What Makes A Successful Development Team?

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What makes a Successful Development Team
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A successful development team is inevitable to bring life to your business idea. Choosing a development team to work on your business product is no doubt the most important decision you will make for your business. 

You do not want to just hire people who code your product. You will be choosing individuals who will share your business vision and give their hundred percent to realize it. So, how do you ensure a successful development team? Let’s explore this in detail.

Attributes Of A Successful Development Team

Every workspace has its own culture. Every team has its own way to do things. However, there are some mutual qualities that successful dev teams share. Some of these qualities include:

Passionate About The Domain

Successful dev teams are passionate about their work and eager to excel in their domain. Software development technologies are always evolving. The dev tools, frameworks, etc., are always being improved to enhance the quality of the end product.

To deliver the right user experience in a competitive user market, developers must keep up with the latest advancements in their field. This is only possible if they have a passion to excel. 

Critical Thinkers

Problem-solving is the main job of software developers. Good developers think critically about a customer problem and try to reach an optimal solution. 

Successful developers are not handed over rigid specifications by their project manager or team lead. Expecting them to creatively think of a solution instead of just saying yes to the instructions often leads to a better end result, improved code quality, and happy developers.

Adequate Soft skills

Emotional intelligence, social skills, communication skills, etc., are as important as delivering the required technical output. 

Successful development teams try to enhance these soft skills through peer learning activities, making time for conversations, understanding each developer’s strengths and weaknesses, and benefiting from each others’ unique personalities.

Agile software development teams, such as a scrum development team, are cross-functional and self-organizing. Such teams are largely based on the collaborative efforts of each scrum developer to make the development lifecycle process a success.

Successful teams take in development team members who are an agile cultural fit or try to cultivate these qualities of teamwork among themselves.

Automating Processes

Try Automating repetitive tasks that are consistent through every release cycle. This gives developers a chance to spend that time on more creative tasks instead of time-consuming mundane jobs.

For example, developers automate scripts that run in a continuous integration phase for every patch release.

Successful Development Teams Use Collaboration Tools And Integrated Platforms

Collaboration among a development team is important for its success. Collaboration through comments on issues, inline questions, etc., ensures that every developer knows the latest progress of the project.

In today’s remote working setup, this collaboration has to be in the same working environment. This tells the right dev person to take over when it is their turn, through milestones, merge requests, etc. 

Therefore, successful and efficient dev teams are meticulous about documenting and leaving the right comments.

Version control is also used by almost all dev teams for the source code. However, it can be extended to all your development assets such as documentation, test routines, infrastructure code, CI/CD configuration, etc.

It results in efficient collaboration and improved learning opportunities for the whole dev team.

Having all the required software development tools in the same environment reduces the overhead of context switching, maintenance, administrative work, etc.

Integrated development tools make the software development process a lot smoother.

Successful Development Teams Have An Open Culture

Successful teams have an open culture where there is always room for each development team member to ask questions, make mistakes, and give opinions. 

Agile development counts the entire team accountable for the end result. This accountability fosters not only autonomy in a scrum team but shows multiple benefits.

When the development team spends time asking the right questions, the answers lead to important clarifications, and sometimes even improvements to the existing processes, which would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Retrospective meetings help dev team members to analyze what went wrong and what was the best course of action to meet the sprint goal.

Mistakes are discussed openly without any discouragement. They are to be taken as a learning experience for the future dev sprint backlog.

This transparent discussion and feedback are productive for the whole dev team and the project’s success. Therefore, a successful development team participates in a sprint review session after every sprint in an agile dev environment. 

Planning To Build A Software Development Team?

You, by now, have enough understanding of what forms a good and successful development team. You can start looking for experienced and competent software developers to join your product team.

Given the limitations of hiring local resources for an in-house development team, such as a lack of available talent and expensive hiring and training costs, you may opt for partnering with remote software developers through reputed software development companies.

Such software development companies give you the opportunity to increase or decrease your resources according to your project needs. Moreover, such software developers are managed by the company, so their performance is guaranteed.

If you are looking for such a software development company, DevTeam.Space can help you via its field-expert software developers community, where developers are vetted for their expertise in cutting-edge technologies.

You can share your initial project requirements via this quick form, and one of our account managers will reach out to you to help you partner with our experienced developers.

Frequently Asked Questions On A Development Team

1. What makes a development team?

The software development team structure consists of an in-house team or remote software developers dedicated to one software development project. In the agile team structure for scrum teams, there are front and backend developers, testers, and user experience designers, other than a software architect, project manager, and scrum master.

2. What are the characteristics of a good development team?

In a good dev team, individual team members are passionate about their work, ready to take responsibility by actively participating in the planning, estimating, and reviewing of the work, corporate with other team members by sharing knowledge, etc., to achieve a common development goal.

3. What is a dedicated development team?

A dedicated team can include developers, QA testers, UX/UI designers, project managers, DevOps support professionals, etc., working on a client’s product. It can be a hybrid team of a specialist and a generalist team of software engineers.

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