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How to Build a Celebrity Look-Alike App?

How to Build a Celebrity Look-Alike App?

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Are you interested in knowing how to build a celebrity look-alike app?

Celebrity look-alike apps combine entertainment and social networking into one platform. Moreover, they are built on the cutting-edge technology of facial recognition

The total revenue of entertainment applications is projected to reach 42.54 billion US dollars by 2027. Facial recognition technology, a prominent component of a celebrity look-alike app, is expected to reach a market value of 12.67 billion USD by 2028.

The growing opportunities in the entertainment software industry encourage business owners to invest in the market and mark their share in the return profits.

If you also plan to invest in the lucrative entertainment app market via a celebrity look-alike app, you are in the right place because, in this article, we will discuss how to build one in detail.

Build a Celebrity Look-Alike App

You would go through the following steps to build celeb look-alike apps with innovative and impressive features:

Perform Market Analysis and Decide on App Specifications

You need to understand your target audience before you start software development. Conduct market research to understand end-users’ demographics and requirements.

You can use techniques like online surveys, competitor analysis, persona development, etc., to understand user requirements and include them in your app specifications.

A best celebrity match app has multiple features related to entertainment and social networking, and some of these features include the following:

  • Social Signup and Login allow users to quickly register to an app using their social media and email accounts. You could add a multi-factor authentication feature to add more security.
  • Celebrity Filters detect facial features and map them with the most look-alike famous person. 
  • Cartoon Filters offer another entertainment option where users can turn their pictures into cartoon characters.
  • Gamification features increase user engagement by making apps more interactive. You could include celebrity quizzes and awards, an option to unlock new filters on achievements, etc., to keep users connected to your celebrity look-alike app.
  • Editing Tools allow app users to modify their pictures. They can add backgrounds, change facial features, apply filters, etc.
  • Social Media Integrations would help increase user activity on your app. Integrations with social media platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat, etc., would allow your app users to share celebrity-twin pictures on their social media accounts. This feature would also direct new audiences to your celebrity look-alike mobile app.

Form an App Development Team

You require a professional app development team to build a custom celebrity doppelganger finder app. You should hire the following roles on your team:

  • A UI/UX designer;
  • An iOS developer;
  • An Android developer;
  • A backend developer;
  • An app tester;
  • A business analyst;
  • A project manager.

Choose App Development Methodology

You would decide on the software development methodology your project team would follow during the entire app development process. 

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Developers mostly use agile development methodology for mobile application development. As agile methodology focuses on small incremental development phases instead of one large-scale app deployment, it leads to faster release of app features and quicker collection of user feedback. 

The agile methodology also adds flexibility to the development process, where changing end-user requirements can be easily added to future iterations. Moreover, agile development calls for a more collaborative approach among developers.

The two main agile frameworks for mobile application development include scrum and kanban.

Scrum would allow your developers to divide the entire app development project into multiple iterations called sprints. They would deliver a deployable feature at the end of each sprint and gather feedback on it. 

Daily standups, weekly sprint meetings, etc., would facilitate collaboration between your developers. 84% of companies using agile prefer the scrum framework.

If you are not much particular about your celebrity look-alike app features and expect frequent changes in your project requirements, the kanban methodology could also suit your project team. Kanban focuses on visualizing important development tasks via kanban boards. 

It allows continuous delivery of software while prioritizing user needs. It is more flexible and adaptable to market demands than scrum.

Provide App Development Infrastructure

The next step is the provision of app development infrastructure, including backend servers, memory management, storage spaces, development environment, testing frameworks, CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) tools, etc.

We suggest you opt for cloud services for your celebrity look-alike apps. Global cloud computing spending is expected to reach $118 billion by 2025.

Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure offer scalable infrastructure for mobile apps via serverless computing, allowing developers to build and deploy applications based on complex technologies with flexibility.

For example, you get the following benefits, including a lot more, by opting for Amazon Web Services for mobile application development: 

  • Your developers could use Amazon SageMaker, a fully-managed machine learning platform to build, train, and deploy ML models. They can use pre-built tools and algorithms to build AI features of celebrity look-alike apps;
  • Amazon Rekognition service could help you apply deep learning-based image and video analysis for facial recognition in your app;
  • Your developers could use Amazon Lambda, a serverless computing service, to run mobile apps without the provision and management of servers.

