Where to Find a Software Engineer in the USA

Where to Find a Software Engineer in the USA?

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Are you interested in how and where to find a software engineer in the USA?

You are at the right place to find the answer, as in this article, we will discuss the options to find a software engineer for your next software development project.

According to CareerExplorer, there are almost 831,300 software engineers in the USA, and the market is expected to grow by 30.7% by 2026. The software engineering industry is mainly centralized in Washington, California, and Texas.

So, how can you filter the best software developer to realize your dream of a market-competitive software solution? Let’s see.

Options to Find a Software Engineer

The top three options to find a software engineer include the following:

  • Job Boards and Professional Networking Sites
  • Freelancing Platforms
  • Hybrid Software Development Companies

You will likely face a set of pros and cons when working with software developers from each category.

Let’s discuss each option to find a software engineer in detail.

Job Boards and Professional Networking Sites

A Job board is a website where recruiters post job openings for job seekers. People looking for jobs can go through these job boards in search of roles they are interested in and filter by location, industry, etc.

Some of the common job boards for tech jobs include Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

Networking sites like LinkedIn and developer conferences are also great options for finding software engineers according to your requirements.

The platform gives an option to connect with people related to your work niche, announce yourself as open to new roles, and explore many job opportunities.


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You can opt for both of these options for tech recruitment if you plan to build an in-house team of professionals. An in-house team of software developers will give you the following advantages:

  • An in-house software engineer is committed to your software development project only. Your in-house team gives their hundred percent time and effort to develop and maintain your software product.
  • There is better collaboration between team members. They meet daily and discuss project progress, including roadblocks and possible solutions. It increases work efficiency.
  • There is also better communication. Face-to-face meetings help to convey ideas and swiftly remove any misunderstandings regarding work.

With these benefits of hiring an in-house software engineer, there are some disadvantages, such as follows:

  • You get access to a limited pool of software developers located in a specific location you are hiring from. You may have to compromise on the skills and expertise required to complete your software project successfully.
  • A limited software development skillset can lead to the creation of a subpar software product that can, in turn, damage your brand reputation in the marketplace.
  • The hiring process is quite cumbersome with in-house employees. You have to arrange multiple sit-in interviews, and training sessions and spend time allowing new employees to get used to your office environment.
  • There are also auxiliary expenses with the in-house development team. You spend on maintaining an office space that comes with utility bills, hardware installation expenses, software licensing fees, etc.
  • You also have to spend on employee work benefits. These include sick leaves, maternity/paternity leaves, annual leave, bonus increments, etc., to keep them satisfied working in your organization.

Freelance Developers

At this point, you may realize that an in-house development team is not for you. You may want to invest in a one-time development team, and that’s it. This may lead you to find a software engineer on a freelance basis.

In recent years, the remote working model has become quite mainstream. Professionals are looking for ways to work a job of their choice without time or commute restrictions. Freelancing is one such working option.

Freelance work is getting quite popular. Freelancers are contributing 1.4 trillion dollars to the US economy. Moreover, freelancers are set to become the majority workforce of the United States by 2027.

You will find software developers in an abundance on the top freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, Toptal, etc.

Employers can post a job description and the skills they are looking for in freelancers to get the job done. Freelancers interested in doing your work will send proposals on your job post, including their cover letters and related work samples.

Some advantages of using freelancing platforms to find a software engineer include:

  • You get a number of proposals from interested freelancers in a short time.
  • You get access to a range of IT professionals in one place. You can choose according to your requirements for experience level, skill set, past work experience, etc.
  • A good freelancing platform provides secure communication channels and payments while working with new people for the first time. This can save people from scams.
  • In case of a dispute between a client and a freelancer, reliable freelancing spaces offer some extent of mediation services.

Some of the major disadvantages of hiring software developers working as freelancers are the following:

  • The work of a freelancing platform is only to connect employers with relevant freelancers. It does not guarantee the credibility of a freelancer through a thorough vetting process in place.
  • Filtering through a large number of freelancers’ proposals and finding the right people to do your job is a responsibility that you fulfill entirely on your own.

You can find details about a freelancer software developer on their profile page, including education and work history, a brief introduction, work samples, reviews from past clients, etc.

However, all this information does not ensure that a freelancer has the soft skills and technical expertise required for your software project.

  • Freelancers usually work on multiple projects to ensure a stable stream of income for themselves. It is possible that your hired freelancer software engineer is not giving his complete time and effort to your project.
  • A software development project usually involves several roles and responsibilities, like a designer, tester, project manager, etc. Seamless communication between team members and you is of prime importance.

In the case of freelancers working on your project, you have to set and maintain such effective communication channels.

  • Project management, including task assignments, performance tracking, follow-ups, etc., gets quite difficult while working with freelancers.

Most likely, they will be dispersed and working from various time zones. A freelance platform does not provide any assistance in project management.

Hybrid Software Development Companies

Today, software development projects are based on agile methodologies that include rapid development, close collaboration with customers and the development team, frequent changes in project requirements, and faster time-to-market to keep the users satisfied.

Agile development and project management are nearly impossible with a freelance project team. You want top software engineers working on your software project, even if it means hiring globally.

Your answer to finding such software developers is a hybrid software engineering company.

A software development company will save you from the hassle of setting up and maintaining an office setup and compromising on the quality of your team while hiring locally.

