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How to Hire a Software-Engineering Consultant

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You might be undertaking a key software project in your organization. You are likely thinking about your team composition. In this context, you are looking at several roles such as software developers, project managers, software consultants, DevOps engineers, business analysts, etc.

These aren’t just job titles. Many of them require specialized skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and years of experience.

Many elements in the industry use the blanket term ‘software developers’ when referring to all these different professionals, something which doesn’t help.

Statista, the popular statistics portal, for example, reports that there were 24 million software developers in the world in 2019. It reports that there will be 29 million software developers in 2024.

Keep in mind that this large number of developers doesn’t represent one uniform job role.

If you have a complex project at hand, then you can’t build a team with junior or mid-level developers only. You might already have senior software engineers in your team. In this case, you only need to supplement it with programmers.

However, the vast majority of projects will have different requirements. Usually these vary most greatly around the specific business requirements. Using these as inputs, you need to execute your project in a certain way, to a certain timeframe, and budget, etc.

This requires making architectural decisions and creating technical specifications. Junior or mid-level software developers can’t do that. You need senior software engineers in such projects.

How do you hire them? Do the following:

  • Analyze your business and project requirements;
  • Determine which skills you need;
  • Choose a hiring platform;
  • Interview the candidates;
  • Onboard software engineer consultants.

We now explain these steps in more detail:

1. Analyze your business and project requirements

You need to first analyze your business and organization requirements. Subsequently, you need to analyze your project requirements. This will help you to determine what kind of software engineering consultants you need.

This involves the following:

Analyzing the organizational and business objectives

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of a software project are you undertaking? For example, are you planning to build a mobile app or web app?
  • Which functional area will the proposed software system cater to? Are you building an ERP or SCM software application?
  • Are you building a client-facing or an internal application?

You also need to consider the kind of talent you have in your organization. Consider the following:

  • Do you have the architectural, design, development, testing, and leadership talent to undertake strategic software projects?
  • Do you have experienced business analysts in your organization?

You will need to hire a senior engineer-consultant if you don’t have sufficient talent in your existing team.

How complex is your project?

Determine the complexity of your project to understand what kind of a technical consultant you need. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you developing a “First of a kind” (FOAK) software system?
  • Do you need to offer complex functionalities?
  • Are you catering to a wide range of stakeholders across multiple functional areas?
  • Are you planning to use cutting-edge technologies like big data, blockchain, AI, IoT, etc.?
  • Do you have stringent non-functional requirements (NFRs) like availability, reliability, scalability, etc.?
  • Do you need to meet stringent data security and privacy requirements?

If you answer “yes” to one or more of the above-mentioned questions, then you have a complex project at hand. You need comprehensive software consulting services. You might need a management consultant along with senior software engineers?

Understand the challenges in hiring a software engineer consultant

Hiring senior software engineers can be complex. The average salary of a software engineering consultant is higher than those of most kinds of developers. Software consulting is a high-paying profession in mature economies like the United States.

The demand for senior software engineers is high. These positions aren’t entry-level ones, therefore, there are far more job postings than jobseekers. You can expect to pay a high consultant salary.

Are you based in prominent locations like New York? Consultant salaries in such locations are far more than the national average.

What if you have highly complex projects at hand? You might need a principal software engineer with multiple-years’ experience. Complex projects require a variety of consulting services, and you might need a management consultant.

In addition to paying more than the average salary, you should plan for a high hiring lead-time. Many developers respond to a development-related job alert. That’s different when you hire technical consultants. The specialized skills required in these jobs limits the number of applications for such job alerts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world, and the software development industry isn’t immune to its impact. That’s another reason why you should plan for higher hiring lead-in time.

2. Identify which skills you need

It’s time to decide which skills you need from the following categories:

Programming languages and frameworks skills

Your project requirements will determine your programming language skill requirements. E.g., you might use one of the following:

A software engineer consultant should have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT). Alternatively, they should have a bachelor’s degree in related disciplines like software application development.

Are you developing a web app? You might use a popular development framework to expedite the project. E.g., if you use Node.js, then you can choose from several powerful Node.js frameworks.

If you are using a mobile app, then you have two options:

  • Native mobile app development: The choice depends on the mobile operating system. You would use Java or Kotlin for Android, whereas, you will use Swift or Objective-C for iOS.
  • Near-native mobile app development: You might choose to use React Native, which offers a near-native experience. You can use the same codebase for both Android and iOS.

