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Top 10 Expert AngularJS Developers to Hire in 2021

Nick | iOS Developer

Dev team: Web & Mobile, 12 developers, map-pin Europe

  • AngularJs
  • CoffeeScript
  • Cordova
  • ES6
  • Ionic 2
  • Ionic Framework
  • javascript
  • MySQL
  • Opengl
  • PhoneGap
  • postgresql
  • React native
  • React.Js
  • Redux
  • SQL
  • Typescript
  • AngularJs
  • CoffeeScript
  • + 14 more

4+ years of experience as a web & mobile developer and full-stack developer. Nick considers himself to be a React-Native guru, as well as having strong expertise in JavaScript technologies, OpenGL, and Serverless technologies.

Nikolay | Web Developer

Dev team: Web, 12 developers, map-pin Europe

  • AngularJs
  • jQuery
  • MS SQL
  • Node.Js
  • React native
  • React.Js
  • SQL Azure
  • AngularJs
  • jQuery
  • + 5 more

Nikolay works in a team of 12 MEAN stack developers. He has more than 5 years’ experience in web and mobile development. He's an expert in AngularJS, Angular 2/4/6, React.js, React-Native, Node.js, and jQuery. Works with MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and NoSQL data storages.

Igor | Web Developer

Dev team: Web, 12 developers, map-pin Europe

  • Agile
  • AngularJs
  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • Nginx
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Yii
  • Yii 2
  • Agile
  • AngularJs
  • + 8 more

5 years as a PHP developer. Solid experience in development including back-end, front-end, and DevOps. Responsible, independent, and a great communicator.

Peter | Web and Mobile Developer

Dev team: Data Engineering, 10 developers, map-pin Europe

  • Angular
  • AngularJs
  • Cordova
  • ES6
  • Heroku
  • MongoDB
  • Node.Js
  • PhoneGap
  • React native
  • React.Js
  • Redux
  • SQL (MySQL / PostgreSQL)
  • Typescript
  • Angular
  • AngularJs
  • + 11 more

Web and mobile developer with 7 years of experience, Peter works with a wide range of technologies, including AngularJS, Angular 6, Node.js, React.js, React-Native, and Cordova. Speaks fluent English. The portfolio includes large projects using microservice architecture. Great experience with back-end technologies and servers.

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AngularJS is a very popular JavaScript-based front end framework that is supported by Google. As such, there are lots of developers who use it to create applications. Unfortunately, this makes finding the best ones harder as anyone with a basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, or CSS can use it. DevTeam.Space has a community of vetted mid-level and senior AngularJS developers. Only the best ones get to become part of our community.

AngularJS is a very capable framework. It offers a number of advantages. It simplifies both app development and testing via its MVC and MVVM frameworks. Other benefits include enhanced security, the ability to easily create single-page apps, and the ability to develop and use reusable code, etc.

An entry-level Angular coder needs to have an understanding of JavaScript and HTML programming languages. They will need an understanding of the AngularJS and JavaScript frameworks including model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–view model (MVVM) architecture. They should also have some experience in testing and what AngulaJS development tools are available.

However, this is the bare minimum. Unless you are developing a very basic project, you need to hire AngluarJS developers who know the framework back to front, including such things as the most widely used modules, etc. They should also have a good knowledge of such things as CSS and JS methods and how to create reusable, self-contained, and testable modules.

How to Interview and Hire AngularJS Developers

While it is a very common framework, AngluarJS development does still demand a good level of expertise if you expect to build a fast and reliable application.

The framework offers a huge number of features that do come with their downsides. Heavy reliance on certain features in a data-heavy web application, for example, will cause it to lag. As such, good AngularJS developers are a must for everything but simple single page applications.

So before you even start to hire AngluarJS developers, you need to take a look at your project requirements and think about your long term business needs.

One example that is ignored by inexperienced software developers is that of scalability. In the rush to get the product up and running, project owners and their developers often overlook the requirements to scale the application as more and more customers begin to use it.

This often results in costly additional development costs as developers scramble to fix problems that should never have been made in the first place.

Keep in mind that how you intend to manage the project will depend a lot on its size and the human resources, management tools, and experience already existing in your startup or enterprise company.

Once you know your project back to front and have a reasonable idea of where you would like it to be a few years from now, it is time to hire AngluarJS developers or an AngularJS development team.

Before you can onboard any AngularJS developer, you need to know what skills to look out for.

1. AngularJS framework skills

All AngularJS developers need the following skills:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the AngularJS framework including how the different parts work together.
  • Experience and knowledge working with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and TypeScript in which AngularJS was written. While a derivative of JavaScript, TypeScript is favored for AngularJS development as it helps to reduce bugs while offering a more substantial way to confidently refactor your code. Knowledge in HTML and CSS helps when building interfaces for browsers etc.
  • Knowledge of the various AngularJS packages and tools. One example is Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) which cuts down on the amount of code you will need to write when configuring your application. It also helps to ensure that your code follows the right standards and so reduces the chance of bugs etc. Other great tools include RxJS, a library for reactive programming, and NPM, which will help you install both AngularJS as well as thousands of support tools.
  • Git is an indispensable tool for AngularJS development. This excellent program allows you to test out your app and newly built features in the safety of a GIT repository so you don’t need to worry about losing work.

