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Interested in finding the best dev team to make your software project a success? Allow us to introduce DevTeam.Space.

A CHAOS study by the Standish Group reported that a staggering 66% of all software development projects either ended in partial or complete failure. 

This figure seems unfathomable in today’s day and age. 

50 years after the first person stepped on the moon using computer hardware that was less powerful than the first iPhone, the software development industry still can’t guarantee the success of the majority of its projects. 

To put some of the figures in perspective, here are three costly examples of recent software development failures that have cost the British taxpayer substantial sums of money: 

  • £12 billion was wasted on a new National Healthcare System that was canceled due to deadline overruns and massively ballooning costs. 
  • £100 million was lost after a new BBC video active software system resulted in complete project failure. 
  • £412 million lost from failed e-Borders system. 

These three examples represent a small fraction of the billions of dollars that have been lost globally on failed software development projects in just the last decade. Many hundreds of millions will be lost this year and next too.   

But what exactly is the cause of these failures? 

What are the main problems that developers face? 

Main challenges developers face when undertaking software development: 

  • Poor project outlines; 
  • Changes in project scope during development; 
  • Project infrastructure problems; 
  • Ignoring best code development practices; 
  • Poorly outlined quality standards; 
  • Reflecting the latest market trends/preferences; 
  • Platform integration challenges; 
  • Visualizing the client’s dreams; 
  • Planning for roadblocks; 
  • Test issues; 
  • Security issues; 
  • Poor project management and inefficient project management tools.

What challenges do you, the client-side product owner face? 

As the software project failure rate demonstrates, even for the most experienced product owners, developing a new product is an enormously difficult challenge

The main challenges product owners/managers face in software development: 

  • Account managers who don’t understand your problems and industry; 
  • Lack of experience relating to how the development process works; 
  • Lack of information regarding the project’s progress; 
  • Being sidelined from the development process; 
  • Poor communication with the development team; 
  • Budget and deadline Pressures; 

So what are the solutions that solve all these problems under one roof? 


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After all, not only will such a solution help to dramatically reduce the stress and pressure that you are under when you outsource your software development, but will also help you to maintain complete control and hopefully impress your managers in a way that will help advance your career. 

DevTeam.Space: Empowering You To Ensure Your Project Success 

At DevTeam.Space, our mission has been to develop the processes and tools that deal with all these issues/problems in order to achieve our goal of helping businesses build industry-leading products. 

We also understand that if your completed product is better than the rest, your job of marketing it will be far easier, something which will dramatically increase its chance of success. 

Why You Should Choose DevTeam.Space? 

1.     DevTeam.Space is a U.S company that is based in California, USA.

We are a United States company that was both founded and operates in the USA. This means we are liable to ALL U.S laws. Our contracts are fully compliant with U.S law so you are completely covered.

2.  DevTeam.Space ONLY employs full-time field-expert dev teams. 

What the hell is a field expert dev team anyway? 

Well, starting with the meaning of “field expert”. This term refers to the fact that each of our teams has previous experience and background in specific industries. 

So, for example, if you’re a medical company that is looking for help developing a new software product, we will assign teams that have experience developing products in that industry. 

This is a particular help to your project as it ensures that your product will be built to be fully compliant with the medical laws and regulations in your country, etc. 

The term “expert” doesn’t just refer to the fact that all our development teams are fully qualified in the particular tech stack that we assign to them, but also that they have benefited from our development approach which sees us assign similar tasks and problems to them on a regular basis. 

This approach, coupled with our regular in-house training, ensures that our development teams are on the cutting edge of the technology stacks that we assigned to them.

This helps us to dramatically reduce any potential errors or bugs to ensure that our final products are truly industry-leading. 

3.      Client-focused approach 

How many development companies actually put their money where their mouth is? 

Not many, that’s for sure. 

To ensure that our clients are totally satisfied with what they are getting into, we sign a contract that specifically includes a clause that clients do not need to pay for any of the development sprints unless they are 100% satisfied. 

Both your assigned account and project manager are 100% dedicated to your needs. We call this our client-focused approach in which every step of the process is based on an understanding of your client-side needs.  

We are aware that you are responsible for the product within your company.  

So what pressures do you have? 

Unless you are the product owner, you have to answer up the chain of command.  

This could be anything from being caught in the corridor and asked “how’s the new app coming along?”, to a several-hour-long conference where you will be expected to give a real-time breakdown of exactly where the project and its features are at in terms of completion. 

How would it look if you were only able to give a vague outline with no specifics? 

Information is key to solving this problem.  

More specifically, your development company gives you up-to-date information on all the key metrics that you will need to understand exactly where your project is, including development team performance, and any upcoming roadblocks, etc. 

This information will allow you to manage your team’s and manager’s expectations.   

4.      Vast community with experience in all the latest technologies 

The late Steve Jobs once said,  “We hire people who want to make the best things in the world”. 

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It is for this reason that DevTeam.Space is an invite-only platform for software development teams and developers

We have a comprehensive interview and testing procedure that all development teams must pass before they are allowed to become part of the DevTeam.Space community. 

Once onboard, we invest a significant amount of time to train all our new dev teams to use our unique AI-powered agile development approach. 

Throughout their employment with us, teams are constantly performance-graded and given further training. 