Back-end development skills

Software development projects with medium-to-high complexity require plenty of back-end development work. You need software engineers with experience in this area.

Modern software application development involves API development for the back-end. Software developers need the following skills:

  • How to use API development and documentation skills;
  • The knowledge of using modern databases like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.;
  • The knowledge of hosting APIs using cloud computing platforms;
  • How to secure APIs;
  • The knowledge of designing API endpoints and rules for API requests/responses.

The knowledge of software development methodologies

You will use a suitable development methodology for your software project. The technical consultant you hire should know the popular development methodologies well. They should know about the “Software Development Lifecycle” (SDLC).

For example, such software engineers should know the differences between Waterfall vs Agile methodologies, etc. A principal software engineer should be able to advise you about the methodology to use.

You need to build a cohesive team to build software applications effectively. You might need a management consultant to advise you appropriately. Such management consultants should know about modern techniques like Scrum for this.

Software architecture knowledge

You need to choose the right software architecture pattern and make the right architectural decisions. This helps you to achieve high availability, reliability, scalability, and maintainability.

You need a software engineer-consultant that can provide sound advice in architectural matters. Software engineer consultants need in-depth knowledge of popular architecture patterns.

For example, the microservices architecture pattern attracts plenty of attention. Should you use it in your project? Which microservices architecture best practices should you follow? Senior software engineers need in-depth knowledge to advise you.

Application security knowledge

You need to implement appropriate guidelines, tools, and best practices to secure software systems. The technical consultants you hire should be able to advise you here. The need to know the following:

  • How to use tools like multi-factor authentication, encryption, digital signature, etc. for application security;
  • What are the top application security risks and how to mitigate them;
  • How to use technologies like real-time threat analysis, antivirus solutions, firewalls, etc. to secure applications;
  • How to secure APIs.

The familiarity with cloud computing platforms

You will likely utilize cloud computing in a modern software project. Which cloud platforms should you use? Software engineer consultants should be able to advise you here.

They need enough knowledge about cloud computing platforms, e.g.:

The knowledge of succeeding in software projects

You need senior software engineers with technical skills, however, they should also know how to successfully deliver software projects. They need to know the following:

  • How to review code;
  • Preventing application software defects;
  • How to develop scalable software applications;
  • Working with the testing team to implement sound testing processes;
  • How to make the best use of DevOps tools, processes, and practices.

The competencies that successful software engineering consultants need

Apart from skills and experience, successful software engineering consultants need certain competencies. You should look for the following competencies:

  • Passion for excellence;
  • Commitment to the project, clients, and organization;
  • Teamwork;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Leadership skills;
  • The ability to see the big picture.

3. Decide which hiring platform you will use

Now that you have clarity on the skills required, you need to choose a hiring platform. Your decision carries plenty of importance.

No matter how good you plan your project, you need the right people for success. You can’t afford your project turning into a troubled project. Turning troubled projects around costs time and money.

Choosing the right hiring platform improves your chances of hiring the right people. You have the following choices:

A) Freelance platforms

There are freelancer platforms where you can hire software engineers. You will also find freelancer platforms that cater exclusively to software development. You can post a consultant job on these platforms.

Large freelancer platforms have many freelancers that notice consultant jobs, therefore, you might get several applications. You need to interview candidates and hire a suitable consultant.

You might be able to negotiate a low hourly rate. Freelancer platforms have transparent contracting and payment processes, which helps too.

These platforms aren’t consulting firms though, and they don’t offer management support. You or your project manager need to manage the work of your part-time freelancers. If you have a complex project, then a part-time consultant will not be enough.

Freelancer platforms deduct up to 20% of freelancer earnings. That can demotivate the software consultant you hire from such a platform. Freelancers might leave your project mid-way if they find more lucrative opportunities. You will then need to look for a replacement.

The time-zone difference plays a part too. Managing work done by part-time freelancers in Europe when you are in the United States can be hard.

B) Software development companies

You can hire software engineering consultants from software development companies. A consulting firm like this can provide professional services in the software consulting area too.

You can find full-time senior software engineers from these companies. They actively encourage their technical consultant to upgrade their skills, therefore, you will find motivated people.

