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Are you looking for compliance software solutions?

Compliance software, also called compliance management or regulatory compliance software, helps enterprises monitor and adhere to compliance requirements and internal policies in their operations and services. 

60% of business owners state they find keeping up with compliance regulations challenging. Non-compliance costs businesses over $4 million in revenue losses and more than a million in legal penalties over a year. 

Compliance software helps businesses with efficient compliance and reduced legal risks via compliance monitoring, risk management, policy management, audit schedules, reporting, etc.

Developing custom compliance software requires a deep understanding of industry regulations, market standards, compliance frameworks, and cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, cloud computing, etc. 

If you don’t have a professional team with this relevant expertise to take on the complex task, then submit a request for a complimentary discovery call, and one of our tech account managers who managed similar projects will contact you shortly.

We now discuss top compliance software tools worth your time and money.

Compliance Software Tools

Some of the best compliance management tools available in the market to help you streamline and automate your compliance-related activities include the following:

1. Skillcast

For over 20 years, Skillcast has helped over 900 companies with their compliance requirements. The compliance management system focuses on compliance training and education while streamlining approvals and reporting on one platform.

The Skillcast compliance solution offers the following key features:

  • A learning management system (LMS) offers corporate compliance courses, dynamic course assignments, synchronization of staff records, a mobile solution, etc.
  • A wide selection of compliance libraries assist with digital compliance training. Users can edit content with no extra charges.
  • Support for e-learning standards, like SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and remote AICC.
  • Add on tools for compliance declarations, registers, surveys, etc.


You get the following benefits with Skillcast compliance training software:

  • Easily track and assess each employee’s training courses on one platform.
  • Customize e-compliance training content according to your company’s requirements.
  • Access quality content on universal compliance standards like GDPR, safety, etc.
  • Easily manage compliance training events, including approval automation, event attendance analysis, training calendar synchronization, etc.


Some cons that come with using Skillcast include the following:

  • Some users found content editing on the Skillcast platform very tedious. You need the help of the Skillcast team to edit modules, release new training content, etc.
  • Reporting features need improvements.


Three pricing plans include Library Only, Premium Plan, and Enterprise. The pricing model works based on the number of users. You can choose between 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 users. 

The Library Only plan for one user is £ 80.30, and the Premium Plan is £ 91.30 per user. The Enterprise plan is available for 500 plus users minimum.

Learn more about Skillcast here.

2. iComply

Founded on the values of trust, accountability, security, and privacy, iComply helps create environments for compliant and secure transactions that foster transparency and safety. iComply serves clients across over 240 countries. 

The compliance and security software uses advanced KYC (Know Your Customer), AML, and blockchain technologies.

iComply solution offers the following features:

  • AML risk screening.
  • A tokenization platform, Prefacto, helps issue, manage, and govern your digital securities. Prefacto also incorporates relevant regulations for optimum compliance.
  • Streamlines and accelerates onboarding of corporate and legal entities.
  •  Robust verification of key business documents.
  • Enhanced security via advanced biometric and liveness checks.
  • A reliable identity verification process.
  • Covers a wide range of industries, including real estate, fintech, financial services, legal, insurance, and general industries.


With iComply, you get the following pros:

  • Transnational reach through globally-suited compliance solutions for secure transactions.
  • You get automated efficiency by streamlining your compliance through automated KYC processes and workflows.
  • You save time implementing elaborate workflows for digital compliance, including asset transferability and maintaining security control over digital assets.
  • Efficiently navigate complex compliance requirements through innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain for a high return on investment.


Some cons include

  • Vendor dependence on critical security operations;
  • No in-person or video training options are available.
  • The compliance solutions are fully cloud or web-based. No on-premise Windows Linux support is available.


iComply offers three platform licenses – KYC Essentials, KYC Pro, and KYC Enterprise. The price range is not available on their website.

You could fill out a contact form with all your service requirements and company information, and the company would respond to you with a quote based on your license.

Learn more details on iComply compliance software here.

3. SiteDocs

Since 2012, SiteDocs has been helping companies achieve workplace safety, especially in the manufacturing industry. SiteDocs ease designing, building, and managing the workplace safety program compliant with industry safety standards.

Big and small companies have trusted SiteDocs for safety compliance, including Clayton Homes and Matson.

The SiteDocs safety management software offers the following key features:

  • Easily track and monitor compliance adherence from workers and contractors in real-time.
  • Set up and automate safety reminders for personnel working on sites.
  • Personalize tasks associated with each worker and only show concerned jobs.
  • Leverage data sharing and integration across your business platforms.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • Certificate management.
  • Security incident management.
  • Track corrective measures and flag items for follow-ups.


