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Choosing DevTeam.Space for Code Review

Why Choosing DevTeam.Space
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Want to know how to do code review and why choose DevTeam.Space to review your code can ensure your software product is a success?

This is a good question that all companies looking for a great code review service must answer.

According to an article in RhodeCode, “The yield of the Code Review phase is 50 to 80% better than that of the Test phase.”

Getting your code right is the only way to ensure you have a great end product.

Code reviews: A must-have practice

Despite concerted efforts to improve the success rate of software development projects, nearly 20% of them can meet with failure even before launch. Read more about this finding in “IT project success rates finally improving”.

Both the challenges associated with people and processes-methods-tools (PM&T) can have an adverse impact on software projects. I already covered these challenges in “10 biggest challenges when developing an app”. A key outcome of these challenges is sub-optimal software quality.

Verification and validation are two key pillars in your approach to improving the code quality of your project. As a part of the validation, you will need to institute a robust testing process.

You will want to catch defects as early in the software development lifecycle as possible, therefore, verification is of vital importance. Verification means a structured review of requirements, design, test plans, test cases, and code.

You can read more in “Difference between verification and validation with example”. A code review process falls into this category.

For a long time, code reviews, i.e., structured and systematic inspections of code, have proved their mettle in improving software code quality. Experienced developers review code by other developers in an attempt to find bugs.

Code reviews can help in many ways to improve code quality, e.g.:

  • You find bugs early in the SDLC, which improves your chances of meeting the project schedule.
  • Effective code reviews can reduce the need for ‘fire-fighting’ before the production implementation.
  • You improve the capabilities of your development team and the organizational processes.

Read “Why code reviews matter (and actually save time!)” to learn about the benefits of reviewing code.

It can be hard to institute code review processes!

You will most likely use a combination of automated tools as well as experienced reviewers for code reviews. Automated tools can help you to detect bugs that are easier to find, and they can reduce the workload of the manual reviewers too.

However, we can’t overstate the importance of experienced code reviewers! They go through the logic of the code in detail and unearth bugs that tools will miss. Application security vulnerabilities are a good example of this as you need experienced code reviewers to identify them.

Read “Best Practices for the Perfect Secure Code Review” for more insights.

Want to know how to do code review and why to choose DevTeam.Space to review your code can ensure your software product is a success? 

This is a good question that all companies looking for a great code review service must answer. 

According to an article in RhodeCode, “The yield of the Code Review phase is 50 to 80% better than that of the Test phase.”

Getting your code right is the only way to ensure you have a great end product.

Why you should choose DevTeam.Space to review your code?

how to do code review

There are several important reasons why you should choose us to review your code. I will explain the challenges you face in finding competent code reviewers, and how we at DevTeam.Space can help. These challenges are as follows:

1. The challenges of finding competent reviewers

Competent code reviewers need to be expert developers. They also need several other key competencies. Finding capable developers can be very hard as they are increasingly in short supply, therefore, you will find it hard to onboard competent reviewers!

To put things in perspective, the demand for software developers is growing at a rate that is much higher than in other professions. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for developers will grow by 21% from 2018 to 2028, as you can read in its “Occupational outlook handbook”.

Given that code reviewers are highly experienced developers, you will likely find it hard to find the best reviewers for your software code. Engaging a reputed software development company like DevTeam.Space for code review is an excellent shortcut to overcome this problem.

2. Onboarding competent reviewers at scale can be challenging

Imagine that you are executing a large and complex software development project. You will likely offer a considerable number of functional features, meaning that your project will have a large codebase.

Onboarding one or two experienced code reviewers will not do! You will need to onboard competent reviewers with code review best practices at scale.

Experienced code reviewers need several other competencies in addition to being experienced developers. This I covered in our guide “How to find the best software code reviewers”.

The additional competencies are as follows:

  • An in-depth understanding of software defect prevention processes and practices;
  • Leadership competencies;
  • Thorough knowledge of application security vulnerabilities.

As you can see, finding such competent people at scale can be hard. This is why you should engage a trustworthy and capable software development company like DevTeam.Space.

3. Finding code reviewers with a credible track record can be hard

While you will rightly focus on skills and competencies when onboarding code reviewers, you also have to look for a credible track record. You need code reviewers that can demonstrate their credentials as successful reviewers.

We, at DevTeam.Space, have an impressive track record of helping our clients with code reviews. Our expertise and track record cover established technologies.

We have a credible track record when it comes to code reviews involving cutting-edge technologies. E.g., we successfully undertook a blockchain code audit for DDKoin, a large blockchain network in the Asian market.

Read “Undertaking a blockchain code audit and its importance” if you would like to judge our track record.

4. The challenge of finding enough reviewers to cover the breadth of technologies

Quite often, companies execute several projects simultaneously, usually because they are aligned to a large transformation in their organization. Naturally, these projects would involve a breadth of technologies.

How do you find competent code reviewers for all the technologies you are using?

Well, you need the help of a reputed software development company that has experienced code reviewers covering all of those technologies.

