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Mobile applications have become an inseparable part of our lives, and businesses are leveraging this fact. Businesses from a wide range of industries have launched their own mobile apps. This allows them a direct channel to interact with their clients.

The mobile app development landscape is very diverse. While many companies choose to launch native mobile apps, many opt for the hybrid route. Native mobile development involves technologies specific to platforms like Android and iOS so companies are required to develop a ‘different’ application for each platform. This can be expensive so some organizations choose the hybrid development route instead. PhoneGap is a hybrid mobile open-source development framework that is based on Apache Cordova. Hiring PhoneGap developers can be hard, however, the right job description template will help you.

The global market for mobile apps is huge, and it’s growing rapidly. An Allied Market Research report projects that this market will grow from $106.27 billion in 2018 to $407.31 billion in 2026. The report projects a CAGR of 18.4% during the 2019-2026 period. Naturally, such a vast market for mobile apps also requires diverse mobile app development approaches.

Businesses that prioritize user experience and performance choose the native development route. Android and iOS dominate the mobile operating system landscape, and businesses must launch native mobile apps for these operating systems separately. These apps have different codebases and the development requirements are also different. This makes development expensive. Maintenance costs tend to be high too.

Other businesses prioritize faster time-to-market and cost savings, and they take the cross-platform mobile app development route. They use development frameworks like PhoneGap for this.

Finding an expert PhoneGap developer can be challenging. You might need to work with recruiters that hire developers in offshore locations like Hyderabad and Delhi. You need to manage such developer’s remotely. The hiring process can be complex, however, our PhoneGap developer job description template can expedite the process.

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PhoneGap Developer Job Description Template

Job Description for PhoneGap Developer Jobs

Example Text:

We are a growing and exciting company looking for a full-time PhoneGap developer. Our requirements involve both mobile app development and maintenance. As a software engineer, you will work with our team of project managers, business analysts, architects, designers, testers, and DevOps engineers.

You will need to understand our app’s business and project requirements. Primarily, you will focus on developing PhoneGap mobile applications and maintaining them. Your skills and experience will help us to deliver sustained value to our clients.

You will work closely with our team and participate in our innovation journey. We value continuous improvement, whether it’s the technology stack or development processes. In this job-type, you will also be expected to provide suggestions that bring productivity gains.

You will report to the software development project manager in our organization. Your job will involve working closely with business analysts and architects to implement project requirements and technical solutions. You will contribute to our culture of transparency and openness by proactively reporting status updates and participating in problem-solving, etc.

Responsibilities of a Software Developer with PhoneGap Skills

Your developer will need a PhoneGap developer to take up the following responsibilities:
  • Understanding business requirements from business analysts;
  • Studying technical solutions and architectural decisions by working with software architects;
  • Working with UI designers to understand the design parameters and assumptions used in the project;
  • Creating technical specifications for new application development;
  • Developing hybrid mobile apps using PhoneGap;
  • Working with the testing and DevOps teams for testing and deployment;
  • Maintaining PhoneGap applications and resolving bugs;
  • Enhancing mobile apps based on requests for new features;
  • Status reporting;
  • Communicating with project stakeholders;
  • Collaborating with the larger project team to improve development practices and processes;
  • Coming up with ideas for continuous improvement.

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PhoneGap Developer Job Description Templates Takeaways

You need the following skills and competencies in a PhoneGap developer:

A PhoneGap Developer Job Description Template must:

  1. Primary Front-end Developer Skills Like JavaScript and Front-end Development that a PhoneGap developer needs

    Look for a PhoneGap developer with the following:
    • In-depth expertise in PhoneGap;
    • Deep knowledge of JavaScript;
    • Robust knowledge of Ajax, HTML, HTML5, CSS, and CSS3;
    • Years of experience in front-end development;
    • The ability to understand UI design parameters and coding a mobile application in line with them;
    • Sound knowledge of debugging;
    • In-depth experience in working with testing frameworks like JUnit, Espresso, Mocha, XCTest, etc.;
    • Sufficient familiarity with the JSON format;
    • Robust knowledge of bootstrap tools;
    • Good experience of working with tools like Git.
  2. Backend Development Skills That a Typical Web Developer Has

    Find a PhoneGap developer with the following backend development skills:
    • General skills of a web developer like developing web applications using Node.js;
    • Robust knowledge of popular architectural patterns like MVP, MVC, MVVM, and Clean Architecture;
    • Familiarity with cloud computing platforms like AWS;
    • In-depth expertise in XML;
    • Deep knowledge of SQL;
    • Robust skills in popular relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.;
    • Sound knowledge of document databases like MongoDB;
    • In-depth experience in developing web hirings and libraries like jQuery;
    • Deep knowledge of mitigating application security skills;
    • Experience in developing RESTful APIs.
  3. The knowledge of bridging gaps between PhoneGap development and native development on Android and iOS

    While PhoneGap allows you to create mobile apps that can run on both Android and iOS, it has a few limitations. PhoneGap doesn’t allow you to offer the user experience, performance, and security that native development allows. You will find gaps.

    You won’t be able to bridge all the gaps, however, you can bridge some of them. This requires a software developer that knows other popular frameworks along with PhoneGap. You need a PhoneGap developer with knowledge of React Native, AngularJS, and Ionic. Additionally, you need the developer to have knowledge of native Android and iOS development too.
  4. Generic and Full-stack Developer Skills Required in PhoneGap Developer Jobs

    You need a PhoneGap developer with the following additional skills:
    • Foundational skills of a software engineer;
    • Deep knowledge of software development lifecycle and methodologies like Agile;
    • Code review experience;
    • Robust knowledge of software defect prevention concepts;
    • Years of experience in implementing software development best practices;
    • In-depth knowledge of DevOps processes, tools, and practices.
  5. Competencies That a Mobile Application Developer needs

    Look for the following competencies in a PhoneGap developer:
    • Passion for excellence: You need developers that create the best user experience for your clients;
    • Commitment: Look for developers with a firm commitment to the project quality, budget, and schedule objectives;
    • Problem-solving capabilities: Hire developers that demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills;
    • Teamwork: You need developers that work collaboratively with your larger team;
    • Communication skills: Find PhoneGap developers that communicate effectively with the relevant project stakeholders.

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1. Should I Hire an Android Developer and an iOS Developer Separately or Use a Hybrid Approach?

Go for native development if you prioritize user experience and performance. Hire a Java developer for native Android development. Find a developer with the Swift SDK or Objective-C skills native iOS development. Hybrid development works if you want faster development and lower cost.

Hybrid development using Apache Cordova can’t match native development in terms of application security, user experience, and performance. Experience plays an important part in bridging some of these gaps. You need experienced developers for hybrid development.

PhoneGap uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can’t use PHP directly with it. However, you can create the back-end using PHP and connect a PhoneGap mobile application to it.

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