraction of the time and actually save you money.

Perhaps the most important skill for WordPress development is knowing exactly how to leverage all of the available tools, plugins, and templates. This will slash development time further. Your dev team might be able to build you a cool eCommerce plugin, but it’s pointless if there is already one available.

For WordPress, technical prowess leads to faster load times, tighter security, fewer plugin problems, better reliability, less downtime, better user experience, and fewer maintenance headaches.

2. Communication and “soft” skills
Soft skills like communication and attitude are just as important as the hard skills. Technical skill is no good if a developer is working on the wrong problem. Good developers have great:

  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Attitude
  • Work ethic
  • Common sense and decision making
  • Critical thinking
  • Ego management

Check out this article on developer soft skills for more details.

3. An understanding of how online business works WordPress developers can have a big influence over how your online business operates. Experts know this and keep their strategic skills up-to-date along with their technical ones. This includes things like:

  • Anticipating possible problems and performance bottlenecks
  • Future scalability
  • Efficient use of cloud computing resources
  • Optimizing for Google and other search engines
  • Improving user experience
  • Thinking of creative solutions that make potential problems disappear

Tips for non-technical people
An expert developer will have these qualities:

  1. The minimum technical skills for your project. They can explain to you in simple language why a certain programming language, tool, or plugin is the right choice.
  2. They are easy to communicate with. You shouldn’t have to repeat yourself or be forced keep asking for explanations and clarifications
  3. They understand the vision for your project and your business. They don’t need their hand held along the way, and care about long-term benefit. They offer helpful suggestions and insights and can anticipate problems.

What Separates Expert Dev Teams from the Rest

If you want more than just a basic WordPress setup, it’s a good idea to go with a dev team rather than an individual. A team can cover a wide range of skills, with multiple specialists working together to get things done.

Each of the individual members should have the necessary developer qualities. However, teams of developers need to have some special qualities, too. Here are some of the factors to look out for:

1. They work seamlessly as a unit
Just like a great sports team, functioning as a coherent unit and following a strong gameplan is much more important than having a team of superstars. Everyone needs to know their place in the team. Strong leadership and team structure will ensure that top quality work is delivered consistently. Good teams may have one or two junior developers, but their limitations are known and they have mechanisms in place to ensure code quality.

The developers will also hopefully have complementary skill sets and know each other's strengths and weaknesses. These things together will ensure that code is resilient, reliable, extensible, and easy to understand.

2. They have great internal and external communication
Good internal communication means that developers talk to each other, and always know who is working on what. External communication means talking to you and your team. You should always be in the loop. This includes things like:

  • Who’s working on what
  • Who’s responsible
  • What’s been completed
  • Current progress and deadlines
  • Budget management

The best WordPress development teams never make themselves indispensable. With each new completed feature or project, they should show you how it works, and how to use things without them.

3. They have a positive team culture Big egos can really make a team of otherwise competent developers crash and burn. Blaming each other for mistakes, passing the buck, competitiveness, and arguing are a waste of everyone’s time and often lead to failed projects.

A team’s culture should be based on honest communication, helping each other out, and working collaboratively towards success.

Interview Questions and Answers to Identify Top-Level Developers

Your interview processes should be done in stages. There is no way you could fully interview dozens of developers. That’s why each stage is designed to cut down your candidate pool so you have more time per developer on the next.

  1. Basic screening stage – Finding the developers who meet the minimum requirements
  2. In-depth technical knowledge and ability – Pinpointing developers who can really understand your unique problems
  3. Strategic knowledge – Homing in on developers who can help take your business to the next level

Step 1: Basic screening stage
The first stage is about removing unqualified candidates efficiently. The questions should be to do with logistics such as minimum experience, location, rates, and language requirements.

Example Questions:

  • How well do you speak English (or whatever language you need)? 1 - 10
  • How well do you write in English? 1 - 10
  • How many years of experience do you have with WordPress?
  • How many WordPress projects have you worked on?
  • Are you familiar with (specific technology, e.g. AWS)
  • Where are you based?

