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Top 10 ChatGPT Alternative Tools to Try

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Are you looking for ChatGPT alternative tools?

ChatGPT, an advanced generative AI model, made a grand entrance into the AI world by hitting the milestone of a million users in the first week of launch

While ChatGPT took the online space by storm, now that the dust has settled, you might be looking for alternatives given a few limitations the famous ChatGPT bot poses, such as the inability to process the latest information, visual arts, voice input, lack of integrations with other popular collaborative tools, etc.

If this is the case, then you are on the right track. As in a field with so much potential, why not look for more options that offer similar or more features, and that too at a lower cost? 

Developing an innovative app powered by AI chatbot technology requires a deep understanding of advanced neural networks, natural language processing, chatbot frameworks and libraries, large language models, API integrations, cloud services, etc. 

If you don’t have a professional team with this relevant expertise to take on the task, then submit a request for a complimentary discovery call, and one of our tech account managers who managed similar projects will contact you shortly.

Let’s see what are the top 10 ChatGPT alternate tools that you can try.

10 ChatGPT Alternate Tools

These include the following:

1. Bing AI

Microsoft has presented a powerful alternative to ChatGPT, Bing AI. Bing AI is based on the OpenAI language model, gpt 4, which is supposedly more advanced than gpt 3.5, which runs ChatGPT. 

Bing AI

Bing AI is specifically designed to take search capabilities to the next level via more speed and accuracy. Users can ask personalized questions, and Bing will provide answers as available on the web.


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Microsoft has introduced its Edge Browser with an advanced AI-based search feature – named chat and compose. Users can ask queries with up to 1,000 words for AI-powered responses. This makes it more advanced than traditional search engines.

There is no upfront cost for Bing AI. The first 1,000 transactions are free per month. You pay as you use.

Runs on advanced GPT 4 model.There is a cap on prompts per session.
Runs on the advanced GPT 4 model.

Try Bing AI here.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is another ChatGPT alternative that allows businesses and individuals to generate text-based content using natural language. 

Jasper AI

The primary use case of Jasper AI is to help develop marketing content efficiently that reflects brand identity and is SEO optimized. These include emails, blogs, ads, etc.

Jasper Chat is also powered by generative AI that allows users to get detailed responses from the AI chatbot without feeding a lengthy natural language input. 

The platform also offers Jasper Recipes, ready-to-use text commands to generate content in various formats. These Jasper Recipes allow users to create engaging content efficiently on a range of topics.

Users can share content created on Jasper AI with others.

Offers more than 50 AI-powered ready-made templates.Very limited features are available in the free version.
Generates visual content.
Integrates with Surfer Seo.

Try Jasper AI here.

3. Chatsonic

Chatsonic by Writesonic is considered the best alternative to ChatGPT. It uses OpenAI’s gpt 4 as the base model to generate text for advanced NLP tasks. It can understand complex language contexts compared to the free ChatGPT version.

Chatsonic chatgpt alternative tool

Chatsonic also offers suggestions for language tone, writing structure, and word choice to help users create text-based content efficiently.

Users can also accelerate their content writing process by making use of a range of ready-to-use templates and various AI characters for unique chat experiences. The content rephrase tool can help refine sentences, including their wordings, tone, etc.

The platform also offers a voice input feature and can generate digital art.

A more cost-effective option compared to ChatGPT Plus.Requires a subscription for more than 25 responses a day.
Converts text to images.UI is not very easy-to-use according to some users.
Work with real-time information.

The unlimited Chatsonic plan costs $16 a month. You can try Chatsonic here.

4. CoPilot

CoPilot by GitHub is a highly suitable ChatGPT alternate tool for developers. It is powered by an advanced gpt-4 model trained on millions of lines of code. Developers can leverage CoPilot for code completion in real time. It can understand the context of the code and make relevant suggestions.


Moreover, the AI tool is compatible with popular IDEs, including Visual Studio, JetBrains, VS Code, etc.

CoPilot offers a speech recognition feature to input voice commands. Developers can use it to write code, improve existing code, in-depth analysis of code files, explanation of code snippets, answer questions related to technical docs, etc.

The conversational AI platform supports several programming languages, including JavaScript, BASH, Python, Ruby, etc.

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Offers in-depth pair programming capability.Costly compared to other options.
Accessible through a range of code editors.Designed specifically for developers.
Developed and maintained by GitHub.

CoPilot offers a free trial and its paid version starts at $10 a month. You can try CoPilot by GitHub here.

5. Bard AI

Bard AI is an AI-powered chatbot alternative by Google. It is currently an experimental conversational AI service.

Barid AI

Bard AI was based initially on Google’s LaMDA AI model and later the PaLM LLM. The AI chatbot uses advanced natural language processing capabilities to understand user input and respond with greater accuracy. It also considers the latest knowledge when responding and is not limited to data till a specific year like ChatGPT.

The new updates (as of July 2023) include the following:

  • Bard AI is now available in over 40 new languages;
  • Users can now upload images to the Bard using Google Lens;
  • There are text-to-speech capabilities;
  • The platform now offers sharable links to share Bard AI chats with others.

However, Bard AI is still in the early stages of development and not as effective as ChatGPT in understanding complex queries, like helping users with code reviews, etc. Being in the research phase, it is available free of cost to users.

It is based on Google technologies.The platform is currently in an experimental stage.
It is free to use.

Try the Bard AI platform here.

6. Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak is an excellent AI tool for English language learning and translation. With the help of advanced AI, Elsa Speak offers a personalized learning environment to users. 

Elsa speak

It considers the learner’s strengths and weaknesses and suggests personalized interactive content for English language improvement. 