SiteDocs offers the following pros:

  • You can go paperless for safety procedures via digital signatures, real-time inspection of safety-compliant actions, etc.
  • Store all the security documents in one place secured with SSO (Single Sign-On) for system administrators. 
  • You can create custom profiles for all your workers.
  • Improve the safety of your workers via in-app chat.
  • Utilize offline mode in case of no network on remote sites for safety document access, etc.


A few cons with SiteDoc safety management solution are as follows:

  • No push notifications.
  • You cannot upload videos.


You can schedule a demo with SiteDocs to see if the compliance solution is suitable for your company’s compliance management processes. They do not provide pricing plans on their website. You can request a quote by filling out a short form with your company details. 

You can expect a short call from SiteDocs to suggest you a plan based on your company size and needs.

Learn more about the service offered by SiteDocs on their website here.

4. Qualtrax

Founded in 1993, Qualtrax has been supporting and maintaining document and data control requirements for small to large-scale businesses.

The parent company of Qualtrax, CCS-Inc., was the first Virginia-based company to achieve ISO certification in 1996. Today, Qaultrax is 9001:2015 certified. 

Qualtrax offers a suite of tools to businesses for efficient compliance management. This one-in-all compliance management software provides the following features:

  • Accreditation audit and management with central access to the audit data, compliance support for ISO standards, reporting, etc.
  • Streamlined document organization with data synchronization, role-based access control, automatic notifications, etc.
  • Automation of business processes to reduce time. You can also utilize read-to-use workflows for general tasks like internal audits, corrective actions, management reviews, etc.
  • Employee training management via assignment of role-based training, automatic reminders, insights into employees’ performance, effective reporting, etc.


A few pros attached to using Qualtrax include:

  • The cloud-based software allows the team to work remotely with all compliance data stored on one centralized platform. It also assists with remote employee compliance training assignments and management.
  • You can easily integrate with prominent third-party tools like email, ERP systems, Microsft Office, etc.
  • You can create custom compliance training courses.


You might face the following drawbacks with Qualtrax compliance software:

  • Uploading a comprehensive training course with more than 500 pages could be difficult.
  • Metric monitoring and reporting are not intuitive for training assessments. It has to be done manually.
  • Not enough customer support documentation, like user guides, video tutorials, etc., to better understand and utilize Qualtrax features.


There is no pricing plan available on their website. You can request a demo or a free trial to understand if the Qualtrax compliance solution meets your business requirements. 

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Learn more about Qualtrax compliance management software here.

5. Connecteam

The Connecteam app offers an all-in-one solution for compliance management and training. It helps businesses easily connect, operate, and train their deskfree employees.

The Connecteam app has over 500,000 daily active users in 79-plus countries. The compliance software has served more than 36,000 companies in 200 industries.

The Connecteam software application offers the following features:

  • You can access a knowledge base with unlimited documents, including compliance reports, policy procedures, compliance training material, etc.
  • Course creation allows businesses to design customized training manuals to inform employees of compliance updates, policy changes, etc.
  • You can quickly communicate with remote teams via multiple channels, including chat, surveys, events, etc.
  • Employee time clock tracks and manages work hours, tasks, and projects. These hours automatically add to the timesheet, reducing the manual work of adding hours for each employee.
  • Schedule job shifts and get live updates from your team.
  • Utilize mobile-first custom forms and reports.
  • Leverage HR and people management modules for training through course content creation, custom quizzes, progress tracking, etc.


Some advantages of using the Connecteam application are as follows:

  • You can create a custom compliance policy knowledge base.
  • You get unlimited storage for important employee and regulatory documents on one platform.
  • Ideal for teams dispersed in various locations for efficient and real-time collaboration through multiple features.
  • The Connecteam app is compatible across devices.
  • The customer support is efficient.


A few cons with using the Connecteam app include the following:

  • Some users report frequent glitches with the notifications feature.
  • There is not much integration support.


Connecteam offers four plans for operations, communication, and HR & skills. The Expert yearly plan is $99, the Advanced is $49 a year, and the Basic is $29 yearly. There is also a small business plan for up to 10 users that is completely free.

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Learn more about the Connecteam app solution here.

6. Netwrix Compliance Software

The Netwrix compliance management platform helps organizations with security compliance. The company was founded in 2006 and is now assisting more than 13,000 businesses with monitoring and responding to security incidents while managing the pressure for compliance audits.

According to statistics on the website, Netwrix software has helped 82% of client companies identify security lapses in their environment, while 70% have admitted their compliance operations got streamlined with Netwrix.