Some of the top hybrid software engineering companies in the US include:

  • IMCS Group for software application development, including web application development, mobile application development, IT consulting, etc.
  • DevTeam.Space, a California-based software development agency, offers a vetted community of field-expert software developers experienced in custom software development using the latest development technologies.

DevTeam.Space offers competent software developers with expertise in a specific niche, including data engineering, mobile application development, web development, WordPress development, blockchain technology, etc.

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Software developers undergo a rigorous vetting process, including interviews, coding challenges, etc., before they become a part of DevTeam.Space developers community.

These developers have developed and deployed software solutions for a range of industries like Finance, Real Estate, Advertisement, Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, etc., based on cutting-edge technologies.

The main advantages that you enjoy by partnering with a hybrid software development company include:

  • You get access to top-quality tech talent to hire for your software development project. You do not have to compromise on software skills.  Read here about the expert dev teams at DevTeam.Space.

Moreover, the credibility of these skilled developers is ensured by the software development company itself. You just have to go through their vetting and screening process for software developers and decide if the software developers are right for you.

  • These software developers offered by the hybrid software engineering company are managed by senior software developers.

Although you can act as a project manager, support from a senior developer, who is experienced in developing similar software, can save you from many pitfalls and expected project roadblocks.

Their experience helps you in adopting the best possible strategy for the complete software development life cycle.

Hybrid software engineering companies, like DevTeam.Space, have proper project management procedures in place. For example, DevTeam.Space offers an AI-powered project management process.

This AI-powered management solution by DevTeam.Space helps in efficient agile development. You can easily split your software project into manageable development tasks.

There are dashboards that help you track the progress of software developers working on your project. You can evaluate the collective and individual productivity of developers through daily and weekly performance reports.

Streamlined communication channels help swift communication with software developers to identify and resolve project roadblocks efficiently.

  • You also receive a guarantee from the software engineering company of software developers working on your projects.

For example, with DevTeam.Space you sign a work-for-hire master agreement.

This agreement declares that your software product is your intellectual property and ensures that software developers working on your software product will receive compensation after you approve of their work.

This is a huge advantage as with freelance developers there is always a risk of freelancers leaving your software project midway, putting you in a grave situation, or doing under-quality work that does not satisfy your business requirements.

Moreover, agreements like NDA help safeguard your software idea from theft and duplication. You can trust DevTeam.Space to sign these agreements on the first day of your onboarding.

You may find the following as cons of partnering with a hybrid software development company:

  • Inefficient communication and lack of collaboration while working with remote developers.

You may think this disadvantage is the same as working with freelancers. However, a software development company ensures there is no communication lapse between team members.

As discussed above, such software companies have proper communication channels in place for efficient communication. The use of software apps like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc., helps hold virtual meetings in routine for better collaboration.

  • Difficult management of software development projects.

You may find managing remote developers and overall project management difficult such as sprint planning, task assignments, code review sessions, etc.

Software development companies make this easier by using appropriate software tools like Trello, Jira, Asana, Git, etc. These software tools help in managing the code base, setting access controls for different team members, sharing files and documents, etc.

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You can find a custom software development company suitable for your business needs and company culture by visiting sites like Clutch, Good Firms, etc.

These websites display software developer companies building software for various industries. These platforms also provide ratings of such software development companies by their previous clients.

After finding a software company with experience in developing software for the niche you are interested in and has a good rating and reviews, you can go to their website and look for more details about them.

A good hybrid software development company displays its past projects, client reviews, and software developer portfolio on its websites.

If you find the software development company a good match for your business, you can further contact them through the provided option, such as a contact form, a contact email, etc.

Our blog here gives a detailed comparison of dedicated vs. freelance software development teams.

Ready to Find a Software Engineer for Your Software Development Project?

So, we discussed three options you can explore to find a software engineer for your next software project.

It may seem feasible and easy to hire software developers from a freelancing site; the most viable options are to build an in-office software development team or partner with a credible software development company.

You may be looking for software developers for a one-time software development project. Setting up and maintaining office space and hiring local software developers have their own disadvantages; compromise on the expertise of software developers and added expenses are just a few.

Hybrid software development companies offer a reliable and effective option to find and hire a software engineer suitable for your software project. You instantly reach a range of high-quality best software developers with specialized skills in specific IT niches.

Moreover, you get better project management, close collaboration with the development team, and security for your intellectual property.

Read our blog for more information on building a good dev team.

If you are still looking for talented developers to join your software development team, DevTeam.Space can help you via its field-expert software developers community.

Write to us your initial project specifications, and one of our account managers will get in touch with you to discuss more details on how our top tech talent can help you with their computer science and programming skills.

FAQs on Where to Find a Software Engineer in the USA

1. Where do you find software engineers?

You can find software engineers with a range of skills, like programming languages, frameworks, etc., and experience levels on freelancing sites like Topal, Upwork, etc., and also through a hybrid software development company and the best software engineer outsourcing agency like DevTeam.Space.

2. Where do most software engineers live in the US?

Most of the software engineers from the tech industry in the US are concentrated in Seattle, New York, and San Fransisco.

3. Where do software engineers work in the US?

Qualified Software developers, including mobile developers, web developers, data engineers, and DevOps engineers, work in almost every industry, including healthcare, finance, insurance, etc., as all businesses today utilize software applications to provide service and connect with their consumers. Some software developers are also a part of computer systems design, software applications, and electronic manufacturing companies.


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