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Sergey | Backend Developer


5 years of backend development experience. 2 years as a head of a development studio, responsible for team and project management. A...

  • Django
  • Flask
  • Machine learning
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • postgresql
  • Python
  • Django
  • Flask
  • + 5 more

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How to Hire a Web Development Consultant


You are likely thinking about how to make your web application or website development project a success. Experts estimate that users take just 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website. As you see, you have a short time-window.

You might plan to launch a new website. Alternatively, you might want to overhaul your existing website. A website consultant can enhance your online presence. Whether designing a new professional website or enhancing existing websites, they help you deliver a better user experience.

How do you hire a competent web development consultant? You need to take the following steps:

  • Analyze your requirements;
  • Decide your skills and competencies requirements;
  • Choose the appropriate hiring platform;
  • Interview candidates;
  • Onboard web development consultants effectively.

Let’s talk about these steps in more detail:

1. Analyze your business and project requirements

You need to decide what kind of web development consultants you need. This requires you to analyze your business and project requirements.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What are your specific objectives?

Do you own a small business in a niche area? Small businesses with highly specialized services can’t use a cookie-cutter search engine optimization (SEO) approach. They need to cater to their specific customer base, and the web design of the small-business websites must reflect that. Web development consultants need to understand how Googles’ algorithms work.

Businesses operating in a commoditized space have different requirements. They need to compete with many similar businesses. Take the example of eCommerce businesses. How search engines like Google rank your website depends on how well you compete with comparable e-Commerce businesses. Your social media strategy makes a difference too.

Decide on your business objectives. That will help you to determine the nature of the web consulting services you need.

How complex is your project?

Are you undertaking a website development using WordPress or Drupal? That’s a straightforward project since the web development consultant needs limited skills. The knowledge of relevant WordPress themes and plugins will suffice.

On the other hand, complex projects require web consultants with years of experience. Your project is complex if it meets one or more of the following conditions:

  • The website or web app will use functionalities involving cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, etc.
  • You are offering complex functionalities and features in the website or app.
  • You operate in a heavily regulated industry, therefore, the website or app must meet stringent data security standards.
  • The website or app needs to meet demanding non-functional requirements like scalability, reliability, availability, etc.

You can assess the level of experience you need by determining the project complexity. Consultants with appropriate experience can point you to the best solution.

2. Identify which skills you need

When you hire a web development consultant, which skills would you need? Focus on the following:

Programming languages and frameworks skills

Let’s talk about web technology skills first. A web development consultant needs skills in one or more relevant programming languages. These languages are as follows:

Your project requirements determine the programming language you need.

Libraries and development frameworks can greatly expedite your project. You should look for skills in popular and relevant libraries and frameworks. For example, you can use several popular frameworks if you use Node.js.

Let’s consider Ruby as another example. If you use this language, then the Ruby on Rails framework can deliver significant productivity gains.

Web-design skills are important too. Remember to look for HTML, HTML5, CSS, and CSS3 skills when you hire web consultants. You need to also look for website design skills along with web technologies skills.

Back-end development skills

If you have a medium-to-high complexity project, then you need web consultants with robust back-end development skills. Consultants need the following:

  • The knowledge of web application architecture;
  • Expertise in securing web applications;
  • API development skills;
  • The knowledge of relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.;
  • Skills in NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

The knowledge of succeeding in a web development project

Smart web development consultants know how to succeed in complex projects. This involves the following:

  • The ability to collaborate with web designers to understand how a web designer implements the business requirements;
  • The knowledge of software quality management processes;
  • Code review skills;
  • The knowledge of defect prevention best practices;
  • Knowing how to code in alignment with the UX design;
  • The familiarity with cloud computing platforms;
  • Deep understanding of DevOps concepts, tools, and practices;
  • Knowing how to make web pages load fast;
  • The knowledge of developing scalable web applications.