Companies like Vodafone, Airbus, and Denso use Netwrix for security and protection compliance management. 

Netwrix offers the following main features:

  • You can utilize multiple Compliance audit solutions. Netwrix StealthAUDIT identifies risks around sensitive data, Netwrix Auditor identifies and investigates security incidents, Netwrix Change Tracker tracks business operations to remain compliant with policies and standards, and Netwrix PolicyPak effectively manages a hybrid workforce.
  • Netwrix compliance solutions assist in adherence to prominent standards, including compliance solutions CMMC, ISO, HIPAA, NIST CSF, PCI DSS, and GDPR.
  • There are data security solutions, such as data access governance and ransomware protection.
  • Identity security via access management, active directory security, etc.


A few of the Netwrix pros include the following:

  • You can easily integrate with other security platforms, like Cisco network, Splunk, etc.
  • You can build custom integrations with your other business modules using the API for Netwrix auditor.
  • You can leverage machine learning technology via the Netwrix platform to analyze user behavior and detect anomalous activities.


You might experience the following cons with Netwrix:

  • The solution could get expensive for small businesses.
  • You might need a dedicated IT staff to handle the Netwrix system. Some users find it complex to handle compared to other software solutions.


The pricing plans are not available on the website. You can request a demo and a quote by contacting them via a form.

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Learn more about Netwrix compliance services here.

7. Corporater Compliance Software

The global company, Corporater, offers one platform for governance, risk, and compliance. Small to large enterprises, including companies from Fortune 500, leverage this agile, no-code, and configurable platform for compliance and security. 

Well-known companies, including Deloitte, Jhonson & Johnson, etc., rely on Corporater for their governance, risk, and compliance management.

Corporater software solutions include the following:

  • Financial services software for risk governance, due diligence, comprehensive documentation on risk concentrations, management of new and emerging risks like money laundering or terrorist financing (ML/TF), etc.
  • Policy management software helps manage corporate policy management lifecycle, collaborate and communicate policies, set automated policy workflows, keep policies and procedures up to date and accessible to all employees, etc.
  • Companies can use Organizational Compliance Management Software to manage and prove compliance with industry standards and laws. This includes regulations like AML/KYC, GDPR, AnaCredit, SMCR (UK), FINRA (USA), SEC (USA), FRB (USA), ABC 5678 — Quality management, ISO 12345 — IT service management, ISO 12345 — Social responsibility, ISO 12345 — Information security risk, and more.


Some pros of using Corporate compliance management solutions are as follows:

  • You get a one-in-all platform to demonstrate compliance, mitigate risks, streamline documentation, keep an audit trail, etc.
  • Easy integration with other software solutions like Business Continuity Management, Enterprise Risk Management, and Performance Management.
  • You can select between cloud, SaaS, and on-premise solutions.


You might experience the following cons:

  • You might find customization challenging. It could be a lot of hard work to customize the solutions for a highly regulated industry or your specific business requirements. 


The pricing details are not readily available. You can request a demo by filling out a short form with your company details.

You can learn more about Corporater solutions here.

8. DotCompliance

Claiming to be the top compliance expert in enterprise software technology, quality and compliance regulation, and process engineering, DotCompliance has been helping companies since 2016 with the implementation of quality management systems.

DotCompliance solutions help businesses with the following:

  • Document management;
  • Change management;
  • Audit management;
  • Compliance training;
  • Regulatory compliance processes;
  • Compliance risk management;
  • Utilize ready-to-use eQMS (electronic quality management systems) with pre-configured compliance procedures.
  • Solutions comply with general standards like 21 CFR part 11, EU-Annex 11, and support ISO 9001, 13485, 14971, and 27001.
  • DotCompliance solutions include workflows, compliance dashboards, data integration, AI, audit management, etc.
  • Solutions leverage the latest technologies, like artificial intelligence and big data, to make predictions and recommendations for quality improvements.


You can get the following advantages with DotCompliance solutions:

  • You can easily manage pre and post-market quality processes, CAPA (corrective and preventive action), change control, batch records, etc.
  • Responsive and knowledgeable IT and customer support team assist with navigating complex workflows.


You may experience the following drawbacks:

  • According to some users, the registration and reporting need improvement.
  • Some users find it difficult to get familiar with the complex user interface and functions.


While pricing details are not mentioned on their website, you can start a free trial or get a demo for any of the three products – QMS Xpress, Compliance Xpand, and Enterprise Xact.

You can view more details on compliance solutions offered by DotCompliance here.

