What Can Be Done With PhoneGap?


The main reason why PhoneGap is such a godsend for app developers is that it allows them to easily port apps to other mobile platforms. That means that an app developed for Android can be used on other platforms such as iOS or Windows by simply transferring the code. Creating apps that can then be ported to run on multiple platforms lowers costs and saves on development time.


Developers no longer have to check the functionality of their apps across multiple platforms and devices, meaning that testing can be rapidly speeded up. This allows project specialists to spend their time concentrating on creating the best possible user interfaces and features.


PhoneGap benefits hugely from plugin architecture. There are now over 1500 PhoneGap plugins that have been designed to make the job of developers much easier. Popular plugins include the Apache Cordova/PhoneGap Facebook plugin and one that allows developers to create Chrome apps for mobiles.


Even relatively inexperienced PhoneGap developers for hire are able to begin developing multi platform mobile apps using PhoneGap. Specialists only need to know JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS3 to get started. This is an enormous benefit for both project managers and mobile app development engineers as it allows them to focus their efforts on writing top quality code. Our expert PhoneGap developers here at DevTeamSpace have been empowered to develop some really innovative features that have helped us make our clients some amazing apps that really stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of PhoneGap

It’s easy

Because PhoneGap works on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, it makes creating high-end apps easy. So if you are a small startup looking to hire PhoneGap developers to create your project for you, then you can do so from the huge pool of talent out there. Many companies in the USA and around the world take the option of allowing their in-house specialists do the development for them because PhoneGapis so easy and makes the process so much more scalable.

It’s Simple

The reason that PhoneGap is such a powerful tool is simplicity. Standardized web technologies allow for reliable bridges to be created between smartphone devices and web applications that make the engineer‘s job of creating apps quicker. This helps to keep project costs lower.


Because iOS, Android, and Windows require app developers to have a knowledge of different programming languages and frameworks, creating apps for more than one platform can be a long drawn out and costly affair. Thanks to PhoneGap being compatible with all OS platforms, top PhoneGap programmers are able to create world-class apps for multiple platforms in times undreamt of just a few years ago.