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Where to Hire Blockchain Developers in 2024

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Are you looking for the top websites to hire blockchain developers in 2024? You’ve come to the right place.

In 2024, Blockchain is continuing to advance. Along with the decentralized finance domain, the technology is expected to thrive in other areas, too. The global blockchain market is forecast to reach $1,235.71 billion by 2030, showing a compound annual growth rate of 82.8 percent.

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Blockchain developers continue to be in high demand. Developing a blockchain requires a deep understanding of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, decentralized app development frameworks, programming languages, etc.

If you don’t have a professional team with this relevant expertise to take on the task then submit a request for a complimentary discovery call, and one of our tech account managers who managed similar projects will contact you shortly.

Blockchain is still a niche skill among developers, this means that you need to know where to go to get the best blockchain programmers and teams for building a web app (or a mobile app) with the blockchain technology.

When we reviewed the websites to find blockchain developers, we factored in the up-to-date industry reports.

Hire Blockchain Developers

Here are the top 15 websites that you should consider:

1. DevTeam.Space: The best website to find the best blockchain developers to hire

DevTeam.Space to hire blockchain developers

An AI-powered community of expert development teams, DevTeam.Space can be a smart choice to hire blockchain app developers. The company has expertise in all key technologies.

DevTeam.Space has blockchain programmers with experience in the entire spectrum of blockchain development, e.g., planning, development, review, etc.

You need to contact DevTeam.Space with your project requirements. The company has a simple and speedy hiring process, which saves time.

DevTeam.Space has a robust blockchain development track record, that demonstrates its consistency and the quality of its programmers. Sample this:


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Trusted by 100x of startups and companies like

  • The DevTeam.Space programmers developed an algorithmic trading solution for cryptocurrencies from scratch.
  • Its blockchain programmers developed DDKoin, one of the largest blockchain networks in the Asian market. DevTeam.Space audited the code for it too.
  • A DevTeam.Space team developed Medicoin, a blockchain-based web application for the healthcare sector. It can manage healthcare-related information including prescription data.
  • The DevTeam.Space blockchain app developers have built ModulTrade, a blockchain-based platform that connects small businesses to global trade.

Quality, speed, and consistency: DevTeam.Space offers all of these!

2. Toptal: A good website to hire blockchain developers


Toptal is a global remote freelancing platform where you can hire a blockchain developer. Its founders started this platform focusing on technology talents, subsequently, it has diversified. The technology sector remains its priority though.

You need to contact Toptal with your project requirements. It will connect you to competent freelance blockchain programmers.

You can expedite your hiring, thanks to the simple process of Toptal. Its greatest advantage lies in its quality and consistency though.

Toptal has a stringent screening process. Its various tests ensure that only the top 3% of the developers can join this community.

Blockchain development projects can be complex, and you need quality developers. Toptal offers high-quality developers, thanks to its screening process.

3. X-Team: A helpful website to find blockchain developers


X-Team is a well-known technology company where you can hire a blockchain developer. You can also hire a development team. Contact them with your project requirement, which starts the engagement process.

X-Team offers several advantages:

  • You can hire a dedicated team from X-Team.
  • While you manage the project, the X-Team programmers will join your team full-time.
  • X-Team has a simple, flexible, and transparent contracting process. You also benefit from its transparent billing process.
  • X-Team has comprehensive policies and processes to encourage its team members to grow professionally. The company invests in the growth of its team members.
  • You also get a dedicated account manager to ensure the project is on track.

In essence, you get quality, speed, and consistency if you hire blockchain developers from X-Team!

4. Stack Overflow Talent: It can help you to hire blockchain developers

hire crypto developers

Stack Overflow Talent is part of Stack Overflow, the famous Q&A site for millions of technology professionals. Stack Overflow Talent is a job board, and you can find blockchain developers with its help.

Create a company profile and post your blockchain jobs. The AI-based processes of Stack Overflow Talent help suitable programmers see your job posting. Developers in your area will see your job posting too.

With over 50 million monthly visitors to Stack Overflow, your job posting gets plenty of visibility.

Many qualified blockchain programmers with relevant experience will see your job posting and apply. You need to interview, select, and hire suitable developers. You can send messages to candidates.

Additionally, you can use its “Candidate search” feature to search for programmers that meet your requirements.

5. Arc (formerly CodementorX): It helps you to find senior blockchain developers

Arc to hire crypto developers

Arc was known as CodementorX earlier. It’s a good place to hire a blockchain developer. Arc works in the following manner:

  • You provide your project requirements to it.
  • Arc looks for blockchain developers and screens them.
  • It recommends the shortlisted candidates to you for an interview. Depending on your requirements, Arc could also recommend developers from its pool of vetted developers.
  • You select the candidates.

Arc manages the payroll, benefits, and other compliance activities for all hires. It provides a big advantage by simplifying the process of hiring developers.