Software development companies can provide a replacement if a software engineer-consultant leaves your project mid-way. These companies offer transparent and simple contracting processes. They offer flexible billing options too.

You can get management support from these companies. They typically assign an account manager to work with you. These project managers provide management oversight, and they guide their software-developers.

You might deal with sensitive data in your project. Software development companies implement policies and processes to secure your data. For example, they might implement a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” (NDA).

For complex projects, you need dedicated software engineer consultants. You will find it easier to hire them from software development companies.

4. Conduct effective interviews to select software engineer consultants

Now that you have decided about the hiring platform, you need to interview the shortlisted candidates. You can do that yourself if you have the expertise. The other option is to request a knowledgeable associate or friend. You can also Google interview questions.

Focus on all skill areas that are relevant to you. You need to focus on project experience and not just theoretical knowledge. Find out about the complex projects that the candidates have worked on.

When interviewing, ask for their experience of handling complex problems. Find out how they have approached such problems. You should try to find out if they have worked on projects similar to yours.

Explain your project requirements. Ask the candidates about how they would approach your project. You should expect specific answers.

5. Onboard software engineering consultants effectively

A software engineer-consultant needs sufficient information to successfully work on your project. You need to onboard them effectively.

Provide all relevant project documentation to the senior software engineer that you have hired. This should include business requirements, technical solutions, architectural decisions, test strategies, etc. Explain the project requirements and provide background information.

Introduce the software engineer consultant to your existing team. Explain the roles and responsibilities. Provide access to your project’s technical environment, moreover, provide access to the code repository.

Establish a communication process. The software engineering consultant needs access to your collaboration software for this. Explain your project plan and milestones. Provide a detailed overview of the milestone review and approval process. Establish accountability.

6. Interview tips to hire a software engineering consultant

Note the following tips when interviewing software consultants:

A. Assess skills in important programming languages, frameworks, and databases

Smart software consultants need proficiency in one or more important programming languages. They need experience in important frameworks based on these languages. Furthermore, they should be experts in using popular SQL and NoSQL databases.

B. Evaluate skills in software architecture

Software engineering consultants must be able to guide software developers for successful project execution. This guidance includes software architecture. You need to evaluate the skills of the candidates in this regard.

This evaluation can be tricky. Therefore, we recommend you hire software engineering consultants from trusted companies like DevTeam.Space. We provide credible software consultancy services, and we have expert consultants.

C. Find out whether the candidates have sufficient project management skills

Although you don’t need the software engineering consultants to be the project manager, you do need them to have PM skills. They should know about the key PM methodologies like agile, waterfall, etc.

D. Assess the knowledge of software engineering practices, processes, methods, and tools

Look for software engineering consultants with good knowledge of software engineering practices. They need proficiency in software engineering processes, methods, and tools (PM&T).

7. Sample interview questions for hiring the right software consultants

Ask questions that help to evaluate the hands-on knowledge. A few examples are as follows:

A. Describe the differences between function-oriented and object-oriented design.

Answer: Software systems based on the function-oriented design has smaller subsystems. They perform significant tasks, and they are called “functions”.

However, object-oriented design has objects or entities as the central concept. This design principle uses classes (categories) and methods (functions) of these objects.

B. Mention the advantages of object-oriented programming (OOP).

Answer: OOP offers the following advantages:

Modularity: The self-contained nature of objects provides modularity, which makes debugging easier.
Code reuse: Inheritance between classes makes code reuse easier.
Flexibility: A function in OOP can shape-lift to adapt its class. OOP offers flexibility due to this.
Problem-solving is easier in OOP since you break the application down into manageable components.

C. Describe the steps in the decomposition technique for estimating a software development project.

Answer: The steps are as follows:

1. Break the project down into major functions or software engineering activities.
2. Understand the scope of a function.
3. Estimate the software size for that function.
4. Estimate the cost and effort for that function.
5. Reconcile the differences between the cost-and-effort vs size estimates.
6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each function.

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A software developer codes based on directions received. Software engineer consultants code, strategize, advise, and design applications. You will need software engineer consultants for advice and technical design-related help.

This depends on the project. Having 1 software engineer and 6 software-developers is a good ratio to start with. You can then further refine your team composition based on the requirements.

DevTeam.Space can provide competent software consultants as well as software developers. Clients often need senior software engineers, technical consultants, and software developers. We can provide you with whatever you need.

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