We invest heavily in our dev teams as this allows us to help you build only the best products, of the highest quality, for our clients. 

We see all our teams as long-term investments and pride ourselves on the benefits and advancement opportunities that we offer them.  

With such an approach, we are able to ensure the quality of the code that we write compared to those companies constantly using different development teams or freelancer developers

If you have ever undertaken software development with a freelancer or freelance dev team, you will know exactly what kind of problems we are talking about.   

5.      Experienced project managers who are developers themselves 

Identifying problems before they become problems is the sign of an experienced product manager. 

The only way a project manager can do this is to have been intimately involved in the development process as a developer. 

At DevTeams.Space, all of our project managers are former software programmers. As such, they are familiar with all the tech stacks and potential development problems that our development teams are likely to encounter. 

Understanding the challenges that developers face ensures a much more streamlined process as well as better project oversight.    

6.      Unique AI-powered software development process 

Even the best managers would not be able to comprehensively oversee the software development process without the right tools.   

This is why, at DevTeam.Space, we have invested enormous time and resources into developing our unique artificial intelligence-powered software development process. 

You can learn more about our expert development teams supported by this AI-powered agile process and tools which include our unique dashboard by visiting this link.

7.      We track all key development metrics 

We have already talked about our belief about how empowering the client-side management team with the information that they need to understand exactly where their project is in real-time can dramatically increase the chances of overall project success. 

The two primary sources of this empowerment come from your experienced account manager and our unique project development dashboard. 

To understand exactly what our dashboard is and how it works, you only need to click this link

In summary, it tracks all the essential metrics that allow you to remain fully informed regarding overall project completion as well overall performance. 

These metrics include everything from project snapshots, daily updates, completed sprints, dev team performance, roadblock resolution, email response times, and so on. 

With such a vast amount of detailed information, you will be fully in control of your project development from start to finish. 

So, the next time your manager or product owner stops you in the corridor and asks how the project is progressing, you will be able to bombard them with the latest facts and information to show them you are fully on top of everything. 

8.      Total protection of your intellectual property 

We are one of the very few software development companies that use blockchain to protect your intellectual property

This new approach involves us time stamping code into a blockchain so that you have an immutable record of its time of creation and ownership.  

Such information will empower you with all the tools that you need to fight any theft of your code. 

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For more information about our blockchain protection please contact us via the following link.   

9.      98% project success rate 

while every software development company and developer out there will claim nothing but success in their past projects, we can only say that the record stands for itself. 

To date, we have achieved a 98% project success rate and as a result have forged long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom still use our services to advance and upgrade their products.

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our previous clients for exceptional work by our competent dev teams.

10.  Communication is the key to success 

Everything from understanding exactly what your client’s product goals are, to communicating these goals with developers, represents the most important underlying factor that ensures the success of a product – communication. 

This is why we only use experienced account managers who are not only experienced in software development but also in managing client-side expectations. 

Your dedicated account manager will clearly relay your vision and instructions to the dev teams and ensure that they carry them out to the letter. 

Your manager will also effortlessly manage expert developers and your expectations by giving you the most accurate information possible. 

Unlike many other companies, they will fabricate unrealistic deadlines simply to get you to sign on the dotted line. We believe honesty is at the heart of successful software development. 

Another key to this communication is that you will receive daily, as well as weekly updates via your project dashboard and email.   

This means that you will always have real-time information on hand regarding your project’s progression without ever needing to ask for it. 

Last But Not Least: Your Success Is Our Success 

To explain why we truly believe in doing everything possible to ensure the success of your product, who is better than the DevTeamSpace founder and the visionary behind our unique development approach to explain? 

Take it away Alexey Semeney… 

“The reason behind our success is that I care, and we care.”  

 “At the end of the day, we are a business like all other software development companies. Unsurprisingly, like all businesses the bottom line is money. Must sound strange that any company would be so outwardly honest, but it’s the truth. After all, that’s your goal too, right?”. 

“However, while most companies focus on the rather short-term aim of completing features in order to get paid, our focus at DevTeam.Space is ultimately on the end game, i.e. your product success.” 

“The bottom line is that if you succeed, we succeed…that is why we go the extra two miles to ensure that you do.” 

If you feel that the ten points above identify your problems regarding the software development process and you would like to learn more about how we can help you succeed, then click this link and send us your initial project specification.

No matter which route you take with your product development, from all of us here at DevTeam.Space, we wish you the very best of luck with the success of your product. 


What country is DevTeam.Space from?

DevTeam.Space is a full-bred U.S company. Founded in Silicon Valley, California, USA, DevTeam.Space is a 100% USA company.

When was DevTeam.Space founded?

DevTeam.Space was founded back in 2016 and has since grown dramatically and has worked with the likes of Airbus and Samsung and developed a range of market-competitive software based on cutting-edge technologies like a video emotion recognition system to achieve accurate identification of people using machine learning technology and video analytics.

Are DevTeam.Space developers U.S based?

DevTeam.Space offers USA developers as well as from a range of other regions including Europe and Asia. Developers are matched with your region to improve day-to-day communication, so if you are in North America, then you will be matched with U.S developers or European ones. These form a vetted community of expert dev teams supported by an AI-powered development process and experienced project managers on whom startups rely to build great products.


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