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Top 10 Expert Salesforce Developers to Hire in 2020

Nick | iOS Developer

Dev team: Web & Mobile, 12 developers, map-pin Europe

  • AngularJs
  • CoffeeScript
  • Cordova
  • ES6
  • Ionic 2
  • Ionic Framework
  • javascript
  • MySQL
  • Opengl
  • PhoneGap
  • postgresql
  • React native
  • React.Js
  • Redux
  • SQL
  • Typescript
  • AngularJs
  • CoffeeScript
  • + 14 more

4+ years of experience as a web & mobile developer and full-stack developer. Nick considers himself to be a React-Native guru, as well as having strong expertise in JavaScript technologies, OpenGL, and Serverless technologies.

Denis | Project Manager

Dev team: WordPress, 10 developers, map-pin Europe

  • Mind Mapping
  • PHP
  • Project Specification
  • Prototyping
  • WordPress
  • Mind Mapping
  • PHP
  • + 3 more

Denis has five years’ experience in software development as a project manager. He helps to set up the project, oversee the communication and the development process to keep the process within the budget and time estimations.

Alexander | Developer

Dev team: 5 Developers, map-pin Europe

  • Flask
  • React
  • Flask
  • React

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DevTeam.Space provides experienced Salesforce developers from its vetted development community. Our screening process includes reviewing technical skills and project experience. We review the more complex projects programmers have undertaken on the Salesforce CRM platform and scrutinize the results carefully.

As a result, only highly competent developers can join our community. Furthermore, we encourage our developers to continuously upgrade their skills. You can get experienced programmers from us, which will help you to execute complex development projects.

DevTeam.Space provides both individual Salesforce developers and Salesforce development teams. Businesses often want a cohesive development team. This saves significant time for them since their project manager doesn’t need to integrate work done by individual developers hired from different sources. A field expert development team can also provide good skill coverage. We recognize the varied requirements of our clients and so have designed our service to be flexible to meet whatever needs they might have.

DevTeam.Space has considerable experience in Salesforce development. Our developers have experience with the Lightning framework, Apex object-oriented programming, “Salesforce Object Query Language” (SOQL), Salesforce developer console, Salesforce app customization, Salesforce platform development, and Visualforce.

We also have developers with years’ of experience in data modeling, management, and security. We cover the entire breadth of Salesforce development skills. If you are looking for a Salesforce architect or a Salesforce certified developer, we can help with that too.

DevTeam.Space has significant project management skills and industry experience. We have data-driven project management processes and we provide management support. We assign a dedicated account manager to you. Our dedicated account manager provides project management support and management oversight for our developers. This helps our programmers to succeed in your project.

How to Interview and Hire Salesforce Developers

Over two decades have passed since Salesforce emerged on the scene. During this time, it has seen its popularity grow by leaps and bounds. is a big name in the world of cloud computing and customer relationship management (CRM), and there are good reasons for this.

Businesses have used the Salesforce platform to great advantages, which include the following:

  • Empowered customer service agents;
  • Sales teams working smarter than before;
  • Faster business growth;
  • Improved marketing;
  • More engaged customers.

Whether you are running an e-Commerce business or a large enterprise with market-leading differentiated products, Salesforce has something to offer to you.

Developers get enormous benefits from Salesforce cloud development too. The Salesforce ecosystem is incredibly rich. For example, if you are undertaking a web development project, then you will likely use a “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) platform. Heroku is one of the first names that come to mind when you think of PaaS platforms, and it’s a part of Salesforce.

Salesforce provides excellent development tools for its community cloud platform. The company has a comprehensive certification program too. As such, Salesforce certified developers are in significant demand. Businesses need to pay high rates if they plan to hire a Salesforce consultant or a Salesforce administrator. Certified Salesforce developers are at a premium in the United States.

Given this, developers take great interest in learning Salesforce. However, the demand for Salesforce developers is growing very quickly. Because of these factors, you could find it hard to hire a Salesforce developer, particularly at short notice.

You need to choose between the different hiring platforms – freelance platforms or software development companies. You can find part-time Salesforce developers on freelance platforms, however, working with freelancers can expose you to certain risks. We will talk about them shortly. Software development companies offer full-time Salesforce developers, which helps if you have a complex Salesforce app development project.

You need to interview the developers. Expect a salesforce developer to have the following technical skills:

1. Salesforce development skills

A Salesforce developer needs the following primary skills:

  • Apex: This is a proprietary language that was created by Developers can use this strongly-typed, object-oriented programming language to execute the transaction control system on the platform. They can also use it to execute the flow of a business process.
  • Visualforce: Salesforce developed Visualforce for front-end development, which helps developers to design and build custom user interfaces on the Salesforce Lightning platform. It’s a web development framework and programmers can use it to build user interfaces for web applications. They can use it to create a UI for a mobile app or desktop app too.
  • SOQL: SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) is similar to SQL, and developers can use it to search the Salesforce database.
  • SOSL: SOSL (Salesforce Object Search Language) offers developers a programmatic way to execute text-based searches against a search index.
  • Salesforce administration: You need to hire Salesforce developers that have the experience of working as a Salesforce administrator.
  • Designing skills: The experience in designing objects, fields, page layouts, workflows, etc. is important for a Salesforce developer.
  • Salesforce search solutions: Salesforce provides powerful search solutions. Developers that know them can expedite a project far more efficiently.
  • Salesforce Developer Console: Salesforce Developer Console helps developers considerably. It’s an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that has an impressive collection of tools. Developers can use it to create, debug, and test Salesforce applications.