These are examples of the main skills that all good AngularJS developers must-have. If an AngularJS programmer has not mastered all these skills then they are not worth considering.

2. Other software development skills

There are a number of other equally important skills that are essential. These are as follows:

A. Application security skills

No matter what the software product is that you are building, security is a central concern. Even a simple website can lose customer confidence if it gets compromised. For apps that contain sensitive user data such as passwords and credit card details, any security breach can be devastating.

To ensure your developer has the security skills to prevent this, look for the following:

  • The knowledge of how to avoid security vulnerabilities such as injection, broken authentication, etc.
  • The understanding of how to secure 1st party APIs.
  • Knowledge in security systems such as encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA), etc.
  • An excellent understanding of coding best practices and pitfalls.

B. API development skills

If you are planning to develop and use your own 1st party APIs then you will need an AngularJS coder who has a good background in API development. A good understanding and how to effectively use existing 3rd party AngularJS APIs is a must even if you don’t plan to develop one for yourself.

RESTful API stands for “Representational State Transfer API”. This is the common framework used for API development so much to be mastered by any API developer. This will give them all the knowledge they need to link your app’s backend functions such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB databases to the frontend.

Finally, developing and integrating APIs is one thing, equally important is that your AngularJS developers are well versed in how to secure your API. Since there are a variety of approaches that vary in suitability and complexity, your developer should have extensive knowledge of security methods such as authentication tokens, digital signature, encryption, quotas, throttling, etc.

C. A knowledge of the use of cloud platforms and tools

The world of software development is rapidly moving towards the cloud. Today, a large number of the applications and services that we use are reliant on cloud-based infrastructure and services.

PaaS platforms such as AWS Elastic Beanstalk or Heroku facilitate the management of cloud infrastructure, networking, storage, operating system, middleware, and runtime environment to help reduce the burden on your existing infrastructure.

Added to this, they also offer a range of very useful software development tools that help with everything from creating an API to scalability.

D. Code review

Another extremely important skill is AngularJS code review. Developers with years of experience reviewing other programmers’ code, write better code themselves.

While automated tests will identify many code defects, they can’t equal a comprehensive code review by a good AngularJS code reviewer. Look for programmers with as much experience as possible in code reviewing.

E. Good communication and team skills

While these skill sets might seem obvious, it is amazing how often they are overlooked during the app developers onboarding process. Be sure to do your best to establish how successful your developer has been at working in a team and how good they are at communication.

A big number of project delays and failures are down to communication failure. The more complex the project and the larger the development team, the more important it is that each member of the team is working together coherently.

Developers who are able to adapt quickly to your management processes and tools will ensure that your project development goes smoothly.

3. How to find the best AngularJS developer?

Given that you now understand your mobile app development requirements and what the main skills that you need from your AngularJS developers are, you are now ready to start your search.

The first step is to decide on which type of platform to use.

1. Decide what kind of platform to hire AngularJS developers

Non-industry specific freelancer sites are an attractive option to product owners that are seeking to add one or two AngularJS developers to their existing development team. However, there are many risks involved in hiring freelancers.

To start with, they leave the entire onboarding and management process to client companies. They don’t offer any development or management tools, nor are they accountable for the quality of work produced by freelancers.

Another alternative to the general-purpose freelancer site is the software development focused freelancer site. Many of these sites do vet their developers to ensure that they are who they say they are.

The main drawback to such sites is that they also don’t offer much in the way of developer management or management tools. Also, keep in mind the location of your developer as managing a developer halfway around the world can be hard due to time zone differences.

The best option is to hire a developer through a dedicated software development company such as DevTeam.Space. We take responsibility for the quality and performance of all of our developers.

We regularly train all our full-time developers to ensure that they are fully up-to-date with the latest skill sets that are important to their work.

Since all our developers are full-time, they won’t leave your project. If they get sick, we can quickly assign another developer in their place. We have dedicated teams of developers who are training in Agile methodologies etc.

2. Interview the shortlisted candidates

Once you have your candidate shortlist, it is time to start interviewing.

The interview is where you are going to find the developer or development team that meets all the criteria above.

Check out our guide on the best AngularJS interview questions to ask your potential developer.

Don’t forget to ask to see testimonials.

3. Provide detailed information about your application development project

Once you have found the right developer, you will need to systematically bring them up to speed on all relevant details about your project and their role in it.

Be sure to spend the time and answer any questions that they might have. After this is done, it’s time to introduce them to your team and your processes.

Set up communication channels, show them the management tools that you use to provide project oversight, and get them set up with the relevant development tools such as GitHub.

Now, this is done, it’s time to get them working.

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