Now that you have the required mobile app development professionals on your team with all the tools, you could start with the app design and development process. 

Design a Celebrity Look-Alike App

You need to design an intuitive and engaging celebrity look-alike app. Your UI/UX designers should create a user interface that is easy to navigate and appeal to the eyes. 

Your app designers should consider design principles like consistency, simplicity, accessibility, etc. while designing your app wireframes. Moreover, they should follow the following guidelines for designing an interactive app for all platforms:

Your UI/UX designers could use tools to facilitate the wireframe development and app prototyping. For example, your app designers can use the InVision tool and take advantage of the following features, among others:

  • Your UI/UX could create interactive prototypes using features like animations, transitions, gestures, etc.;
  • The tool enables team collaboration in real time with features like comments, version control, etc.;
  • InVision makes the design handoff process easier as designers can share design files with developers in formats that translate into code via features like assets, code snippets, etc.

Develop a Celebrity Look-Alike App

Your backend developers would now start with the app feature development and backend integrations. You could opt for two types of mobile app development, including native app and hybrid app development. 

Native Mobile App Development

Native apps are developed for specific operating systems. They utilize device hardware and software features and offer optimized performance and excellent user experience. The leading mobile OS in the app market includes Android and iOS.

Android App Development

During the third quarter of 2022, there were 3.55 million apps available for Android users in the Google Play app store.

You need Android developers with skills in the following tools and technologies to develop celebrity look-alike apps for Android devices:

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  • Proficiency in programming languages like Java and Kotlin. While Java has been the popular language for Android development, Kotlin is taking over with a shorter learning curve, easy syntax, interoperability with Java, etc.;
  • Familiarity with integrated development environments like Android Studio accelerates app development. Your developers would get access to an intelligent code editor, UI layout editor, debugging tools, etc., by using Android Studio IDE;
  • Experience in using Android SDK Manager to help manage Android SDK versions and updates;
  • Skills in using Android Emulator that comes with Android Studio. Using Emulator, your developers could test an app on virtual devices with different screen sizes, Android versions, etc.;
  • Expertise with Gradle build system. It would allow your developers to automatically compile and build app code, manage dependencies, generate app packages (APKs), etc.;
  • Expertise in code version control tools like Git allows developers to manage source code and track changes over time. They can collaborate and merge multiple code branches on the same main codebase.
iOS App Development 

While the Google Play store has the highest number of mobile apps for Android users, the Apple App Store surpasses monetization and revenue collection.

In the third quarter of 2021, consumer spending on Apple App Store reached 21.5 billion US dollars compared to 12.1 billion USD on Google Play.

You require iOS developers with the following expertise to create celebrity look-alike apps for iOS users:

  • Experience in using programming languages like Objective-C and Swift. Swift is preferred for iOS app development as it is developed by Apple and optimized for the platform;
  • Expertise in IDEs like Xcode. Your developers would get access to a feature-rich code editor, graphical interface builder, source control, etc.;
  • Understanding of debugging tools like LLDB bugger by Xcode that helps developers identify bugs, inspect memory usage, etc.;
  • Expertise in using iOS SDK that provides developers with all the development frameworks, libraries, and APIs required to interact with hardware features like camera, GPS, memory, interface, etc.;
  • Familiarity with CocoaPods manager to add third-party libraries and frameworks to your app project;
  • Familiar with simulators to run and test apps on virtual devices, including macOS, watchOS, etc., without actual installations on physical devices;
  • Your developers could utilize Apple Developers Program and access tools and resources required to build, test, and release iOS apps. They also get access to beta versions of iOS.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid or cross-platform apps work on various devices and operating systems. A single code base is used on multiple platforms for easy portability and low development costs. Hybrid apps get exposure to the maximum target audience.