We recommend that you look for developers that have a Salesforce certification if possible.

2. Other app development skills that a Salesforce developer needs

You should look for a few more skills when you hire Salesforce developers, and these skills are as follows:

A. Key programming language skills

While Salesforce development relies on Visualforce, Apex, SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language), and SOSL (Salesforce Object Search Language), effective Salesforce programmers need a few more programming language skills. These languages are as follows:

  • Java;
  • JavaScript;
  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • SQL.

Sound knowledge in these will help them in Salesforce app development or web development using Salesforce.

B. The knowledge of Salesforce Lightning

You need developers with the knowledge of Salesforce Lightning. The Salesforce Lightning platform allows developers to create cloud applications quickly. It also enables developers to deploy applications quickly.

This platform offers excellent tools so that Salesforce developers can create reliable, secure, and scalable cloud apps. It also offers tools to integrate with external applications, automate business processes, and deliver a mobile user experience.

Salesforce Lightning platform developers should know the following:

  • How to use the drag-and-drop app builder tools;
  • Customizing data models;
  • How to write apps on the Lightning platform using Apex;
  • Using the Lightning platform APIs.

Look for a Lightning platform developer with Salesforce certification.

C. Comprehensive knowledge of Salesforce integration

You need developers with Salesforce integration skills. They need a thorough understanding of the various approaches for integrating with the Salesforce platform. These approaches correspond to the various layers of applications, namely, user interface, business logic, security, and data.

D. The experience of customizing Salesforce applications

Salesforce offers several customization options which benefit businesses enormously. You need developers with considerable experience in customizing Salesforce applications. They should know the following:

  • How to customize reports;
  • How to develop Visualforce pages, triggers, custom views, page layouts, custom workflows, and Apex classes;
  • Building custom consoles;
  • How to customize the Salesforce1 mobile app;
  • Integrating other apps with the Salesforce environment of the clients’ organization.

E. The knowledge of application security

Salesforce projects typically process confidential information. As with any application processing sensitive or confidential data, application security plays an important part. You need developers that know how to code secure apps. They need to know the coding best practices, moreover, they should be able to identify application security vulnerabilities.

F. In-depth knowledge of the Salesforce cloud capabilities

To be effective, a Salesforce developer needs to have a thorough knowledge of the considerable cloud capabilities that Salesforce has. Such an in-depth understanding will help in many ways. For example, they can implement CRM solutions more effectively by utilizing Salesforce cloud capabilities.

Salesforce Service Cloud is a great example. It can help businesses to transform their customer service operations. Businesses can use it to boost agent productivity, improve case tracking, provide better support via social media channels, and improve customer experience.

Salesforce Sales Cloud supports sales, marketing, and customer support. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is yet another example.

Salesforce has matured cloud capabilities in several other functional areas. A Salesforce expert that knows the Salesforce cloud capabilities can formulate effective Salesforce solutions for the organizational business needs.

G. The knowledge of succeeding in a Salesforce development project

To be effective, a Salesforce developer needs the following additional skills:

  • Knowledge of using editors like Eclipse or MavensMate on the platform;
  • The ability to understand business requirements and translate them into viable technical solutions;
  • Knowledge of software architecture;
  • Understanding of RESTful APIs including how to develop and secure them;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • The ability to collaborate with testers and DevOps engineers;
  • Code review experience.

3. How to find Salesforce developers?

Now that we have explained the skills that you need to look for, you now need to take the following steps:

1. Choose between freelancer platforms and software development companies to hire Salesforce developers

Your hiring decisions can have an important impact on your Salesforce application development project. If you hire expert Salesforce developers, you will likely execute a painless and successful project development. On the other hand, incompetent or only partically focused developers can impact the quality, cost, and schedule objectives of your project.

Turning around troubled projects can take time. Therefore, hire capable people so that your project doesn’t become troubled in the first place.

Freelancer platforms can connect you to part-time Salesforce developers that work as freelancers. You can bargain and get a good rate. Remember that these platforms don’t offer any management support.

Working with part-time freelancers can be hard since they work on multiple projects simultaneously. Freelance platforms deduct a considerable part of their pay, which can demotivate them. While freelancer platforms focusing exclusively on software development can give you access to high-quality developers, you still need to manage the other risks.

On the other hand, software development companies such as DevTeam.Space provide you with full-time Salesforce developers. Having dedicated developers can be very useful if you are executing a complex project. DevTeam.Space guarantees the work of your developer, including offering a replacement in the case of sickness.

Note that software development companies treat your sensitive and confidential information with care. They implement numerous safeguards to secure this information. For example, they will make their developers sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” (NDA) when they work with you. Analyze your business needs carefully before choosing a hiring platform.

2. Interview the candidates

It’s now time for you to interview the candidates. You can do that yourself if you know Salesforce well enough. Alternatively, you can ask an associate to interview them or get interview questions from the Internet.

You need to cover all the skill areas we have mentioned. Pay attention to each candidate’s portfolio and focus on the complex projects that they have worked on. Ask them about how they navigated the complexities and what they have learned.

Describe the business needs of your project and ask them how they would approach it. You should expect specific responses with tangible recommendations.

3. Provide relevant details about your Salesforce development project

You need to give sufficient information about your project to the Salesforce developers that you have hired. Provide them the business requirements, technical solutions, test strategies, and other relevant documents.

Introduce them to your larger team. Take time and explain their roles and responsibilities. Provide access to the technical environment of your project including code repositories.

Set up an effective communications process. Explain the project plan and iterations. Describe how you review milestones and what are the payment terms and conditions. Establish accountability.

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