Since Arc screens candidates rigorously, you can get high-quality developers. You can hire full-time team members, contractors, and remote teams, and this flexibility benefits you.

6. Wellfound

Wellfound (formerly known as AngelList Talent) is another platform that connects startups and job seekers, including blockchain developers. The hiring platform boasts 2 million plus developers that businesses can hire to scale their teams quickly.

Wellfound platform has 20K blockchain developers and a 40% match rate. You can hire blockchain developers from Wellfound by going through the following:

  • Tell Wellfound your specific hiring requirements for the blockchain development project.
  • Get access to 250-plus vetted blockchain developers twice a week.
  • Have a chat with interview-ready blockchain developers ready to work on your project.
  • Quickly hire your next blockchain developer with application tracking and payroll integrations.

7. People Per Hour

where to hire crypto developers online

People Per Hour is a popular freelancer marketplace. Although it’s not confined to technology professionals, you can hire blockchain developers here.

Create a profile of your company on this freelancer marketplace and post your job. You will receive proposals from freelancers, subsequently, you need to shortlist and interview them.

People Per Hour offers the following advantages:

  • It has a large database of freelancers, therefore, your job posting will be visible to many candidates.
  • You can hire experienced as well as mid-level blockchain programmers.
  • You can find local blockchain developers on this platform.
  • This platform has a user-friendly, transparent, and secure contracting process. You can complete your hiring process quickly, thanks to this process.

8. We Work Remotely

we work remotely

We Work Remotely is a popular website to find remote professionals. While this site is not restricted to technology jobs, technology jobs occupy a very prominent place here. You can find blockchain developers for hire on this site.

You need to create a profile for your organization on this website and post your job. Many blockchain programmers work remotely, therefore, they register on this popular platform. As a result, many blockchain developers might see your job posting.

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You need to shortlist and interview candidates. What if you don’t get enough responses in a month? You can pay a fee to get your job posting displayed at the top again. Due to the popularity of this platform, you can find high-quality developers.

9. Hired

hire blockchain developers

Hired is a popular job search marketplace. It’s a useful platform to find blockchain developers and hire them. Job seekers create their profile on Hired, and you need to create a profile for your organization as well.

Search for candidates, interview them, and hire suitable programmers. Hired offers many advantages, e.g.:

  • Its powerful algorithms help you to maintain fairness in your hiring journey.
  • Hired offers a search function, and you can use it to shortlist suitable candidates.
  • It supports 14 cities globally. If you reside in any of them, then you can find local developers.
  • Hired supports remote professionals.
  • The algorithms of Hired can help you find candidates with relevant experience.

10. Crypto Jobs List

Crypto Jobs List

Crypto Jobs List is a job board dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Due to its focus, you have a good chance of hiring capable cryptocurrency and blockchain developers.

Create a company profile and post your job. Based on the responses, you need to interview candidates and hire them. Crypto Jobs List offers the following advantages:

  • By paying its premium fees, you can get priority. While the free plan restricts the number of applicants, the premium service has no such restriction.
  • The premium service of Crypto Jobs List publicizes your job posting on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.
  • This user-friendly platform allows flexibility, e.g., you can post jobs for local or remote hiring. You can also ask for either long-term employees or short-term contractors.

11. Space-O Technologies

where to hire blockchain developers

Space-O Technologies is a software development company. While mobile app development is its primary focus, it has considerable blockchain expertise too. Space-O Technologies have an impressive track record of delivering software development projects successfully.

If you are wondering where to hire blockchain developers, then contact them. Give them your project requirements. Space-O Technologies can offer the following advantages:

  • They will provide blockchain developers with a suitable experience.
  • The company has a transparent and simple hiring process. You save time.
  • You can certainly expect high-quality developers from this provider.

12. ValueCoders

where to hire crypto developers

ValueCoders is an India-based IT outsourcing company specializing in software development services. If you are planning to hire blockchain developers offshore, then ValueCoders can be a very good option.

You need to contact them with your project requirements. ValueCoders offers the following advantages:

  • You get experienced blockchain developers.
  • ValueCoders has an impressive reputation, and you can be confident of the quality of the developers.
  • ValueCoders can provide you with a team of programmers.
  • You can simplify your hiring process with the transparent, user-friendly, and secure processes that ValueCoders has.
  • ValueCoders offers flexibility, e.g., you can hire developers on an hourly or full-time basis.

13. Freelancer.com

Freelancer platform

Freelancer.com is a large online marketplace for freelancers. It’s not confined to software development, however, it features many technology jobs. You can find blockchain developers on this platform.

Create a company profile for your organization and post your jobs. Thanks to the large network of freelancers on this platform, you will likely get several proposals. You need to shortlist candidates, interview them, and hire suitable blockchain programmers.

You can reduce the complexities of hiring, thanks to the secure, transparent, and user-friendly processes of Freelancer.com. Also, you can get competent developers at a reasonable rate.