At DevTeam.Space, we are uniquely positioned to help you since we have vast experience with all the main technology stacks. Consider this:

  • We have significant expertise in developing web applications using Node.js, which is a popular open-source runtime environment. You can judge our expertise by reading “10 great tools for Node.Js software development”.
  • If you are executing a native Android development project, then you will require code reviewers with experience in either Kotlin or Java. DevTeam.Space has excellent capabilities in both, as you can judge by reading “Kotlin vs Java: Which is the best choice?”.
  • Are you executing a native iOS development project? You will need competent code reviewers with experience in either Swift or Objective-C. You are well-covered if you work with us since we have lots of experience with both. Read “How to migrate your Objective-C project to Swift?” to judge our capabilities.
  • Planning to launch an enterprise blockchain system to take advantage of the security, decentralization, and distributed ledger that blockchain technology offers? You will likely use a reputed enterprise blockchain framework like Hyperledger Fabric. We have significant experience of working with Fabric, as you can judge by reading “Pros and cons of Hyperledger Fabric for blockchain networks”.
  • Building a “Decentralized App” (DApp)? You will likely develop it using the Ethereum blockchain network, and DevTeam.Space has a significant experience there, too! Read “Blockchain software development using the Ethereum network” to judge our expertise.
  • Are you developing an “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) or “Machine Learning” (ML)-powered app? You will likely use Python or Julia, and we have impressive capabilities in both of these languages. Judge our capabilities by reading “Julia VS Python: Can this new programming language unseat the king?”.
  • If you are developing an “Augmented Reality” (AR) app, we can help. Read “The ultimate guide to choosing the right enterprise AR solution” to judge our capabilities here. On the other hand, if you are developing a VR app, we can help there, too. Assess our VR capabilities by reading “10 great tools for VR development”.

5. Onboarding code reviewers with application security knowledge are often hard

It’s one thing to find out bugs in code that might prevent your app from delivering on its promises, however, it’s a completely different ball game to find out application securities vulnerabilities. Testing often doesn’t unearth application security risks.

Code review is absolutely important to detect application security vulnerabilities, moreover, automated code review tools can only identify a few such vulnerabilities. You need code reviewers with significant experience in detecting such vulnerabilities.

Finding enough reviewers with such in-depth experience can be hard. We, at DevTeam.Space, are in the best place to help you here. Read “How to secure your fintech app”, which will help you to judge our capabilities vis-à-vis application security.

We have highly competent code reviewers, and they can identify key application security risks, e.g.:

  • Injection;
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS);
  • XML external entities (XXE);
  • Broken authentication;
  • Insecure deserialization;
  • Sensitive data exposure;
  • Security misconfiguration.

The “Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 application security risks” report is considered an authoritative one. It identifies 10 risks as critical vis-à-vis application security, which includes the above-mentioned risks.

6. Finding code reviewers with in-depth knowledge of IT architecture can be hard

A review of the technical solution for your project should precede the code review, and so you should look for competent reviewers early in the process. Even during code reviews, expert reviewers often find sub-optimal architectural decisions.

Expert reviewers might also find sub-optimal coding practices, which don’t align with the software architectural decisions taken during the design phase. These could have adverse impacts on the application, e.g., it may not scale well.

You need code reviewers that know software architecture well. We, at DevTeam.Space, have just the right capabilities that you need. Our expert code reviewers are well-versed with key architecture patterns, e.g.:

  • Layered (n-tier) architecture;
  • Even-driven architecture;
  • Microkernel architecture;
  • Microservices architecture;
  • Space-based architecture.

You can judge our capabilities in this area by reading “Large enterprise Java projects architecture”.

7. The challenge of finding code reviewers with the experience of reviewing APIs

You will likely develop APIs as part of your software development projects. APIs have become important in the context of modern software development, and most organizations developing apps design and code their APIs.

You ought to have reviews of your APIs, however, you need experienced reviewers for this. Code reviewers need to inspect several aspects of your APIs, e.g.:

  • Are the APIs using modern database solutions effectively?
  • How secure are the APIs? Are you using all available means to secure them, e.g., digital signatures, encryption, authentication tokens, quotas, throttling, secure gateways, etc.?
  • Did you design effective URL paths for your APIs, moreover, have you formulated effective rules for requests and responses?
  • Have you documented your APIs adequately?

We, at DevTeam.Space, have experienced reviewers that are well-versed in reviewing APIs. Judge our capabilities by reading “How to build RESTful API for your mobile app?”.

8. Onboarding code reviewers with the right people skills can be hard

As I have already explained, competent code reviewers need the right leadership skills. Code review isn’t just about finding bugs and reporting them, and effective reviewers foster collaboration with the developers whose code they review.

We, at DevTeam.Space, believe in building empowered code review teams. Towards this, we use the time-tested “Scrum” technique to manage projects and foster the right leadership competencies in our people. Read “How to build a Scrum development team?”, so that you can judge how seriously we invest in leadership competencies.

Want code reviews that make your project successful? Work with us!

We have now covered the main reasons why our experienced code reviewers can help you with your project. However, there is yet another aspect. We, at DevTeam.Space, offer a comprehensive and scalable code review service so that we can manage the entire gamut of your code review requirements.

We are able to scale your code review teams at a second’s notice, meaning you always have the human resources you need when you need them. This helps ensure that your product doesn’t suffer delays while also ensuring you get the most out of your development budget.

Also, our data-driven processes can help you to streamline your code review work. If you hire us, you won’t need to onboard individual code reviewers or a team of code reviewers and manage their work. We manage your code review work, therefore, you can focus on the other aspects of your project.

Contact us with your project specifications and we will get back to you right away.

It’s hard to find enough experienced code reviewers, however naturally, they are in very high demand!

For large and complex projects, you need several such reviewers, which is even more challenging. This is where a reputed software development company like DevTeam.Space can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to do code review

Who are DevTeam.Space?

DevTeam.Space is a software development platform that allows software developers access to its community of expert software developers. Businesses can choose to hire everything from single developers to complete dev teams. The platform also undertakes complete project development should a client desire this.

Why you should have your code reviewed by professional code reviewers?

You need to review all the code you have written for your software project. Employing outside code reviewers can help to spot bugs and bad code that the in-house team that wrote it might miss.

Where to find software code reviewers?

You can find expert code reviewers in the DevTeam.Space community. The platform has many professional code reviewers who will ensure your code is as best as it can be.

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