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Top Compliance Solution Companies

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Are you looking for the best software compliance solution companies?

Compliance is critical for software companies with continuous advancements in the underlying technology and the ongoing changes to the regulatory environment. 

Compliance solutions help businesses adhere to legal obligations, protect data, manage reputation, etc. Ineffective compliance in business operations and data could lead to severe consequences for an organization, such as legal penalties, cyber breaches, and tarnished market standing.

According to a report, 91% of industry leaders plan to incorporate continuous compliance in the next five years. While many software solutions are available in the market for compliance management that businesses can readily adopt, taking the services of compliance solution companies could help a great deal. 

Compliance service providers provide industry-level experience to understand and implement complex regulations specific to your business domain. These companies utilize the latest technology for compliance and can help you choose the right tools for your compliance needs. 

You can employ experienced professionals to mitigate potential risks, apply consistent compliance practices, and save on training and education costs,

Developing a compliance management solution requires a deep understanding of compliance standards for specific domains, audit requirements, reporting standards, data privacy techniques, etc., besides deep expertise in development frameworks, database management, API integrations, cloud infrastructure, etc. 

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We present in this article the top compliance companies that you can look into for your compliance requirements.

Compliance Solution Companies

Some of the leading companies providing compliance services include the following:

BARR Advisory Compliance Solution Company

It is a cloud-based compliance service provider that assists businesses with security and compliance in highly regulated industries, including information technology, financial institutions, and healthcare. 

Compliance services

Some of the services offered by BARR Advisory include:

  • Government assessments for cybersecurity regulations;
  • HITRUST and HIPAA compliance;
  • ISO and IEC compliance, including ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and ISO 27701 standards;
  • SOC 1,2,3, and cybersecurity assessments;
  • Adherence to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS);
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

BARR Advisory employs innovative technology and cloud-based solutions to proactively identify, navigate, and respond to risks associated with cybersecurity and compliance. 

The BARR associates have over 100+ industry certifications to assist their clients effectively. The company services clients globally in 20-plus countries.


It is an award-winning managed security service provider (MSSP) that includes compliance in its broad range of services. Cybriant has seven years of experience in cybersecurity and compliance services and has served over 1400 businesses globally.

Compliance services

Compliance-specific services of Cybriant include the following:

  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC);
  • Cyber risk assessment;
  • Security gap analysis;
  • Penetration testing;
  • Virtual CISO, etc.

Cybriant offers its services to businesses that want to meet compliance requirements for information security, have access to clients’ private information, create or possess proprietary or intellectual property of clients, or are publicly traded companies.

TeamLogic IT Compliance Solution Company

The TeamLogic IT firm helps businesses utilize smart technology with caution and safety. The managed services provider has 15 years of experience helping companies of all sizes with their IT challenges, including compliance, data backup and recovery, cloud services, etc.

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Compliance services

Some prominent cybersecurity and compliance services of TeamLogic IT include the following:

  • Security risk assessment;
  • Proactive compliance monitoring;
  • Adherence with compliance standards, including HIPAA and PCI;
  • Incident response;
  • Endpoint protection;
  • Network assessment;
  • Cloud-readiness assessment;
  • Wireless assessment;
  • IT downtime calculation.

TeamLogic IT claims to be your technology advisor and comprises a nationwide network of business and technology experts. The global consulting firm offers services in 243 locations throughout the United States.


The company offers regulatory IT compliance services. CyberSecOp is a security consulting firm with the necessary certifications, including CMMC-AB RPO and ISO 27001, to assist businesses with cybersecurity operations and risk management through a custom approach and objective insights.

Compliance services

CyberSecOp offers the following services related to compliance:

  • Understanding compliance requirements;
  • Create security policies;
  • Adherence to compliance standards includes the following areas:
    • HIPPA;
    • HITECH;
    • GLBA;
    • GDPR;
    • ISO 27000;
    • NIST;
    • FINRA;
    • FISMA, etc.
  • Prepare audits;
  • Vulnerability assessment, etc.

According to Gartner Peer Insights, CyberSecOp ranks in the top 2 cybersecurity consulting services. The cybersecurity and compliance service provider assists clients in defending against data theft, strategizing rapid incident responses, and implementing long-term proactive cybersecurity programs.


Since 2005, ComplianceForge has been providing high-quality cybersecurity and data privacy solutions to businesses ranging from small startups to government agencies. ComplianceForge serves clients in several industries, including technology, healthcare, legal, financial services firms, etc. 

The compliance service company provides customized cybersecurity documentation to businesses and saves them from the time-consuming in-house documentation writing process.

Compliance services

ComplianceForge offers documentation services in the following areas:

  • Integrated Controls Management (ICM);
  • Hierarchical Cybersecurity Governance Framework (ICM);
  • Security Metrics Reporting Model (SMRM);
  • Information security requirements, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, CMMC, NIST, RMF, FACTA, GLBA, etc.

The comprehensive documentation by ComplianceForge helps businesses stay compliant with required cybersecurity and privacy regulations with a special focus on governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). The semi-customized documentation incorporates leading industry practices, like ISO, NIST, OWASP, and CSA.

Planning Compliance Policies for Your Enterprise?

Compliance adherence is crucial for small businesses and large enterprises to meet legal regulations, proactive risk mitigation, data security, global expansion, and gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

87% of companies reported negative outcomes due to low compliance maturity, while 47% of businesses experienced low sales due to ineffective compliance.

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Given the importance of compliance adherence, it is essential for business CEOs and CTOs to proactively devise strategies to make their operations, services, and products industry-compliant. 

If you plan on taking compliance consultancy, the above list of compliance solution companies could help you make a sound decision for your business compliance partner. If you have specific compliance requirements and want to streamline your compliance processes, customized compliance software would work best for you.

You need to partner with expert software engineers to develop and deploy your compliance system. These developers should have a thorough understanding of compliance standards, data management, cybersecurity practices, development techstacks, latest technologies, like robotic process automation, machine intelligence, etc.

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1. What is compliance in software companies?

For software companies, compliance refers to the adherence to laws, regulations, industry standards, and internal policies related to how the software is developed, deployed, maintained, and utilized. Some essential aspects of compliance in the software industry include legal compliance, security compliance, quality assurance standards, software licensing, ethical considerations, etc.

2. What is an example of compliance management?

Compliance management ensures your business processes and tools attain compliance with relevant regulations, laws, and enterprise policies. Take an example of handling user data. The compliance process involves adhering to GDPR standards for user data privacy and protection via robust data security measures of encryption, access control, internal audit procedures, vulnerability assessments, integrated risk management, etc.

3. What is a regulatory compliance solution?

It is a compliance platform or tool to help organizations comply with industry regulations and internal policies. The regulatory compliance systems help businesses streamline compliance processes like risk assessments, documentation management, metric monitoring, incident reporting, auditing, etc.


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