Elsa Speak is available as an Android and iOS app. The platform covers a wide range of topics, from basic vocabulary to advanced English for business and public-speaking use cases. The app offers more than 7100 lessons, 22 essential skills, tools to track progress, etc.

A better option than ChatGPT for English language learning.Limited applicability compared to ChatGPT.
Provides real-time feedback.Limited language support for non-English speakers.

Elsa Speak English Language Speech Assistant offers a 7-day free trial and the paid plan starts from $11.9 a month. Try Elsa Speak here.

7. OpenAI Playground

The OpenAI playground allows users to try different models by OpenAI. It is like a demo version of ChatGPT. 

OpenAI Playground

The users can play with different model parameters like randomness, number of tokens, stop sequences, etc. Each model gives a different accuracy. 

OpenAI playground offers multiple intuitive features to effectively use an AI model for NLP-related tasks, such as an option to upload audio recordings. 

It has high response accuracy like ChatGPT.It is not for everyday users.
It offers multiple language learning models.

You can sign up for an account on OpenAI Playground and use it for free. Try OpenAI Playground here. You might need to subscribe to a paid plan if your usage is high.

8. LLaMa by Meta

Meta launched LLaMa 2 after the success of LLaMa (Large Language Model Meta AI) and is among the notable alternatives to ChatGPT. It is an open-source project.

LLaMa is built for software engineers by the Fundamental AI Research (FAIR)Team to build AI-powered applications for question answering and summarization.

Meta has made available both pre-trained and fine-tuned models with 7 billion to 70 billion parameters. LLaMa has significant reasoning and coding abilities, matchable with ChatGPT. 

The LLaMa 2 model has a context length of 4096 tokens and is trained on 2 trillion tokens. It has double the context length and is trained on 40% more data than the previous LLaMa version.

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It is based on Google technologies.It is currently in the experimental stage.
It is free to use.LLaMa 2 models perform slightly less in a range of benchmarks than competitors, including GPT 4.
Likely the most powerful publicly available LLM with up to 70 billion parameters.

You can request the latest LLaMa version here. It is free to use.

9. YouChat

It is an AI model by that can answer general questions on a range of topics, explain topics, offer suggestions, summarize text, write emails, perform coding tasks, etc.

YouChat chatgpt alternative tool

YouChat is trained on an advanced GPT model. It has a user-friendly interface with options for voice and video calls, file sharing, group chats, etc.

It offers easy integrations with third-party apps.No added functionality apart from chatting.
The AI-powered tool works on real-time data available on the internet, unlike ChatGPT.Some users report frequent glitches where the platform becomes irresponsive.

The YouChat search engine and chatbot are free to use. You can try using YouChat here.

10. Poe

Poe (Platform for Open Exploration) by Quora is a unique AI platform that offers users multiple AI models in one place. Users can use Sage, GPT-4, Claude, etc., for text-based tasks. These AI chatbots can respond promptly to user queries and hold contextual conversations. 

Poe chatgpt alternative tool

The platform also offers personalized feedback to users on writing. Moreover, it offers citations for sources of information. Poe lets you explore small-scale AI bots for interaction and also allows you to create your own bot.

All-in-one platform to access various AI models.It offers limited access to advanced AI models like GPT 4.
It offers an exclusive iOS app for a better experience for mobile users.There is no Android app for Google Play Store.
It integrates well with writing tools like Google Docs.

Poe comes with a simple and sleek web user interface that you can try here. You need to sign up for an account and can use the platform for free. Paid plans start at $13 a month.

Ready to Use AI Tools?

As discussed, Several ChatGPT alternative tools are available today to help you use advanced AI for NLP-related tasks. All these platforms use generative artificial intelligence models that significantly assist with creative and problem-solving tasks.

Most of the advanced AI tools use OpenAI GPT models. OpenAI gives users an incredible opportunity to train and fine-tune these highly advanced AI models according to their specific business use cases.

If you are also planning to create a custom AI-powered bot for your business, please note that such a complex project requires exceptional expertise in neural language models, deep learning algorithms, AI frameworks and libraries, programming languages like Python, etc.

If you do not find such talent on your team to create your own AI chatbot based on cutting-edge technologies, DevTeam.Space can help you via a field-expert developers community. 

All our developers are vetted for their skills in cutting-edge technologies, including AI and machine learning. Moreover, these are dedicated developers who work full-time under an experienced technical manager.

You can outsource your custom AI development project to dev teams at DevTeam.Space or hire individual high-quality developers to enhance the expertise of your existing team. You can get in touch by sending us your initial project specifications via this quick form. One of our account managers will contact you shortly.

FAQs on ChatGPT Alternative Tools

1. What else can I use instead of ChatGPT?

There are several alternate AI tools available that you can use instead of ChatGPT. Some ChatGPT alternatives even offer more features than ChatGPT at a lower price. Some of the best ChatGPT alternative tools include Microsft Bing AI, LLaMa by Meta, Chatsonic, Character AI, Perplexity AI, etc. These best ChatGPT alternative tools come with both free and paid versions. You can also fine-tune the GPT language generation model to create your own AI models.

2. What is the fastest-growing AI tool?

OpenAI, founded in 2015, is the fastest-growing AI platform, with 7300% search growth over the last five years. 

3. What is Google’s alternative to ChatGPT?

Bard AI is the alternative to ChatGPT by Google. It is powered by PaLM 2, a large language model Google revealed in 2023. Although Google Bard AI is an experimental AI conversational service, it gives more up-to-date information than ChatGPT, which works only on data available before September 2021.


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