Questions for Teams:

  • Who will I be communicating with mainly?
  • What project management tool do you use? What access will I have?
  • Do you use agile?
  • How well your contact person speaks English?
  • How well your developers chat in English?
  • Are you a full stack dev team (means you have both very strong backend engineers and very strong frontend developers)?
  • Number of people on the team who have more than 3 years of frontend experience

After that, you can start with the technical questions. They can be simple or complex questions, but they must have a definite, right or wrong answer.

Example Technical Questions:

Q: Name the two types of hooks in WordPress
A: Action hooks and filter hooks Example of a filter hook

<?php add_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘head_func’ );
 function head_func( $content ) {
    if ( is_single() ) {
       $content .= ‘Filter hook example’ . ” “;
    return $content;

Q: Add the minimum required header for this plugin called “My hello world plugin”

add_filter('the_content', 'hello_world');
function hello_world($content){
    return $content . "<h1> Hello World </h1>";


Plugin Name: My hello world plugin
add_filter('the_content', 'hello_world');
function hello_world($content){
    return $content . "<h1> Hello World </h1>";

Write an improved version of this WordPress function using the $wpdb variable

Write an improvedfunction perform_database_action(){
     mysql_query(“INSERT into table_name (col1, col2, col3)
        VALUES ('$value1','$value2', '$value3');


function perform_database_action(){
    global $wpdb;
    $data= array('col1'=>$value1,'col2'=>$value2,'col3'=>$value3);
    $format = array('%s','%s','%s');
    $wpdb->insert('table_name', $data, $format);

The questions should have a correct and incorrect answer only. For the first questions, you need to work out what “incorrect” is. Maybe a minimum English proficiency, minimum number of years experience.

The questions shouldn’t take too much time for good developers, but don’t make the quiz too long. You don’t want to bore your best candidates. Anyone who fails the compulsory questions or to get an overall minimum score is removed from your shortlist.

If you’re doing a lot of interviewing you can also try to automate this stage with an automatically marked online form.

Step 2: In-depth technical knowledge and ability
This is where you are going to find out which of the candidates left on your list are actually talented developers.

Asking difficult technical questions doesn’t really help you distinguish between experienced developers and those who have just finished studying and have the information fresh in their minds. The best way to do this is with open-ended questions to complex problems – preferably to do with your specific project.

Give a complex scenario and ask them how they would best approach it. The less time you give them to prepare answers, the better. Use a variety of questions, including ones on the development processes, timeframes, technologies they’ll need for the project.

Example Questions:

  • What steps do you take to make sure a product is scalable?
  • What are the most important things you think about when designing a user interface?
  • How long would it take you to get an MVP for this project? Give me a breakdown of the components
  • We need a plugin to do … how might you start coding something like this?
  • Describe how you would go about setting up services/configurations to perform an action on the database once a day? What are some things you would take into account when deciding time of day?
  • How does the WordPress API work? What can it be used for?
  • How have you improved page load times before?
  • Briefly describe how does the WooCommerce plugin works?
  • What’s the best paid theme available? Show an example of where you have used it in the real world
  • Do you have any Themes/Plugins publish to the WordPress directory?

There are no definitive answers to these questions. The idea is to expose how these developers approach problems and the depth of their knowledge. When you get answers like this from multiple developers, the top-level developers identify themselves quickly. Their answers will make the most sense.

Asking for some code examples is a good idea too, even if you won’t be able to verify if it’s correct.

Stage 3: Strategic knowledge
You’ve cut down your list to the best two or three candidates. All of them meet your minimum requirements, and all of them have the ability to get your project done. Now it’s time to find the one who is going to deliver your business the most value.