You need developers with the following skills to build a hybrid application:

  • Proficiency in web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;
  • Expertise in cross-platform development frameworks, like Flutter;
    •  42% of developers were using Flutter in 2021, and 68.03% of developers favored Flutter for extensive development in the 2022 survey. 
    • Your developers would be able to develop an app with a native look and feel using Flutter features like hot reload, widget library, reactive programming, etc.;
  • Experience in integrated development environments for hybrid app development, like Visual Studio, IntelliJ, etc., that offer tools to write, test, and debug code;
  • Understanding of version control systems like Git and SVN that would help your developers collaborate on complex codebase via features like branching, merging, rollbacks, etc.

Database Technologies

You need a database for your celebrity look-alike mobile app for several reasons, such as storing user-generated content, providing offline access to app content, managing vast amounts of celebrity photos and video data for easy retrieval, etc. 

Your developers could choose from multiple database technologies available for mobile applications. For example, your developers can use SQL-based SQLite for structured data storage and management. It offers the following features:

  • Your developers can use SQLite, an open-source database platform, for efficient database operations as it uses a transactional storage system;
  • It is ACID compliant, which means your developers could ensure data consistency and integrity;
  • SQLite consumes less memory, which makes it a good choice for mobile applications with limited memory space.

Your developers can use a NoSQL-based Couchbase database to handle non-structured data. It offers the following benefits, among many others:

  • Couchbase offers high performance and enables fast real-time data processing and analytics;
  • Your developers can use various data models like documents, key-value, JSON, etc., for different use cases;
  • The synchronization feature allows data synchronization between mobile devices and backend servers.

API Development and Integrations

Your developers could develop APIs to interface with external software services. Moreover, APIs allow integration with third-party libraries and platforms, and developers can extend app functionalities without feature development from scratch.

98% of organizations agree that APIs are essential for an enterprise’s digital transformation. 48% of them state accelerated innovation as the main benefit of using APIs.

You require developers with the following skills and tools for API development, testing, and integration:

  • Familiarity with REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture which follows a client-server architecture to build web services and uses HTTP as a communication protocol. It is stateless and cacheable, which improves the overall performance of the software solution;
  • Proficiency in GraphQL query language. It would allow your developers to build a reliable connection between client and server as it is a strongly typed language, which means every data piece returned by an API has a defined type. Moreover, it is a declarative language, which means clients can specify the data they want to access, and the server returns only the requested data.
  • Experience using the Swagger tool for API development, documentation, and publication;
  • Experience using the Insomnia tool to test and debug RESTful APIs via key features like GraphQL support, OAuth2 Authentication, etc.


DevOps refers to a set of practices that enable close collaboration between developers and the operations team for quick delivery of high-quality software. 83% of CTOs report in a survey that their organization is implementing DevOps practices.

Your developers could use DevOps practices during the entire development lifecycle. Some of these include:

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, where your developers would automate development, testing, and deployment tasks. They could use tools like GitLab to automate the development pipeline from code check-ins to final app release;
  • Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) means all infrastructure components, such as servers, databases, etc., are defined in the code base and can be managed using version control tools.
  • Continuous monitoring and feedback allow developers to monitor app performance and gather user feedback. In his way, issues are identified early on and resolved using the CI/CD pipeline.

Latest Technologies

Cutting-edge technologies, like artificial intelligence and augmented reality, would help your developers build innovative features in your celebrity look-alike apps.

AI is used to build a personalized app experience for users. Machine learning models are used to collect and process user data and suggest content based on previous user activity on your app.

Natural Language Processing techniques help build voice recognition features where users can interact with your app via speech. NLP also facilitates the development of chatbots for customer support that offer near-human-like interaction to app users.

You require machine learning engineers with specialized skills and knowledge to build AI-based features. Some of the required expertise include the following:

  • Understanding of machine learning algorithms like clustering, classification, regression, neural networks, etc., NLP techniques like sentiment analysis, image processing techniques, etc.;
  • Proficiency in Python programming languages to utilize the collection of machine learning libraries like PyTorch, Scikit-learn, etc., and tools like TensorFlow, Keras, etc.;
  • Experience using the Core ML framework by Apple that would allow your developers to integrate machine learning technology models into your app efficiently;
  • Expertise in tools like IBM Watson to integrate AI-based features into your app, such as voice recognition, speech-to-text conversion, etc.