14. Guru

where to hire blockchain developers

Guru is a popular freelancer marketplace online. While it’s not only for technology professionals, there are many software development jobs on this platform. Guru has a considerable database of blockchain programmers.

To hire blockchain developers on Guru, create your company profile and post your job. Shortlist candidates and interview them.

Hire the candidate you find suitable, by using the simple contracting processes offered by Guru. Depending on your screening process, you can get quality blockchain programmers.

15. Upwork

Upwork to hire developers

Upwork is one of the largest freelancer marketplaces, moreover, it’s also one of the most popular. It’s not confined to technology, however, it certainly has a large number of registered technology freelancers.

You can hire cryptocurrency and blockchain developers on Upwork. You need to create a profile for your organization and post your job.

Your job posting becomes visible to the large network of freelancers on Upwork. You will receive proposals from them, subsequently, you need to shortlist and interview candidates.

Upwork offers a transparent and simple hiring process. It also features a secure payment process. The combination of all these simplifies your task of hiring a great deal.

Depending on how you screen candidates, you can find high-quality programmers with different experience levels.

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Important Considerations While Hiring Blockchain Developers

Consider the following aspects when hiring good blockchain developers:

A. Choose early between a public and private blockchain

Do you need a public or private blockchain in your project? Private blockchain protocols differ considerably from public blockchains.

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Software engineers working on the private blockchain need considerably different skills than public blockchain. Choose the type of blockchain early so that you can focus on hiring the right developers.

B. Infrastructural requirements in your blockchain development project

Infrastructural requirements vary significantly between public and private blockchain projects. If you plan to use a public blockchain, then you use an existing blockchain network.

On the other hand, you need to set up a network if you use a private blockchain. You need to use a cloud-based blockchain platform in that case. Therefore, hire developers that are familiar with Blockchain-as-a-Service platforms.

C. The programming language skill requirements

It’s common for Blockchain developers to use such platforms as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and IBM Blockchain. Your choice of blockchain platform will influence the programming language skill requirements. Take the example of Ethereum developers. You need them to have Solidity skills. They will use this language for developing smart contracts.

Other platforms might allow you to hire Java, JavaScript, or Python developers. E.g., Lisk allows blockchain development using JavaScript.

D. The knowledge of blockchain architecture is important in Enterprise blockchain projects

Developing software solutions involving enterprise blockchain frameworks? In addition to understanding blockchain fundamentals, developers should know blockchain architecture well. Assess this during the interview.

E. Blockchain is a niche skill with high demands

Plan for a longer hiring lead time when hiring blockchain developers. Don’t expect your ideal blockchain developers to have too many other skills.

Settle for good hands-on knowledge of blockchain technology. You should not expect them to have expert-level mobile or web development skills too. It can be very hard to find such developers.

F. Strong Focus on Security of your Blockchain Solutions is Essential

Top-level cryptography is of primary importance for securing safe cryptocurrency and blockchain environments. Your cryptocurrency developers should have profound knowledge of all the major cryptographic practices associated with blockchain, smart contracts, distributed ledger technology, etc. Such practices include crypto wallets, digital signatures, data encryption, private keys and the like.

A cryptocurrency developer should be also well familiar with cryptographic hash functions that represent another important security feature of blockchain. With cryptographic hashing, each block in the chain has a unique identity and is linked to a previous one, which helps to ensure data integrity.

G. Look for a competent team leader if you hire a remote team

You might think of hiring remote developers. That can be a great idea since you get access to a global pool of talent. Many skilled developers in the blockchain industry work remotely.

You should have a capable team leader if you hire remote developers. Such a team leader should have excellent communication skills and knowledge of project management tools. That will help you to manage the remote team.

Planning to Hire the Best Blockchain Developer?

In this guide, we have reviewed 15 websites that can help you to hire a blockchain developer. You will likely find one of them suitable for your project requirements.

If you are developing a blockchain app and need to scale your team with additional skills and expertise then take a moment to tell us about your project requirements here.

One of our dedicated tech account managers will be in touch to show you similar projects we have done before and share how we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blockchain?

Created to be a safe way to overcome the double-spend problem where digital currency can be stolen, blockchain solutions consist of a decentralized database where each new block of data is added in the form of an interconnected set of data blocks, each being joined to the previous and subsequent blocks. Smart contracts govern the guidelines for using the blockchain service.

Where to hire blockchain software developers?

There are several types of platforms where you can hire blockchain engineers. While hiring freelance blockchain developers from freelance platforms is cheaper, it is far better value for money to hire blockchain developers from a reputable software development company like DevTeam.Space.

How to hire blockchain developers?

Create a project specification and outline the skills that you will need from your developers. Once you have this you can start the interview process with the blockchain development company. Alternatively, send DevTeam.Space your project specification and you can onboard the most suitable software engineers in a matter of days.

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