9. HSI Donesafe Compliance Software

The unified HSI Donesafe risk compliance management solution helps modern businesses to proactively control and manage risk, governance, regulatory compliance, and workplace policies. 

The HSI Donesafe platform offers the following compliance-related services:

  • Risk assessments by capturing enterprise-wide data sources in real-time, including training, observations, incidents, etc.
  • Internal audit conducts inspections, checklists, and assessments and manages risk registers.
  • Actions management solution tracks risk causes and impacts against compliance processes, key risk indicators, etc.
  • Risk and compliance reporting via insightful tools;
  • The solution helps with compliance assurance for training, health, quality, etc., including standards like WHS, COMAH, ISO 45001, ISO 31000, etc.


You get the following pros from the HSI Donesafe compliance solution:

  • You can set up customized risk controls and techniques and utilize templates to implement risk assessment measures for your team.
  • You can leverage 50-plus solutions of HSI Donesafe and integrate them with the compliance management system. Some solutions include safety management, emergency management, certification management, continuous improvement, etc.


Some cons could include the following:

  •  Some users suggest that checklist configurations can be improved.


HSI Donesafe follows a user-based pricing model. The pricing plan is customized according to your organization’s needs, and you can request a quote and 1:1 personalized demo by filling out a form.

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Learn more about the Donesafe compliance management platform here.

10. Libryo

The Libryo EHS Regulatory Intelligence Solution helps businesses understand the laws relevant to their processes and further adhere to them effectively.

The Libryo compliance management software serves clients across several industries, including financial services, waste & recycling, technology, manufacturing, etc. There are over 20,000 Libryo users spread across 91 countries. 

The EHS regulatory compliance platform by Libryo offers the following key features:

  • A centralized compliance register that identifies and presents applicable laws, regulations, and standards in one place.
  • Monitoring capability helps track regulatory changes and send notifications in case of any modifications.
  • The document management capabilities assist with compliance-related document storage, management, and organization.


Some pros of using Libryo for compliance management are as follows:

  • Leverage a range of jurisdictions around the world.
  • You can create custom workflows for your employees with third-party integrations like Adobe, Slack, etc.
  • Libryo automatically filters all the laws and regulations relevant to your business criteria.


These might include the following:

  • Some users found the navigation, especially back and forth, a bit challenging.
  • According to some users’ experience, the search feature could be improved.
  • Small businesses might find the compliance service expensive.


While the pricing plans are not listed in detail on their website, you can request a quote by filling out a brief form.

The pricing is based on several factors, including number of business operations, legal jurisdictions in places of business operations, type of business activities, range of laws and regulations applicable to the business, extent of professional services required, etc.

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You can get more information on Libryo compliance services from their webpage here.

Planning a Compliance Strategy for Your Business?

Compliance and policy management include critical activities for any business, especially in highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare. The cost of non-compliance is reported to be 2.71 times higher than the cost of compliance. 

Given the importance of a robust compliance strategy in place, you might be planning to devise one using the right compliance management tools. The above list will help you make the right choice of compliance management software for your enterprise.

If you find your business compliance activities or policy management requirements more specific and off-the-shelf compliance tools do not meet them effectively, we suggest you develop custom compliance management software for your business processes.

Such development projects require expert developers with thorough domain knowledge, familiarity with compliance standards and frameworks, expertise in robust development tools, etc. 

If you do not find such talent on your project team, DevTeam.Space can help you partner with field-expert developers from its community of vetted and high-quality developers.

You can outsource your entire application development project to dev teams at DevTeam.Space or hire individual developers to enhance your existing team.

All our developers are trained in the latest technologies and managed by senior developers with experience in building similar applications. 

If you wish to know more about how we can help you build a custom compliance software solution, leave us your initial project specifications via this quick form.

One of our account managers will contact you shortly to discuss details on the onboarding process, team building, project management, etc.

FAQs on The Best Compliance Management Software

1. What is a compliance software?

Compliance software or compliance management software tools help businesses implement and adhere to industry standards, regulatory requirements, and internal policies. A compliance software solution helps with streamlining compliance procedures, reducing compliance risks, and staying compliant to avoid security breaches and legal penalties

2. What is NIST compliance? 

NIST compliance refers to the adherence to the standards and guidelines by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is a federal agency within the US Department of Commerce. NIST develops and promotes standards for various sectors, including cybersecurity, information security, and technology.

3. What systems are used for compliance management?

Some systems that help with compliance management include compliance management software that helps automate compliance works and has features like risk assessment, regulatory monitoring, audit tracking, policy management, compliance training, etc. A few examples of compliance management systems include Connecteam, Netwrix, DotCompliance, etc


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