This part of the interview should ideally be done over video chat, or at least on a live message chat. The questions will be extremely open-ended and the interaction should be very conversational. You can ask questions on:

  • SEO strategy
  • Future forecasts
  • Technology choices
  • Building custom themes, plugins
  • Different tools to use
  • How to cut current costs / streamline processes
  • Content strategy

Example Questions:

  • How would you use cloud infrastructure to make a WordPress application more scalable? What platform would you use and why?
  • Describe how you’ve used Search Engine Optimization in a past WordPress project
  • Describe the technologies you would use to complete this project. What are the tradeoffs involved in using them?
  • What value do you think my customers will get out of this project?
  • What tools are currently popular in the WordPress ecosystem? How are providing value?

Interviewing Teams

The process will be slightly different for teams. Once a team has passed your minimum requirements test and technical skills, you want to communicate with them in a way that mimics how you will work with them on a project.

For example, having the team on a group chat or call for the interview will give you an insight into how they operate. If you ask a question about a specific topic, the team member that has the best knowledge in that area should lead the response - with other team members chipping in where necessary.

You are looking for the qualities we talked about in the dev teams section - working as a unit, good communication with you and each other, and a positive team culture.

Working with a Team vs an Individual Freelancer

Working with an individual developer is a popular approach. For a small scale project, it keeps things simple. However, when projects get larger than a simple setup, you’re probably going to need a team.

Working with an individual can be risky, especially for larger or enterprise projects. You are putting your faith of your entire project in the hands of one person. A team is more likely to have the depth of knowledge to make your project successful. A WordPress team could have UX, backend, mobile, API, and SEO specialists – making it more likely you’ll get secure, quality code.

Another major aspect is development speed. Just because you hire a team, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are hiring them full time. A team of three developers can probably do the work of one in a third of the time. That means they bill you for the same number of hours, but things get done three times as fast. This is particularly important when scaling. A team can prepare to spend more time on your project at key times. A single developer can become a bottleneck.

Summing it All Up

WordPress truly is an amazing web creation tool. With the right developers, it can be used to take your organization to the next level of success. Luckily, there are many great developers and teams out there waiting to add real value to your project.

With the knowledge and interview structure discussed above, you’ll be able to secure the services of the talented developers you need for your project quickly and with total confidence.

Cost Structure

How would you like to work?

The more time your project requires, the better discounted rate you have.

show Hourly Rates

** All prices are in US dollars

** All of our dev teams are supported by our system, project and account managers regardless of their location.

Commitment Period
Annually 20%
  • Hybrid
  • Remote
Quarterly 10%
  • Hybrid
  • Remote
Monthly 5%
  • Hybrid
  • Remote
  • Hybrid
  • Remote
Rails / NodeJS / Python / .NET...
  • 120
  • 60
  • 135
  • 68
  • 143
  • 71
  • 150
  • 75
Angular.JS / React.JS / Backbone...
  • 120
  • 60
  • 135
  • 68
  • 143
  • 71
  • 150
  • 75
Mobile (iOS, Android)
ReactNative / Xamarin / Swift...
  • 144
  • 60
  • 162
  • 68
  • 171
  • 71
  • 180
  • 75
Data Engineering
IBM Watson / Google AI...
  • 160
  • 68
  • 180
  • 77
  • 190
  • 81
  • 200
  • 85
Migration / AWS / Azure / Google...
  • 136
  • 60
  • 153
  • 68
  • 162
  • 71
  • 170
  • 75
AWS / Azure / Google...
  • 160
  • 60
  • 180
  • 68
  • 190
  • 71
  • 200
  • 75
Firmware and hardware
  • 160
  • 76
  • 180
  • 86
  • 190
  • 90
  • 200
  • 95
  • 136
  • 57
  • 153
  • 64
  • 162
  • 67
  • 170
  • 71
Quality Assurance
  • 88
  • 58
  • 99
  • 66
  • 105
  • 69
  • 110
  • 73
Project Management
  • 160
  • 76
  • 180
  • 86
  • 190
  • 90
  • 200
  • 95
Virtual CTO/CIO
  • 160
  • 76
  • 180
  • 86
  • 190
  • 90
  • 200
  • 95

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