You could use augmented reality to enhance your app experience. AR help build filters that are very similar to reality. The technology could also be used to create interactive experiences for users in your app, such as virtual tours to celebrity events, virtual meetups with celebrities, etc.

Look for developers with experience in AR tools and technologies, some of which are as follows:

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  • Understanding of computer vision algorithms to implement AR features, such as facial recognition, object detection, etc.;
  • Experience using ARKit and ARCore to add augmented reality features to your iOS and Android apps, respectively. Your developers can utilize a range of tools in ARKit and ARCore to build AR experiences using cameras and other mobile device sensors;
  • Expertise in open-source AR development tools like ARToolKit to build enhanced user experience via 3D object tracking, AR camera calibration, etc.;
  • Experience in modeling tools to create 3D models and animations for augmented reality experiences. Your developers could use tools like Blender, 3D Max Studio, etc.

Test your Celebrity Look-Alike Application

App testing is an essential part of an app development lifecycle. Agile development encourages feature testing among developers via routines like unit testing, integration testing, etc. This ensures that all developers produce high-quality and bug-free code.

Your app testers would conduct elaborate testing of your celebrity look-alike apps. They should conduct tests, including functional, security, performance, regression, etc., to guarantee the app’s functional and non-functional requirements are met.

Your quality assurance developers could use software testing tools to accelerate the app testing process.

For example, your team can use Firebase Lab Test and take advantage of the following benefits, among others:

  • Your developers could virtually test your celebrity lookalike app on a range of configurations and operating systems;
  • The tool allows testers to run automated tests to save time and remain consistent with app testing routines;
  • Your developers can use the test reporting feature that provides screenshots, logs, etc., that help them identify and rectify code issues.

App Release and Maintenance

When your app development team is sure that app runs bug-free and meets all the decided specifications, they start the app release process.

Your developers would compile the source code and package the application in a deployable format. Pre-deployment checks in the staging environment ensure that all configurations work correctly. 

You developers can use software like continuous integration/continuous deployment tools, such as Jenkins, and cloud deployment tools like AWS CloudFormation to manage the complete application deployment process from build to release.

Your developers also need to follow the publishing guidelines for Apple and Android to meet all requirements of a specific mobile app store. 

After the app release, your developers would monitor app performance in the user environment. You would collect user feedback on your celebrity look-alike apps via app store reviews, user ratings, online surveys, in-app surveys, etc.

You would analyze user feedback and make improvements to your app accordingly. You also need to plan a maintenance schedule with your development team. Regular app maintenance would help you run periodic security checks, upgrade apps with newer technologies, etc.

Ready to Build a Celebrity Look-Alike App?

The entertainment app market is vast, and it’s quite a challenge to develop an app that stands out. Apps based on the latest technologies, like celebrity look-alike app solutions, are more complex.

You would need competent software developers with experience in the latest app development technologies. DevTeam.Space can help you here via a field-expert community of software developers.

All our developers are vetted for their software development skills and have experience developing software solutions for several industries.

If you decide to partner with our managed developers for your next app development project, send us your initial project specifications via this quick form. One of our account managers will get back to you to discuss further details on how we can help you build a feature-rich mobile application.


1. Is there a free celebrity look-alike finder app?

Celebs app on iOS is one of the completely free celebrity look-alike mobile apps. The popular face match app uses machine learning technology to match users with their twin celebrities. It matches only one person with the best celebrity look-alike at a time. However, a celebrity photo filter can be applied to unlimited pictures to match a facial pattern. Moreover, users can share the most accurate celebrity look on Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

2. How can I develop celebrity look-alike apps?

You would start by deciding the app’s specifications, like celebrity face filters, in-app purchases, an option to make funny videos with cartoon filters, etc. The celebrity look-alike filter app is based on the latest technologies of artificial intelligence and face recognition technology. We suggest you partner with an experienced software development company that could help you design, develop, test, and release an innovative and secure mobile application.

3. Should I develop a celebrity twin app?

There are multiple celebrity match apps available in the market, such as the Gradient app, but the entertainment app market is extensive. There is always room for improvement and more exciting features. If you have innovative entertainment ideas, you should consider developing a mobile app and reach the growing user market and earn profits.


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