The competencies that successful web consultants need

Successful web development consultants need certain competencies. These are as follows:

  • Passion: They need to love the challenge of delivering value to customers. Delivering the right user experiences can often be hard, and this is where passion becomes the key to success.
  • Good attitude: Every software development project meets with roadblocks. You can be sure that your project will involve uncertainties, especially if it’s a complex one. Successful web development consultants demonstrate a positive attitude toward learning from challenges. They apply lessons they learn instead of blaming others.
  • Teamwork: Most projects require teamwork. Your project will probably need it too. You need web consultants that know how to work in a team. Take the example of the CI/CD environment when developing complex web applications. It requires plenty of effort to establish effective CI/CD environments, and collaboration is the key. Web development consultants must collaborate with testers and DevOps engineers.
  • Meeting deadlines: You will likely not execute a web development project in isolation. Most software development projects are parts of larger organization efforts, and a delay in one project adversely impacts the larger effort. You need web development consultants that respect deadlines and meet them consistently.
  • The ability to see the big picture: You develop web applications to meet your larger business objectives. Web development consultants must understand the larger pain points of clients or opportunities. That will help them to deliver tangible value to clients.

3. Decide which hiring platform you will use

As the next step, you need to choose a hiring platform. This step carries a lot of importance.

Most web development projects have various levels of complexity. We can categorize only a small percentage of projects as simple. Most projects require highly competent developers, and your project will likely need that too.

You might spend a lot of effort to create a good project plan. You might make sound judgments in choosing a technical environment and tools. All of these will fail to deliver success if you can’t build a cohesive team with competent people.

You don’t want a troubled project. We see the high cost of turning troubled projects around. You want to succeed the first time, therefore, you need to hire competent people.

You have the following options in terms of hiring platforms:

A) Freelance platforms

Many freelancer platforms can help you to find web development consultants. You can post your job on their site. Many freelancers view job posts on large platforms, therefore, you will get plenty of applications.

You can interview and hire using the transparent contracting processes these platforms offer. You might get freelancers at low rates too.

You need to contend with the following risks too:

  • Freelancer platforms don’t offer project management support. Your project managers need to integrate the work done by freelancers, which can be hard. Time zone differences can make the task of your project manager harder.
  • Freelance platforms deduct up to 20% of the pay that freelancers earn. That can demotivate freelancers and they often look to increase their income. They take up multiple projects simultaneously. You might not get enough effort from them.
  • Freelancers might leave your project mid-way if they find higher pay. You need to find a replacement.
  • Executing a complex project with tight deadlines can be hard with part-time freelancers.

B) Software development companies

You can hire web development consultants from software development companies. These companies help you to find full-time developers and consultants. They offer website development services too.

When you have complex projects, having dedicated web consultants and developers help. Even if a consultant leaves your project mid-way, a software development company provides a replacement.

Software development companies provide management support. They often assign an account manager to help your project managers. These account managers provide oversight for the work their developers do.

These development companies offer transparent billing and contracting processes. Web consultants might need to access your sensitive data. This can pose privacy and security risks. Software development companies use data security policies and processes, which mitigate these risks.

4. Conduct effective interviews to select a web development consultant

You now need to interview the shortlisted candidates. You can do this on your own if you have the expertise. You can also find web developer interview questions online. The alternative is to request a knowledgeable colleague to conduct interviews.

Take enough time to cover all the skill areas. If you have already chosen specific development languages, libraries, and frameworks, then ask questions about them.

Focus on project delivery experience and not just theoretical skills. You need web development consultants with experience in complex projects. Find out what complex problems a candidate has encountered and how they approached these problems.

Evaluate whether the candidates have worked on projects similar to your project. Explain the business requirements of your project. Ask the candidates for an overview of how they would approach your project. You should expect specific answers since that demonstrate credible experience.

5. Onboard web development consultants effectively

You now need to onboard your web development consultant. Web consultants need sufficient information to succeed in your project. Your onboarding effort should ensure this.

Provide all key documents to new consultants. You need to provide business requirements, architectural decisions, technical specifications, test strategies, etc. You need to explain the documents if required.

Provide the access to all key systems and repositories in your project. The new consultants need access to the technical environment of your project.

They need access to the project management system, code repository, collaboration tools, etc. Provide this access.

Introduce the new team members to your existing team. Explain the roles and responsibilities. You need to explain your project plan and schedule. Provide detailed explanations about milestones, acceptance criteria, milestone review processes, etc. Establish accountability.

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